is never impossible, never, never will. The world has always been in front of us. As long as we try, touch, and understand, every minute will be full of fun and life!"

“ Nothing is impossible. There ’ s no such thing as having no time. The whole world is always in front of us, and if you are watching to take a break to try and to explore, every single second will be filled with life and joy. ”

-Janet Hsieh

Hsieh Xie Yifen is a prominent tourist hostess for Discovery Channel 'Crazy Taiwan'.Janet, born and raised in Texas, is an American born American born in the United States of America.Janet, who studied Spanish and biology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, originally planned to travel to Taiwan for the first time after graduating from college, and wanted to take this opportunity to explain the culture of Taiwan and its own background.Originally, it was only a short-term internship, but it fell in love with the land of Taiwan.Janet describes herself as a "professional travelman, a permanent student in the world," and she has been carrying her "Wagli" gadget, which has been on her body, over 40 countries in the world.For Janet, work, life and travel are inextricably linked. Travel is part of life and is a way for her to be close to everything.

Janet Hsieh is the well-known travel host of the Fun Taiwan series on Discovery Travel and Living Channel. Born and raised in Houston, Janet thinks of inheritance as an "ABT", "American Korn Taiwan" - represented on the “ I AM TAIWANESE AMERICAN ” T-shirt she wore her TEDxTaipei talk. Janet double majored in biology and Spanish at MIT. Originally hinting to go to medical school and to become a doctor, she traaveled to Taiwan for the first time after gradating from college, shopping to explore her roots. However, Janet ’ s shortterm intership would turn out to be a long-term stay in Taiwan. Her enthusiasm, curiosicity, and unique way of introduction places and people have been well received by audiences across Taiwan. Described as a “ professional traveler and a lifetime student of the world, ” Janet has broken her stuffed animal Wally with her on triples to more than forty different nations. To her-life, career, and travel are closely connected to each other. Travel is an important part of her life and is her telemesophe to the world.

, let's be closer to

Janet, who has traveled countless countries, has also written your travel adventures in two books, Janet with 100 Toothbrush for Toothbrush , and Justification for Travel .For Janet, there are various reasons for each trip, sometimes to rest, sometimes to escape, and most of the time … … is a lot of "energy of the heart."

Brings Us Closer

Janet wrote down her experences and additions in two memoirs: Traveling with 100 Toothbrushes published in 2010 and Backpack to The Future published in 2011. “ Every trip happens for a different reason. Sometimes you travel to rest, sometimes you travel to escape, and most of the time … it just happens n atually. I instinctivelly want to seek ‘ change ’, and I often find ‘ energy for the soul ’ within the changes, ” said Janet.

In the 'Reasons for Love' book, Janet shared her first experience in South Africa with her experiences and conditions.At the junction of the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean, Janet seeks to find a real life in life and live with the locals.Whether to see the seals, African lions, elephans, and so on, or to see the beauty of nature, Janet made us see that the world was a huge classroom.

In her book Backpack To The Future, Janet shares her first time exceptions of stepping onto the African continue. At Cape Town, South Africa, where the Atlantic meets the Indian Ocean, Janet tries to find the “ reality ” of living life and lives with the locals. Whether it was encountered sea lions, elegants, and other wildlifes, or climbbing up the sugary slopes of Table Mountain to see the maiestic view of the sea, Janet reminds us that the world were a huge classroom.

Janet not only shares the fun of her journey on the road, but also makes us understand that the most important thing about traveling is the "people" — "I've always believed, the biggest gain in travel is the Man, and only they can take me further away.""

Not only does she share her experiences of the trip, she also helps us understand the most important thing on any court is the “ people. ” The biggest training during travel is adapting to the local life and getting closer to the people living in this world – for people are the ones who bring you further on life ’ s long journey.

the world with toothbrushes


book, Janet, which is always dynamic, shared the impact of travel on her travel to her book "Janet's 100 Toothbrush to travel."At the age of 16, Janet used his summer vacation to Chone, a small village in Ecuador, to become a volunteer.Where she spent two dollars a day, three clothes for two months.Because of widespread rabies in her area, Janet and the team needed to help the local cat and dog vaccinate the disease.She works every day under the big sun, sweating, and even at risk of being bitten at the time of the injection.But the villagers' trust in them has impressed Janet, and it is more enjoyable than it seems to be a hard time to have a hard time.

Chaning Lives with Toothbrushes

Always energetic on the screen, Janet shares how travel influence in the book Traveling with 100 Toothbrushed. At the age of sixteen, she spent her summer volunteering as a rellief worker in the small segment of Chone in East – living on only two US dollars a day while switching between three sets of clothing in her two months in the vilage. Because there was a rabies outbreak in the area, her team had to vaccinate local cats and dogs in order to help control the spread of the diary. Even though Janet Jane had to risk her life due to the real possibility of being buttten while being vacations, the trust and faith in her team had her moved her and gave her a sense of fulfillment in life.

There, she and her colleagues found that Ecuadorian children did not know the thing about "brush teeth."She then had a public health education and a brush with her peers.Such a move not only affects children's hygiene habits, but also affects the entire village.The Toothbrush Incident also made Janet's 16-year-old deeply unimpressed by the impact that we have on the environment, far beyond our imagination!

