The X-ray series "Logan" release, Hugh Jackman and his wife's years of love again into the topic, when the media to praise Hugh Jackman as "Love Wife Home", wife Deborah Subjectivity, seems to have gone with it.

With the release of "Logan", "Wolverine" series of films to the final, "X-Men" fans at the beginning of 2017 years, reluctantly welcome to the old-school superhero Golden Steel Wolf's Blood red Farewell, many people sigh their youth also followed by a period of time.

The attachment to the Wolverine is transferred from the screen to the screen. People once again wondered about the marital status of Hugh Jackman (Hugh Jackman) and his older 13-year-old wife, Deborah (Deborra-lee Furness), from the earlier media questioning of Hugh Jackman, suggesting that he had a Oedipus complex, and that he and Deborah's beach swimwear were circulated to the former, Many netizens can not believe that the world has such a combination, malicious little criticism of the age, Deborah and stature: "So handsome actor how to marry an old and ugly woman?" "Gentle Some of the heart envy, said" De Bo really lucky! 」

The comment on Deborah was flattened into two lines: "She is unworthy" and "she is so Lucky", at first blush, the spectral poles of malice and friendliness, but the logic may not be far behind.

Is she really lucky?

Yes, Hugh Jackman is probably one of Hollywood's most handsome, most gentlemanly, and most wife-protecting men, and whenever the media criticizes Deborah's appearance, he always responds with high EQ: "She is the most beautiful and wonderful woman I have ever seen in my life." "This word, everyone drunk in his wife's love, the simultaneous praise Hugh Jackman is extinct good man, love wife home, Deborado lucky."

But that's the end of the conversation. As if marriage depended only on Hugh Jackman's compassion, strength and virtue, Deborah's talent or effort was unimportant, her subject vanished, and no one cared.

Deborah, the founder of adopt Change, a nonprofit organization, said in a 2014 interview that she was getting tired of people constantly saying "you're lucky" with the derogatory remarks that often embarrassed her, "as if to imply that you were" an old lady Lotto! " 」

What people don't know is that it's not just Hugh Jackman's wife who has been married to 缡 for 20 years, she is also an outstanding producer, directing many short films and independent films; she is an active and enthusiastic ambassador in the field of international adoption law, promoting the modernization of adoption laws in various countries and creating non-profit adoption organizations in Australia adopt Change to promote adoption legislation at the national level, undertake large-scale research on adoption issues and provide support to adopted children and parents.

She and Hugh Jackman after the failure of artificial pregnancy, do not insist that the child must be his own, adopted a man and a woman, the paparazzi often photographed family love picture. Such an atypical family, like all typical families, is not the luck of happiness, but the initiative of every family member to pay.

De Bora is not particularly fortunate that marriage is in the same boat, and she may work harder than her husband Hugh Jackman. (same field Gayon:Vera Wang remarried!) The 60-Year-old still has the secret of a passionate mood.

Heterosexual love seesaw on the year

As we make a fuss about Deborah and Hugh Jackman's marriage, we seem to forget that in many famous Hollywood films, the male and female lead the same age gap as the father and daughter.

For example, in the movie "Lost War", the actor Tom Cruise and the heroine Orgakorellan look quite right, but in fact Tom Cruise was 50, Ougakore 33, they were 17 years old.

Image source:BuzzFeed Yellow

The 2008 film "Spy Do Not" in, when Anhassevi was only 25 years old, but her partner Steve Carr has 45 years old, the audience will not think that the actor in the "Sang-sung Lotto." (Okay, maybe a little.)

Image source:BuzzFeed Yellow

Even the recent Oscar winning six awards, "Le to Love you," the actual age of men and women, but also a difference of eight years old. Hollywood movies, people are accustomed to the heterosexual couples, the age gap is often male and female small, the audience does not feel different, also do not doubt whether Donna has a love Father complex.

Looking back on Hugh Jackman and the Deborah couple, they were only 13 years apart. If we're indifferent to the age gap between heterosexual couples in Hollywood movies, then maybe we're overreacting to the age difference between the couple. We can also ask further, does it mean that there is a flaw in love when there is a mother or a love affair? (same field Gayon: single diary: Love Like Ju Hass, you are born to fit my soul )

If we can imagine that the world does exist like the love of Ju-ha, if we can for the "Monthly Wives" in the lily to cheer, we can sincerely for Deborah Drink, bless her love and marriage, but also bless our own. Don't be willing, with age to choke someone's love after all outdated, when the Wolverine finally in the film "Logan" began his long farewell, we also should be the time to let Hugh Jackman go.