"Miss Sports " unit, Miss to go to sports , not to please who, in order to please themselves, longing for a renewed sweating of the body, exercise is to practice muscle strength, but also exercise heart.

When do you want to exercise in particular?

I asked a friend, she tilted head thought, "probably want to give up the time, the world is sometimes very complex, but running is very simple, as long as the continuation of the pain will pass." "Presumably, everyone has such a day, busy and busy out, the pace of chaos, uneasy, doubt himself." When you are not strong enough, do bad things, grow bad yourself, and everything is frustrating.

At such moments, the movement gave an export imagination, you still have to be patient, still have to travel long distances, still have to endure the long night, but you will know that far away, there is light flashing, waiting for you, you will know, you can take yourself out, if you want to step out of this.

Exercise is a self-help and one of the best things you can do for yourself.

There are many reading and learning Boban Friends, the road of knowledge how long gray, in the extreme loneliness, they invariably, have developed a habit of exercise, some to run, some dance ballet, some yoga.

The movement has its rhythm, lets you know to accompany oneself in time, passes the deep dark which nobody can understand; you learn to understand yourself, including the sudden emergence of good and bad emotions, you learn to schedule the body muscles, so that it fits your life forward, you learn to see your strong and soft, you know that no matter how many restrictions before, you are always free.

You no longer strong, peacetime habit desperately, a person at night long-distance running, you cry like a newborn child, you no longer resist, do the foot of yoga action, you know that pain and growth is symbiotic; you are no longer flawless, from the breath to start, and the cycle of holding up a world, you put yourself in the inside, you know, You can protect yourself, you can redeem yourself.

The cycle of movement is to understand, to accept, to adjust, to start, much like life. Because of sports, you have been learning to face the difficult, you will know life is very long, when the difficulty is located in life, multiple growth, your strength will exponentially grow up.

When you want to give up, you might as well go to sports, a sweat, a bath, tomorrow to fight again, exercise has never just practiced muscle strength, but also practice.