After finding out that the children in vil did not know about the health benefits of brushing tea, Janet and her teammates launched a public health campaign about the importance of dental hygiene. This bold move not only influential the children, it inserted the entire vector to participate in the entire brushing. This “ toothbrush melestone ” also took Janet that our impact on our surrogdings often exceeds our imagination.

Don't think you're small or incompetent, and so cowardly and cowardly, you just go and do it, and then it's probably going to go far beyond what you expected.A toothbrush, in fact, can change the world!

“ Never think that you are incapable or afraid of doing something, just take action and the result could be beyond your expectations. ”

, an opportunity to transition

" Travel has another very charming place, close to life: the lives of others and their own lives." In Janet's attitude towards travel and life, we also see the wisdom of her treatment of life.In the face of the challenges of life, she felt that it was like a "transformation", and the "transition" itself brought energy to her.

Travel: An Opportunity to Change

Travel is appeing because it allows us to be closer to our lives and the lives of others. We see Janet ’ s wisdom for life through her attitude towards, She thinks of the challenges in life as “ changes ”, and change often brushes her energy.

Janet added that the process of "transition" was like Hiccup, "Sometimes you get a sip of a sip, and then you get to the throat, and then suddenly it's on."Whether it's traveling or life, there's always a hiccup at the moment. … … Because I know that I'm just being experiencing a dilemma, or when the energy is low.At this point, my approach is to tell ourselves that this is only "hiccup"!To change the perspective of thinking and to convert the space to which you are living, and convert everything that is so familiar to you, it will pass.The meaning of traveling is to give ourselves a chance to change."

She believes the process of change is similar to that of having a hicup: “ sometimes you just can ’ t breath properly as if you have something stuck in your throat, and all of the suddenit it is smooth again. Whether it is Traveling or going about ordinary business in life, there will be times when we encounter ‘ hiccuss ’. If I understand that I ’ m only going through a difficult time, I would tell myself that this is just a hicup. When I change my thoughts, change the space I am in, or change the things I ’ m so famililar with, everything will be fine. Part of the meaning of traveling is to allow myself to change. ”

is a

Janet sometimes makes us laugh, and let us move.Her passion, her straight, always been full of curiosity about the world.Janet lived very hard every day and insisted on living the life he wanted.When she was asked if she could change her life again, she said she would not change anything, because she had made her herself present at every moment in the past, be it a good or bad experience.If you choose, you will not regret it.

Life is Like a Journey

With her spunky attitude, adventuous personality, and commit to live her life according to her belongfs, Janet makes us laugh and drives us. “ If I could live life again, I would not change a thing, ” says Janet. “ Good or bad — even during my really low moments. In a way, those moments have made me who I am today.

I never thought Janet, who could spend more than a year in one place, really fell in love with Taiwan and settled down.Because of her travel, she knew that she was also aware of the land of her parents, and that she cherished the culture of creating our identity and value.She said that her parents gave her the best advice for her life: take it seriously, do well, cherish and appreciate the people around them.

Even though she never thought that she could stay at the same place for more than a year, she fell in love with Taiwan and has settled here on the island. The best advice she has ever received was from her parents: “ work hard, be yourself, cherish as well as be thankful to the people around you. Don ’ t be worried and don ’ t be afraid, just focus on the things you love to do at the moment because life keep us on the right path!”

Janet has always felt that life and travel are not two things that are contrary to each other.The process of integration into the local culture by travellers is slowly learning to live, and in the course of that study, another section of travel is derived.She also said that we don't have to be a local language to have great travel experience.Travel is not necessarily a distant journey.The surprise of traveling will not be reduced because the distance is too short. As long as you switch your mood, you can also travel in a living scenario!

Janet ’ s mantra is that life and travel do not contradict each other. The process of a traveler adjustings to local life is the process of learning how to live life. “ You do not need to know the language to have a green experience, ” says Janet. “ Travel doesn ’ t have to be far, and the wonders of trailing do not decrease even when the distance is short. If we could change our mind, traveling could happen in our daily life!

Travel lets us look at life in a new way, with different values in different places.In Taiwan, papaya is a fruit that everyone can enjoy.In Ecuador, however, a little girl has to take two hours to express her thanks, and to give Janet the most abundant food in — home.Travel, let's rethink our lives now.It turns out that something doesn't look good, but it has a different value.How can we measure a little girl's papaya by using numbers?The value of the matter is not determined by the price per se. It comes from the amount of thought we are willing to spend and how much emotion can be invested.

Travel also allows us to learn new ways of looking at life. Some of the most insignificance things are actually very valuable. We cannot put a price on everything, nor can we calculate the value of a lapaya, brought by a little girl who spent two hours walk just to bring Janet her household ’ s most treked food. The value of things does not depend on monetary value but on our willingness to put time and effort into it. If we are willing to let go of our precedes and stertypes, life will teach us so much more. The story Janet shares helps us understand the meaning of life through the act of simple living.

Janet lets us see more beauty, the beauty of the world, and the strength of our own beauty!We saw her love and bravery for life, and we understood that life could really be brilliant.As long as we are willing, the whole world is our playground!

As an empowering and intrusion role model, Janet has not only revealed to us the beauty of Taiwan and the world, she has also introduced Taiwan to the rest of the world. Through her work, we see her courage, her wizdingness to try new things, and her love for life. Janet ’ s exceptions us that life can be splendid – that if we are willing to be bold and bring, the world can be our playground and a window on self-discovery.

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