Simompova and Saudi Arabia, love 51, break the myth of marriage supremacy, death and death, they hold each other's hands, the heart quiet.

Simompova and the name of Saudi Arabia, has always been linked together, after the death of their buried Mompa cemetery, together, like alive to die. The next lovers, holding hands, must go to their graves, put down a bunch of roses, want to love like them, so free, but willing to grow old together.

Simompova, 19, published the first confession as a feminist, "I will never let my life succumb to others", and in the future she holds such an idea to practice her intimate relationship, perhaps not to marry, perhaps not to have children, but to seek a bosom friend.

Meet Saudi that year 1926, Beauvolr 21 years old, Saudi Arabia is BEAUVOLR's first love, is a man to kiss her, is her confidant Bole, is her lover comrade. Feminism hits existentialism, they appreciate each other, and grow themselves in each other's burning eyes.

The days of coexistence soft like waves, two people signed a paper love contract, agreed to live together for two years as a lover, we love each other, but to retain the space to fall in love with other people, we can terminate, but still can be friends, do not have to tear face.

Love contract is not legally binding, but let two people spirit eternal, each other longing, the days are long, love memories buried in flesh and blood, they renew all the way, until the Saudis closed their eyes, but the days of two people together, is not no longer love other people.

Marriage is not a myth, nor is love. Saudi Arabia is a constant affair, he loves Beauvolr, wants to live with her for a long time, but also desire other women, BEAUVOLR also struggle, and the Saudi separation let her pain, she yearned for free relations, so in Lost and forgive between the swing; she loved the whole of Saudi Arabia, all the Saudis gave a lot of people, so she couldn't just love him, BEAUVOLR on the other person to find a lost piece.

"I long to see you, but please remember, I will not ask to see you." This is not because of pride, you know I have no pride in front of you, but because, only you also want to see me, we meet only meaningful. 」

Simompova most people, stubborn and gentle confession, not to Saudi Arabia, but sent to the sea across the United States lover Agrin. Saudi Arabia could not give her, she took it from elsewhere, but she could never leave Paris, where she and Saudi Arabia fell in love. (Recommended reading:"Every part of him, let me heat up rapidly" Simompova with her lover )

Love is to take the soul fragment exchange, give up a little oneself let go out, love you, you also have my part of the spirit and life, your future life, I left the mark of love, like living in your body. Love is flowing, willing to return to live with you after repeated wandering, standing to grow an atypical home, perhaps is also a love law.

BEAUVOLR and Saudi Arabia in love for 51 years, Saudi Arabia in the disease before the collapse, solemnly holding the hand of BEAUVOLR, said to her, "I love you very much, my little beaver." "I want to hold your hand when I am in sickness and death." The last time they kissed, the Saudis died as if they were asleep, quiet in their hearts.

Simompova and Saudi love, let me only understand that love is what, never should expect a simple answer. A paper love contract may spread for a lifetime, and intimate relationship is eternal and long learning, never fear you and others love not the same, love no model, only their own.