Do you know that there are many other perfumes besides spraying on your body?

The sweet Smell Library Scent Library the use of 12 natural perfumes, not only for girls, but also for boys; not just on the body, but also on supplies; not just to be full of fragrant, but also for the people around them to feel fragrant.

However, these are recommended only for natural perfumes such as the odour library because they have no plasticizing agent, chemical flavor , and use Vacuum Extraction Technology (also known as "live flower extraction") to collect the seasons and store the seasons in theory.So if you're using a brand of perfume that contains these chemicals, it's not good for clothes, baby, pets, furniture, it's also possible to have a bad residue, allergy, or damage to the fibers, and you're paying particular attention to perfumery.

Fragrance use of the first trick: Fashion men express pure

Fragrance full room

Seg 3: Spin on any material couch on

Fragrance uses the fourth trick: Spin reading with the

Fragrance uses the fifth trick: Spin on your clothes

Fragrance uses 6th stroke: Sprawy

Fragrance uses 7

Fragrance uses the eighth trick: Spent with a loving

Fragrance uses the ninth trick: Blowout in an envelope

Fragrance using the 10th trick: it makes you feel different from a gift

Fragrance uses the 11th trick: fresh and transparent bottled design is a new decoration for lockers

Use the 12th trick: The following opens up your imagination to find new ways of playing natural gas!

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