"A Girl" gathered Asia Girl, see their subversive crazy, read their atypical success of the road. Strange hundred strange girls in the world, out of tune, so a lattice.

Many people see Dou Jingtong, think she has a little bit of Faye Wong's Shadow, born, high cold, anti-bone. People see her as a second generation more than a bit of disapproval, the child drop-out, sexual orientation, tattoos, all let the Chinese startling.

Dou Jingtong confessions, she does not rebel at home, she is subject to complete equality and respect. This family respect the child independent personality development, how to rebel to say? Faye Wong wrote the song "Children" when the child was one year old: "You can't go bad, you can not be good." "The word fulfilled, Dou Jingtong live very incompatible, but also self-discipline incomparable."

I dropped out because I knew what I wanted.

Dou Jingtong 18 years old, is after the family agreed, she said she has been to the family to do ideological education, and finally they return: "You want to good on the line."

"I think a lot of students at school aren't quite sure what they want to do, but I know that when I say it, I'm ready," he said. 」

The music Circle first looked down upon her high starting point, star second generation not to say, or Faye Wong's daughter. What many people do not know is that even if the circumstances permit her to reap the Dou Jingtong, she still goes to the coffee shop to make music. She was 15 years old on the Internet to publish the first original song "With You", since the Chinese music popular a word: "The whole Chinese music world is waiting for her to grow up", 2015 in Japan Music Festival performance for the first time, the entire music scene is fascinated. People try to look for Faye Wong and Dou Wei in her singing sound, Dou Jingtong said: "I do not make music to surpass them, just because I like." 」

"The background brings things, I will not go to refuse, because the fact is so, I was brought up in such an environment, why deliberately to put those shut out, everything from scratch?" Since there is no way to refuse, I will accept it. But I am not going to rely on it, the most important, the most voice, the key to the maintenance of my music career, is always my work. 」

I don't represent anyone, I just represent myself

Dou Jingtong temperament let people drunk, she a little quiet, sometimes embarrassed embarrassed smile, her palm to arms tattoo no story, Dou Jingtong said just like. The father is the core of Chinese rock, the mother is the music indispensable singer, she does not want to copy who, only do Dou Jingtong.

Dou Jingtong and stepfather Yapeng live in harmony, the media accused Faye Wong love with the time, she in the mother and stepfather divorce dictation "The pain is Real,but life goes on." Ps:i love you. "

The love she knows is always "I love you, so I love your Freedom". Dou Jingtong and his stepfather were well, also did not break the relationship with the biological father, she and Dou Wei cooperation between single, sinus only into middle age do not understand the mainstream music, often by the media smile middle-aged not zhi, Dou Jingtong but said, if he wants to please others, will not do so, he is very good.

In understanding and being understood, Dou Jingtong is highly open-minded, the reporter asked her "Playing music is not a cool thing for your generation", she said: "I can not represent this generation to say anything, because everyone is different." 」

She has a heart of heaven and earth, do not worry about the people of her sexual orientation, do not care about the media and then seek her king Philip. Voices, rushes scrutinize this cool little girl in the heart think what, she saves words of Kung Fu, let people also dumb, want to know what, inferior to listen to music.

Dou Jingtong in "Blue Flamingo" hum: "Pink is swell." But I got my eyes on my Blue flamingo "red-colored crown, some people just want to do Lan He, beautiful bizarre."

"Girlfriend Quotes"

Their style is only suitable for them, I would like to find a set of their own plan.

Dou Jingtong

What people think of me, how to talk about me, or expect or pressure, these are things I should not think about, not my business, is their thing.

Dou Jingtong