"Miss Sports " unit, Miss to go to sports , not to please who, in order to please themselves, longing for a renewed sweat of the body. Busy life, for you to introduce a more tranquil form of exercise-meditation, set aside a fixed 10 minutes a day, from the inside view of their own, the mood is flowing, sometimes to the winding, sometimes to put their own horse. (same field Gayon:"Miss Sports" We are just ourselves, is good enough )

During the festive period, after the meat, the body and soul have to limber muscles, so about a long time not see friends to eat together. Long time no See, friends leave the campus after parting, also grow up look different adults, some people go far, and never know each other.

And she is very good, I see her look cheerful, talk at ease, sitting at the window, I looked at her, I think she is really a bright person.

She told me it was meditation that helped her.

She used to be a very persistent person. Things to the heart on the pendulum, will not go, tossing and turning sleepless night a lot of people in front of her smile, often want to turn away, in the heart of sadness and uneasy, unwilling to let people look, and finally trapped himself into the deep darkness out. "At that time, I often feel very helpless, and do not know how to help themselves." "She smiled bitterly, I also remember that period, often received her phone, but do not know how to help her, had to listen to her quietly."

When she was very helpless, she met meditation, so she helped herself. From the most basic breathing out of breath, she said anxiety, the original deep breathing so effective, "I will do 100 deep breathing, then feel really alive, still alive." 」

Meditation begins when you observe your breath, and eventually you see your own movement. The world has been turning, people living in it, can not help but to live in a mood of passion, the whole body, but meditation reminds is: you here, your body here, you feel all the emotions are just passing, give them neutral color, they will not hurt you.

It's amazing how you can separate yourself from your emotions and not let it manipulate you, but rather live in every moment and live a more conscious life. Be seen as a reciprocating day, in fact, every day is different, your emotions and experience layers of overlap, only to interweave a you.

She recommends a meditation App for me,headspace, wearing headphones, meditation is the entrance, and there is another world that has long been overlooked by you, inside you and yourself.

The mood is really flowing, perhaps we should do is to see every moment of their own, whether light or dark.