"Relationship Diary" is the content unit after the single diary , there is no ideal love, only belong to their intimate relationship. Reading Hanna, I love it is not a pity.

Hanna is the 20th century one of the thinkers, is also known as the history of the mistress, but I would rather say, Heidegger is the lover of e-LAN.

They met at Fort Ma University, that year, 18-year-old e-blue, youth is just like, she fell in love with more than 30 teachers. Heidegger side talk About love, side of raising children, his philosophy, speculative, profound, the sea as the island of E-orchid, in the spirit to dock.

This love for five years, Heidegger in order to terminate the relationship will send her out of the country, in the parting letter wrote: "With the will of God, I love you after death." "She's like Eileen Chang, for Hu Lancheng Love is very low and very low."

E-Orchid In the first marriage hardship, her unfit to show love so clear how to hide? The girl's obsession jumped into the hotbed of thought, the love of betting politics, history, poetry, art, social movements, ethnic identity, women's awareness, E-orchid has not been loved by the attention, but achieved the era can not be missing talent.

Heidegger as a German, can not love the Jewish identity, the Nazis flourish, he tried to cut, let the sweet Lian of the completion of the scandal. Is there any hate in E-lan? Meet again no steamy, only cloud light wind. Years have passed, I do not owe you, you do not pay me.

After the war, when he was exposed to the Jewish identity of Heidegger, he defended himself: "I know he can't stand to see my name everywhere, and I can't stand the books I write." I used to keep telling him lies about myself, pretending that there was nothing in the book or the fame. But I suddenly tired of this deception, I suddenly decided to quit playing the game. 」

Jealousy and rivalry of the time passed, the Zhengchong is no longer young, opened into the end of the flowers, so elegant not to be. She loved not his political inclinations, but his nature, and she stood up not to love him, for he had been the soul of her.

People ask the talented woman before the love is not also fool? Is the defense really sentimentally attached or unrestrained?

As a Jew, she was oppressed by history; As a politician, she was misunderstood by the times; as a lover, she was not to be caught up in rumors.

The lover is just a passing story of fate, she kicked the cigarette smoking loneliness, her writing of mediocre evil. The letter of life grieving, Hanna and Heidegger do not talk about love, only say thought.

At the end of our lives, we know that only the things that we have been faithful to in the end are true.

Hanna E-Orchid

Love Will transit, a deep lover, in your body left the impact, engraved on your skin tattoo, the black hole in your face, planted in your thoughts of turbulence, in your distant annals, and a sound than I love you still deep sigh.