Italy has a world of traditional cuisine, pizzas, pizza, and coffee, as well as an important center for the direction of the world's fashion industry.As early as the 16th century, a group of unimaginable surrealist designers presented the world with a variety of fashionable possibilities, and the influence continued into the day four centuries later.

T Magazine, from New York, brought together a master artist Robbie Spencer and a British photographer, Richard Burbridge, to bring together a photo studio called Salad Days in April this year.In this series of costumes, the Renaissance Italian painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo (Giuseppe Arcimboldi) is able to build the concept of portraits of adult objects, such as fruits and vegetables, flowers, fish, and objects, and has a classic style of Elsa Schiaparelli (Elsa Pavarari): an astonishing fashion and a popular fashion design.

Giuseppe Arcimboldo's Portrait

Elsa Schiaparelli is a collection of clothing and photographic works designed for the Duchess of Windsor

"TUTTI FRUITY" Shin Orchard


AL "AL" DENTE "Flavor

"HUNGER GAMES" Hunger Games "

REEF MADNESS coral fever

" CANDY DARLING " honey sugar