The 89th annual Oscars , the eight finalists of the Blue Boy under the moonlight, are loud and black boys are growing up, not just a human-rights version.

The wind blows slowly, a black boy standing in the sea, body cold, moonlight, he looks like blue, he gently pout, turned back, time fast turn, that is his life, in the big screen appears a little strange.

The original black Boy's growth history, not only has the black and white ethnicity opposite a kind of flat beat method, not only does the Martin Luther type affirmative statement, "The Moonlight Blue Boy" the colorful and the core gentleness, gave another version "the young Time" to imagine. (Recommended reading: walking through the age of youth: not our grasp of the present, but the moment to seize US )

His name is small, Sharon, black, he has been not a confident boy, probably because of his warm swallow personality, may be because of his walking appearance, perhaps because of the shape of his love.

When the other people whispering in the back, when the mother shouted at him Niang gun, when he looked at the sea with his own, he always thought: Who am I? Why am I out of tune? Is there any place for me in this world?

Behind the weak and weak: No one's suffering is really the same

"Blue Boy in the Moonlight" is the name of the English title is Moonlight, Moonlight love, there is probably no eccentric bar, no distinction between ethnic and gender areas, but the world is not running like this.

Time magazine voted "Blue Boy under the Moonlight" for the best film of the year, won the Golden Globes best Drama, Oscar eight finalists optimistic, first look at the sheet and plot profile, thought it was because it is "politically correct." We in this era have long avoided the topic of sexual orientation and ethnic human rights. Everyone touches this topic, even if all have to be careful, so most movies unavoidably have the meaning of the decree, like not to enter the heart of the textbook. (same field Gayon: to Black and white Oscar: Don't talk about racism, you can't make my box office )

And "The Blue Boy under the Moonlight" is fresh, from its first lens began to knock on its screen design ambiguous, happy sad there are levels, the idea did not break, emotion, no abuse, sadness came very slowly. Political correctness is simply appearances, the human life is three-dimensional, overflow screen, daily is happening, drug trafficking, love, Suck hemp, away from home, no one's suffering really the same.

The most gentle of the film is that it does not attempt to condemn, endorse, save anyone, with a little poetic pain, relaxing the beautiful growth history.

Lost love and a growing history of confusion

"The Blue Boy under the Moonlight" cleverly put the plot divided into three paragraphs, small young, adolescent Sharon, adult black, good film is good at leaving white, growth is sometimes really broken, you a trance God, years passed, composure found has grown up, there is no turning back.

Then you close your eyes and grow up like fragments of broken pieces of glass that are buried in the usual tarmac, shimmering when the sun shines, reminding you of the road you've been through.

Small a mistake to break into the poison cave, drug dealer Youan saw him from the window, break the window and into, lead him, go out from the door, outside he saw light. Euan called him a little and took him home. Small father absent from childhood, Euan catch him, give him is not a model, but home imagination. Euan said to him, "you have to decide what you want to be, and don't let anyone decide for you." 」

Then Sharon's adolescence, in front of the sea, behind is mocking laughter. He can't figure out who he is. Groping and deciding is very hard, the mother has her own predicament, often out of the field, kissing his friends not a few days, was forced to beat him several punches, Sharon was beaten down to the ground when the world is so absurd.

The adult black man had been sleeping for a long time, taking off his bluff gold teeth and lying in bed. At midnight the phone rang, not to finally detoxification mother, but he adored many years of friends. It was a long time ago, and he remembered the tide, with their wheezing, and he felt warm when he touched him. Friends on the phone, a little bit of a smile, said: "I am now a chef, like you, I have been in prison, occasionally think of you, if you have time, I invite you to eat dinner." "He drove on the road to see the only man who had touched him.

The picture stopped short, the last moment found, this can be read as a love story, time linear forward, some love to stay, in that masculine first black community, everyone learn camouflage, but they have shared, those ambiguous, embarrassed, lost, no solution of love, has been there, waiting for time to reopen, Your body and your senses remember. (Recommended reading: tears are the price of love!) Oscar hits the Movie: Love is Accepting yourself .

This is also a package in the layers of overlapping volume under the bottom of the growth story, grow up or difficult ah, as we all admit it. Remove those boundaries of the walls, tear down those who distinguish between you and me, no one's growth really easy, at least we are the pit scar to come over, staggered to write their own annals.

So what happens later? Three linear time after, Sharon will become what kind of person, they can kiss? Is he going to be a different person? We do not know that we have no other people's answers, we have only our own destiny.

Out of the theater, the Blue Boy in the Moonlight, followed US home.