single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. An independent woman, like Sanmao , would be eager to meet a lover who, like Jose, made herself more free. (Recommended to you: a letter addressed to Sanmao: Every woman has a stray gene )

Think of Sanmao time, I remember more is her figure. Sahara or unknown distance, she has been walking forward, facing the olive tree, did not look back, with the figure to write a bright independent.

Like Sanmao such a woman, the soul is free, life can love many people, entrusted to themselves, free and easy very, if you give me, and you give others is the same, then I do not.

She said, "If the heart does not inhabit the place, where is also wandering," for the independent woman under the best endorsement, if we want to love, it is to find a walking meaning, find a place to stay home.

When Sanmao met Jose, 24 years old, not enough to play, not to stop. High-three Spanish teenager Jose Bitter love her, she didn't when one thing, big sister like to promise Jose six years of the Covenant. Two people pull away, occasionally miss, Sanmao later ate a lot of bitter, just understand Jose have been there, looking at her.

The original meeting soul mate, love a person can be free. Sanmao should marry, two people in the Sahara Desert El Aaiún Laayoune Small Town Register, Lotus understand her, sent her a camel skull do wedding gifts.

Their lives are very similar to each other before they are married. Essachara is home, and Jose makes her soft, she is no longer hostile to life, the lines nourish more love; Jose never wanted to tame her, he loved her pride, he loved her face far away, with a dream.

Sanmao Love is the sea, only Jose withstand a calm, and can withstand the waves. He is like a boat in the sea, where she wants to go, where he also goes wandering, they walk together, not afraid, they are the direction of each other.

Every time I think of you, the sky is falling a grain of sand, from which the Sahara is formed. Every time I think of you, the sky falls a drop of water, and then formed the Pacific Ocean.


Sanmao and Jose Love, became the future of independent women yearning. If I love you, not because of fear of single, or lonely, I love you for no purpose, but I hope to walk together, to see the world scenery.

If you want to love, Love like Sanmao, to love a person who wants to go far with you, to love a person who loves you without any purpose, to love a person who makes you principled peace of heart, to love someone who makes you who you are.