Handsome Girl, their dress through the gender border, from the man's hands to regain handsome interpretation of power, handsome not equal to masculine, feminine heroic spirit more unrestrained.

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Last ten years, in the increasingly vulgar and tired of popular fashion, like the body in the wilderness, Bustian of the forest women leisurely appearance. They are delicate and graceful, aloof, clothes never self-cultivation, wear natural cotton Hemp National or retro Lite, gently resist a whole society trying to be all women coquettish power.

Most men do not understand the forest girl's logic, their sexy and sensibility, rather is more Yue own, about the fabric and skin touch, about the movement at ease, about spacious and harmonious, do not shun to avoid male gaze, uphold growth. Born in 1985, it is considered to be one of the representative characters of the forest department girl.

Ten years later, in this new era of blurred gender boundaries, another is a fashion craze, since the forest girls stroll behind, their dress through the gender border, or, through the clothing, they from the man's hands to regain handsome and heroic spirit interpretation of the right, handsome does not equal to masculine, feminine heroic spirit both chic and beautiful, They are handsome Girl.

When it comes to handsome Girl, it's not entirely a new fashion performance. As early as the First World War of the last century, women carry men in the army left behind the domestic labor, binding body skirt gradually appears anachronistic, new era of demand hit the post-war 1920 years of accelerated consumerism roaring train, the new fashion was born: Chanel and other designers from the female demand, all kinds of reform women full-gush, skirts Short , women wear trousers, cut hair, the whole society to greet the "Girl Boy" trend (La Garçonne in French; English the flapper).

Still think handsome Girl is far away? Back to 2017 Taiwan, the writer Yang Li Asia published prose collection "Women Han", there is an episode of "Boys and girls," she took the hand of the monk, from the film "Blue Gate" came out:

Menkro still prefers sweatpants to uniform skirts, but every bike chase in the city, she still does not change white shirt uniform skirt collocation. Not for fear of being the instructor demerit, perhaps a greater possibility? She doesn't know that either. To refuse the absolute men's or women's Monk soft, continue to roll the dice in the game, just because refused to bow to fate.

The gender significance of the fashion of "female Boy" in the 1920 's, has made a force for women's labor force and body; today, talking about handsome Girl, is to talk about the gender temperament of the comb wears, wear off freely, talking about is not willing to the society to the people of the existing classification bow down. Clothes the same person's character, can be good at change, why should be confined to the gender framework. At the moment, through the gender temperament of the clothing through, people began to understand or imagine: gender is not bipolar, but a spectrum, clothing can always take you to walk in it, full of play and create the possibility.

Handsome Girl first series, for you to introduce handsome Girl one of the representatives-chrysanthemum Chiki.

Chrysanthemum Chiki, is the model is also the actor, Japanese culture Department woman new Pointer. If you are a magazine control, this name you must be not unfamiliar with, she is Life fashion magazine "マッシユ" editor-in-chief, single-handedly planning, Nevin, model and magazine illustrations, principals and Bell, a more organized a strong design and modelling team.

A man's magazine, sometimes more like a magazine editor's wardrobe Manifesto and Diary, the first episode of 2012, "マッシユ" magazine was launched, essay debut, immediately became the Japanese publishing industry and the hottest topic of fashion. The second episode of "マッシユ", moving out of her other important features and planning the "men" feature, quickly attracted attention. Her so-called "man" is not a rugged, aggressive and provocative masculine template, on the contrary, she is a slender but full of heroic spirit costumes, for us to explain her inside the quirky "man" temperament. In each episode of マッシユ, you can see her unique handsome Girl style.

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How does she use her clothes to explain her men's style? Let's open up her magazine wardrobe to find out, but also for everyone to classify some of the handsome Girl costume accessories, perhaps tomorrow, you can try to see.

Strap Suspender

When was the last time you used braces? The strap is actually a great items (no hurry to go over Dad's wardrobe), simple plain face or shirt, wide trousers plus suspenders will never miss. Wide version of the strap presents naughty heroic spirit, fine strap is delicate whims.

Image source:"マッシユ"

Anti-pleated straight-sleeve jeans jeans

In the morning, the legs through straight jeans, folding, wear white socks, step into the black leather shoes, do not have to think more, put on a white collar, in the leather shoes and denim aroma, open the spirit of full and clean feeling of the day.

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Stripe stripe

There must be stripes in every wardrobe. VCDs "Quartet" in the Life of Takahashi played the viola hand, said the only time to wear stripes, is around people wearing stripes on the other day. See Chrysanthemum Chiki How to put neat lines in body, forthright woman temperament how have hit shirt may.

Image source:"マッシユ"

Handsome Girl heroic spirit, in fact, from leisurely swimming in the sexual temperament between the comfortable and unrestrained. Clothing is the language of the ego, and sometimes carry the pocket drama, as such, do not have to be confined to the existing framework, enjoy in the lap of the experiment play. Dressing and dressing is one of the most creative routines, and we can start practicing handsome gril fashion from the most secure single product around us, from the brand-name myth, capitalism and patriarchal hands, recapture the fashion of playfulness and creativity.