In the past we used instant messaging or MSN to exchange each other's accounts, often with a cute one.Now, Facebook is doing a lot of things every day, many account numbers, many people, like stars, don't let their brilliance shine, or have a rare chance to get a chance to get a chance to get a chance to get out!The next few tips are not only easy to make you easy, but also to sneak up on the first date small tricks!

community winning

In this era of networked relationships, how many people on the social website appear unique and have become the most important and important.The first step in raising the rate of browsing is to "make a difference" between the individual documents or the graffiti walls "."

Tips One: Good

Each person looks at a hundred dollars a day, so don't let yourself be ignored.Try not to take pictures, to find friends of us, and a place where light is bright -- ideally outdoors -- to film the real world in a variety of angles and make a picture of the most beaming smile.

Two: Simple and interesting graffiti

We don't need to be a great writer, just try to get your poo-text to get your readers interested in the first two lines.You can also put some of your unusual experiences or interesting experiences in your personal data.

Three: Happy with you:)

This is not to make you become a funny person, but to have every person who has been talking to you on the other end of the day with a smile.The simple thing to do is to tell the other guy that he was happy, or thank him for the compliment.In addition, if you don't want to be too long to chat online, it will make people feel that you don't have anything else to do.

you start

Is the real world a different one, or is it a very different story?The first date is a critical moment, and after a happy network, there is a need for a face-to-face interaction.The following simple few tips, whether it is to make friends or develop relationships, are very well-used!

While we all know that the first impression is formed on the first eye, you can still add a pair of clothes.The key to
of the pair is: special, it makes you feel comfortable, and you have a little bit of "wanting to escape."After wearing suits, the more confident stations are smiling, and more importantly, the object of the conventions has an eye-to-eye flow.

Recipe 2: Say your own good, listen to each

3: Get each other more liking

Not just the previous few dates, but at every date, trying to make each other more and more like you.If we're finally together, everything will be worth it.

Author: womany editorial/Tsai Mengxuan

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