Valentine's Day is coming, the streets of the infinite romantic atmosphere, flowers, jewelry, and candlelight dinner, the same Love many cloying sweetness. Women fans for you to tidy up the history of atypical girlfriend of the Classic quotes , in the whole city of love this day, they do not want to low-brow, no matter how, to love the style and self. (same field Gayon: love more than one!) 19 Tailored Valentine's Day happiness proposal! )

Valentine's Day, a holiday about love. Love is the subject of a person's life, there are 100 kinds of people, there are at least 100 kinds of love, never Fear you love and others are not the same. From the atypical girlfriend Coco Chanel, bi Kibadu to Shagao, they defy the world vision, to their own, to love all see thoroughly, let them in this day to do your girlfriend, and you love, broaden the imagination.

To your lover, Coco Chanel says: Love as you please.

Image source:Philippine Tatler

You can not wear Chanel, you can not have many clothes to choose, but never forget one of the most important clothes-this dress is called self. Live your life according to your own means, and choose your lover according to your own desires.

Chanel has a lifelong history of love, soul mate Asser Cabo died, she cheer up, and then love painter Picasso, poet Juverty, from political celebrities to princes and nobles, different stages of life, she is honest to face their own desires, boldly love different people, in love to get the feed, into the development of the cause of kinetic energy. She is not for the eyes of the world as a saint, she actively pursue their own desire, she knew that people can only live once life.

Love countless Chanel, a lifetime unmarried. People asked her why she never married, Chanel said with a playful shrug:

I couldn't find a nice name to match CoCo Chanel.

Chanel woman, she was too rich, changed after one partner, finally found that they do not need to rely on another person to complete life, they are full. Her love is not attachment. Love each other when walking in a piece, changed, can always wipe dry tears on their own road. (same field Gayon: single diary: Love Like Sanmao, love a person is free )

To the madness of Love, Beyonce Kibadu: Love with all your strength

When I love, I do not care about the love of both sides how much. I pay all of my own, every time in love, is my life the most grand love.

Bi Kibadu, nicknamed B.b, a French legendary actress who grows like an animal in the wild, is lazy, wild, sexy but natural, and extremely graceful. In 1952, she starred in a bikini in her first film, "Girl in Bikinis", which quickly made her bikini pop around the world. Pup godfather Andivoho called her "the first modern woman in the world".

A wealthy business family, she was 15 years old, that is, with film director Vadim Cheating, 18-year-old married, but the end of the marriage is also her. She has been married four times in all her life, and has loved many times with vigour. She said:

Does a lover need a reason?

Her love, not sophisticated, not calculated. Love time to invest, break up when unfeeling, never empty and tail snake. Until 1973 comeback after. She turned to animal protection and devoted all her efforts to animal rights.

Bi-Kibadu woman, every love of the tussle has no reservations. She said that youth and beauty to the man, now, she will love to the animals. (Extended reading:"for you Song" Love Your Time, is my youth the most beautiful years )

To the deviant you, Shagao: Love Beyond Sex

Please have my laughter, please have my sadness.
However, please leave me the right to lie/Leave love for love.
The disappearance of love, is not your fault, it is not my fault. Just because I don't feel happy anymore.
Because I can't lie to my happiness ...

Franceva Shagao, 19 years old, she only 50,000 words debut for "Day Ann Melancholy" won the French "literary critic Award", overnight Loyang, within four years, the global sales of 5 million volumes.

At 23, she married Guy Schoeller, a publisher who published her 20-Year-old, who publishes "The Blues of the day", but he divorced in the coming years. 27 years old, she remarried American sculptor, gave birth to a son, and in the next year parted.

Two times after the divorce, Shagao's love is freer, her love is not limited by sex, and she has walked with Hollywood actress Evagana, she pursues happiness, sees nothing in the world, and fashion styling Shipegi Roach (Peggy Roche), writer Bernard Frank, and the French version of Playboy. Annick Geille, three long-term maintenance of bisexual cohabitation life.

To make yourself happy is the only moral.

She loved racing in the mountains, gambling, especially the Russian turntable, in the sense of speed and the slightest chance of discovering the spark of freedom and pleasure, her love across the age and gender line. Shagao Such a woman, is the charming little devil, let oneself happiness, is her only moral and responsibility.

She is always full of playfulness girl, the immortal youth of God, she is a sensible person is lonely, and then to devote all her life to pursue love and happiness, live a life without regret. (Extended reading: single diary: Love Like Ju Hass, you are born to fit my soul )

From Cocoa Chanel, bi Kibadu, to Shagao, three kinds of atypical girlfriends, whether their desire for love and you are the same, but they are so glorious to live, reminding you, if you want to love, you must be honest. So in the whole city to celebrate Valentine's Day, you quietly review the love of the exercise, take a word of their words in the bottom of my heart, let them free soul, Feng love power.