single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. If you want to love, Love like Chihiro. Love is that we help each other to get the name, and then a person, without fear to go down. (Recommend you look: thousand and Chihiro: you finally want to find back, is the original yourself )

"I fell in love with a river, and he fell in love with me." Amber Chuan, this is your name, Chihiro, this is my name. "

Love is the exchange of the name of each other, love is to put your soul into the years of the box held in the palm. Love is even forgetting yourself, but remember your name.

She did not cry when suffering, a person to face the world ugly strange time, a person on the adventure, the girl has a strong stubborn, but in the boy handed a rice regiment, tears streaming down. She is in the face of the suffering of the time did not cry, strong malice can not kill her, only when the warmth comes, and finally soft.

Their story is like this, a red shoe fell into the Sichuan, the arms of the girl will send her ashore, meet again, they help each other to pick up the forgotten name. White Dragon is Chihiro childhood injury and courage, in her growth all the way into a mark. His love for Chihiro is like a river, and I wish to send her farther.

He helped Chihiro from cowardice into independence, she let the White Dragon in out of the Soup House has its own direction, fled the way originally is to go home, set the contract originally is to untie themselves.

After the project is finished, they have to learn to let go of it lightly.

I can only send you here, the rest of the road you have to go, do not look back.

The Hidden Maiden of God

The story of Chihiro said, when accompany you to get off the bus, to be thankful to wave goodbye: Thank you for accompanying me so come.

The next way, they all have to go by themselves. Love Like Chihiro, don't look back. You fought for me, I tried to run for you, then we have what good regret? The road ahead is very difficult, but just like that once Fell river, is located in your heart to become a warm river bed, we insist on the brave, will remind each step to go more without fear.

Love Like Chihiro, really like a person is full of gratitude, the future of every happiness, will have the eyes of care. The best love is not for who abandons themselves, but for us to remember ourselves.