"Relationship Diary" is the content unit after the single diary , there is no ideal love, only belong to their intimate relationship. Look at Coco Chanel, to create their own love life.

Coco Chanel, to the world's classic little black dress, free neutral trousers, sexy Chanel fifth, Cambon Street, 21st Landmark, she is a loud and clear name, giving women elegant tone, fashion perishable, style forever, Love is.

Coco Chanel, but also gave himself a happy uninhibited life. We are familiar with the story of her fame, but also the girl's cocoa Chanel, known as Gabrielle Chanel, had a lot of hard, difficult days, became her future accustomed to see the fall of nutrients.

12 years old, she early know the world cruel, alienation, she knew that life only has its own reliable. The mother walked early, and the father left her. During her seven years of puberty, she learned a begging for survival in an orphanage, including bowing, sewing, and knowing what she could be.

She went to the bar to sing, people shouted at her coco, color smiling smiling see her, she is a bar in a gorgeous flower. She does not mind, hot hot look back, the crowd, she saw her first lover Elbasan. It is not so much a lover as a mistress, but a life in which she has to live before she is qualified to talk about her ideals.

"My life didn't please me, so I created my own life." 」

Elbasan when she is exquisite doll, beautiful and heresy, cocoa performance is also competent, did not expect Elbasan is from the sky, her Prince Charming, she followed him into the French high circle, the need to broaden their horizons, she was out of place, and born fresh.

In such occasions, Cocoa met Boykaber, her second lover, just understand that love is not only the body kiss, but also can be spiritual cherish. Bowie let her Enron, for her talent drink, cocoa the longing for life to tell caper, know he will understand.

Because she said, "I want to make a hat," caper sponsored her shop, Cambon Street 21st, hard straw hat turned out, the city of the rover smell incense, Cocoa fashion road, to be honest, behind is always trading and love, full of the city woman's breath, sophisticated and pure, also true also false.

Caper loved her and loved the high society, he had to marry the noble lady, and a decent marriage exchanged a solid social status. Cocoa very early understand, and know each other not enough, her love again strong, can not discount, love than fashion more realistic.

Caper died in a sudden car accident, leaving part of her legacy to her, and then pushing her fashion dream. The fashion Kingdom of cocoa is full of clues that she has loved.

Coco Chanel never ceased to fall in love, those men, have become the cocoa Chanel lovers. If people ask her why she is not married, she will be saucy: "Probably because I did not find a beautiful name comparable to Coco Chanel." 」

She loves her as a legend, and if she wants to love, these men have to be on my sleeve. Love is style, classic timeless, passing lover, is their pity, incorporated archives, I would like to remember the cocoa Chanel sophisticated and pure expression, farewell, I Want to love again, you who can not stop me.