TED is a straddling think tank, platform for conversation, platform for ideas for ideas.TED stands for technology, entertainment, design, and design. Yesterday, the "Arts and Cultural" Special Administrative Region of North China was a red X, a red X, and represented a cross with all kinds of possibilities. This time, TEDxTaipeiChange gave us an issue of "change".

Why do you want to discuss Change ?What is a change?The issue was launched in 2010 by the Birgit Foundation, which focused on the various problems faced by developed countries. In just two years, more than 200 cities in the world have responded.How do we think about the present and the future?When we are now a very interconnected global community, how do we face the problems of environmental, technological, and generational changes in the global community?

This time, the TEDxTaipeiChange first debate method, three big problems, one issue inviting two speakers, a different view, is a change, and it is also a way of meeting more possible attempts.womany was on the scene, first of all, to sort out different observations.

Real Key, New Thinking

First Issue: Information Technology's Role in the World

Speaker: Zhai Benjx Zhang Good Governance

Both speakers spoke about the impact and impact of the cloud on the world.The most important thing about Chaody is to use new technology. Actually, the focus is still the mentality, the mind. In fact, the so-called "cloud" is also a kind of "viewpoint." When we really can use the new technology to use new technology, it is the real technology evolution.

any case, what is the change?

Second Issue: Media's Mainstream Value

Speaker: "x" in Lee


As the Internet developed, many people began to argue about the change in traditional media values, and it was interesting to talk about the value of the media.The traditional media has become the media, and the value of the media in today's society seems to be thin.Or should it be a new era to redefine what is the media?What is the value of the media?

Log (Big issue) The CEO of Dickens, "Big Time", "This is the best of times and the worst of times."This is an age of wisdom and a stupid era." When we start to wonder, in this age, vast quantities of junk information and wealth of information, can we have the ability to choose what we need and what role the media can play in it?Li believes that no matter how the times change, how technology changes, the role of the media should be independent thinking, and the core values of mankind.He also illustrated how the media can protect the core values of human beings in a historical and important moment.

And Chang, who focuses on how to create a new revolution in media by spoiler innovation, makes an interesting point: "Can the role of the media create a movement?"He explained that in 1944 Live in facebook and in the British Guardian, three little pigs, the media's biggest difference between the media and the media in the past is that the media no longer has only one side, and because everyone's participation will have different perspectives, MEdia may become WEdia!However, the media still has to create their own values in the light of different eras.

New Renaissance

Third Issue: Young Future

Speaker: Liu Yicheng, Wang Yi

and Liu Yicheng directly points out that the current generation is actually a era of revival of a small craft!Young people are looking for creative, valuable content, starting with "conscious" to build their own lives and styles, and we will be willing to focus on the true voice of ourselves, and not just settle for the traditional social framework, which has led to the flourishing of the minimally invasive industry, which has begun to change from one's mind to one's own.

Invariant in

These major topics are all subject to change.

But in the subject of these changes, interestingly, we actually hear more of some kind of "invariant".

In a rapidly changing technology, society, and everyone's pursuit, it is the desire of everyone to position themselves.When the world starts to be the core, when I'm who I am, what I'm going to do, what I want to do, this thing becomes more and more likely to be realized, and the key question that doesn't change is: is our head ready?Are we forgetting to be the basic core value of human beings?And do we not understand ourselves?

Perhaps as the last occult guest Xiao Qingyang said, when everyone is using the cloud, don't forget the real cloud.When we face the changing world, perhaps some of the most fundamental things do not change.

This author: womany editorial department/Zhang Weixuan

Photo: womany editorial/TEDxTaipei

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