single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. There is a love, you look at him, but also understand that it is your projection of the ideal illusion. You chase, you pay, you have no fear, because the most warm and abundant love, has already surpassed the shape of him, the achievement of a more extensive himself. (same field Gayon:"I love you, more love chasing your journey" from "The Millennium actress" to see this sensitive unique love view )

Photo: 2.001 million annual actress production Committee

The snowy evening, the streets dyed a snow-white, absent-minded thousand generations, hit by the government's left wing young painters.

She hid the painter in her own warehouse, two people in the moonlight together to aspire to peace, but the painter must continue to flee, he entrusted to the thousand generations son a key, agreed to chengping when good-bye, then suddenly disappeared in the life of the Thousand generations.

There is a love, has not started to a halt, so you strive to glow, only hope that he suddenly look back, found that there is a dim lights you.

The Thousand generations have no contact clue about the painter. In order for the painter to find her, she decided to become an actress.

"The world has changed, I don't know how to find him, but there is always a chance that he will see me starring in the film." 」

It's a kind of emotion called love. There is a woman, once identified, her waiting is the active pursuit. Because as long as you can move forward, it is not lost.

The love of the Thousand generations is to be ready for oneself, to lavish life for love.

She took part in another play, in the film and reality staggered time and space to pursue the millennium, the thousands of children kept running: in the snow in the station, in the occupied north of China, riding across the warring States to the Shogunate era, all the way to the big, Showa period ...

The Thousand generations wanted to stop pursuing, but feared that they really stopped, the old witch said: "This is your curse, you will be eternally loved by the flames of the pain of burning." 」

But and as a person, we are not destined for the love of the grinding, in the process of love to know the true meaning of the world, must be violent sadness, fervent pray, Ming and the death, hope and despair, the birth of people to the end, but also nothing more.

At the end of the movie, the Thousand generations of children to the new century, she resolutely stepped into the capsule. Even though the hope of seeing a lover is slim, she still resolves to fly to the desolate moon:

"Because, I really love, is always in pursuit of his own ah." 」

Her eyes were shining, staring at the camera and looking straight at the directly you were sitting on the couch.

So you suddenly realize-love, originally is to oneself of enthusiastic echo, and specific object. It is a strong and transcendent way of life to always pursue oneself in the state of love and go all out to love.

You don't have to rely on anyone to thrive in bloom, at least the thousand-year actress offers the possibility. "You can live like this," and dry your eyes as if you heard her say so.

If you want to love, love like thousands of generations of children, the pursuit. Because I love you, is to achieve the no regrets of their own.