"Relationship Diary" is the content unit after the single diary , there is no ideal love, only belong to their intimate relationship. Jia Baoyu and Lin Daiyu, love is not a pity.

Many people ask, you are still young, why not take a walk to see more. This is an object to marry you want to break up with him age, this is an ambiguous not madly in love with age. Some people say you love a person so many years pity, the layman guess this long-distance running also "no fruit" love whether the food tasteless discard.

You do not have to respond to the world's mercy, so big, good friends have two children, the study colleagues changed several times, you always only love a person.

But you are not sorry.

You love not even the future, without the future or love.

You love, just like Jia Baoyu recognized Lin Daiyu. Decadent fate in her brow out of flowers, that man two nightmare of sorrow in his joy.

You love, just like Lin Daiyu met Jia Baoyu. She was able to choke on the perverse nature of Baoyu, the frail chest that could have accommodated her weakness.

Your love is so, full of regrets. Lin Daiyu cries, tears come back to Jia Baoyu, you have a lot of small temper, like to cultivate his life. Yu Yu is rambling, in the face of Dai Yu is paranoid, he is full of ambition for life, but love you love is very restrained, like a fear of spending something, together so long, sleeping with the pillow, but also send a message booking your breakfast.

Love is not possession, nor is it forever and ever, but at this moment even if there is a big sea can let you go to see, I am afraid you like Bao Yu response to Dai Yu's Temptation: "Let the weak water 3,000, I only take a scoop." 」

Oh, my God, your love is so old-fashioned. Remember the "dream of Red Mansions" Yu Daiyu, Yu-yu said: "This sister I have seen." 」

That as before, is the message of past life, the first eye we look like, the heart is old knowledge, so alive no longer feel lonely.

When you first met, you were arguing about a dream of red mansions, and he said that you read ordinary people into a chaebol family. It can be said that the love of Baoyu and Dai-yu, you all nodded, said the story well written, not a good ending, is not a bad ending. (Extended reading: Why does Baoyu like Dai-yu more than Bao-chai?) Chiang Hsun and simply wish on the rebellious youth of the dream of Red Mansions )

Love, not to you understand my world, but not to become a world, but we are on foot, can be in the hope of rest, there are like-minded nasal polyps can be stable, in the hope of wandering, there is a double crisscross palm let people stay.