Single Diary, with 500 words to write a single person with a single heart.If you want to love, you have to love like Jebberkin , to drag her husband's hand, and to hold her husband's daughter in one hand, and to make a family together. Happiness is the simplest sentence to be afraid of you being alone.And even if it was separated, it wasn't because it didn't love.(Recommended reading: Single diary: If you want to love, love like Petty Smith )

In 1969, Serge Gainsbourg Gansberg and Jane Birkin Jane Berkin sang "I love you, and I'm not a" aime, moi non plus, and I whisper, whisper, and bed rest, to deduce the love of English and French.

1968, Jane Bergkin, from Britain to France, had a daughter who had just been born with her husband, who was just one year old, and was not able to read the French language.

Ganse is a talented son and a prodigan, and he was also hit by a fire with Brigitte Bardt, and she missed him all the way, until the film killed Qing, and they started taking the first dance, jumping all the way to the bed.

's like flowers and beach-looking, I always think, is the gaze of love and the beauty of the flowers in Paris.

Ganspak is willing to be like a child in front of her, and Jane Berkin says, " I love Gainsberg, I can't make love to him.He had an extremely sad eye and a beautiful mouth, and he read his poems for me, and he was an incredible lover-romantic and humorous hybrid."

They don't have a love at first sight, but they've been in love with each other for more than a decade to make each other's muse.They are not male and female gods, but they are just ordinary lovers, and it is good enough for your lover.They stare at each other, and they love, smoke, dance, bickering, and Jane Berkin often holds his daughter, and the other hand is led by Ganstam and walks away on the St. Germain Avenue.

It's a 69-year period of eternity.They have gone all the way to launch the first one, 69 Ann é e É rotique, for six years of love, and not one of them.

They left a frame of image full of love, but the days of romance were afraid of being progressive.Gansper was obsessed with her, but she had a long time drinking, and his love was very violent, and she loved him and she was not breathing.Jane Bergkin eventually left Ganse and organized another family, and in 1980, Gansber was forced to drink more of his own wine.

Time went forward, and Jane Berkin's new daughter was born, and Gansepah sent a complete set of baby clothes and cards from the other side. He called himself Papa Deux. Later, he became the godfather of the child.He died in 1991 and died in 1991. He did not speak, and quietly put his own child, Munckey, in the coffin of Gansberg, where he was buried with him. He was so afraid that he was alone.

This is not a perfect love story. Their love is a chronicle of chronicle. It has been around for more than a decade, and the love affair is not over yet.In 1969, they were never together. They weren't together in another way, proving that they had never been able to break up.

Jane Berkin finally left his third husband and said, "I'd rather live my own life than I don't know my people."Since then, Jane Bergkin has been living in Paris, where she had been in love with Gansberg, where she had a hard hit on the mark.

If you want to love, love like Jane Berkin.The city of the lover makes you feel warm, and since then there is no other country.If you leave, it's not because you don't love, it's not that we love it so hard, and you leave your days, you're still there, I close my eyes, I see you, and love me there.