Every family, a decade of transformation, from the days of the sound to international musicians competing to cooperate singer. Along the way, she grew a good-natured philosophy of life, unique humor, proud identity, such a woman, really beautiful.

When did you start remembering the names of every family? From her and Biaojiu Hao en composed of "Hao en family" win the best singing combination of 2007 years? Or she served as a Mei, May days concert, and finally surprised to discover the sound of the house?

When people feel sorry for her, but she unhurriedly, from the chorus position slowly come to the stage, as if the time of fame is no sooner or later, once came, is the most opportune moment.

She issued a personal debut album "Forget to Remember" and "for your lonely singing", even two years strong finalists for the Golden Melody Award. The other side of the audience from the "King of the Tomb" episode "Fate" began, but also gradually familiar with her voice.

After three years, every family with "or miss" came to you. The producer, Martha, led the international elite musician and lined up behind her: Five Grammy, 20 Golden Melody, Gold Horse Award, Admiralty Award, a Japanese record great reward, more than 181 golden Music Masters joined. So much trouble, and so willingly, they all said, "There is a story in her song." "There is a story of the song, through different hands polished, it can make a song reflects a variety of light."

At the beginning of the interview it was late, every family wearing a blue denim dress, and the night as cold, her long eyelashes look a little lazy, but the eyes are still shiny, straight to here. I thought about her various images in the report, she spoke in a light and soft voice, but her posture was static, full of force field, like the new album gives people's auditory impression. So sitting in the opposite house, as if the concert ready to start, grand before is the accumulation of energy, we light hands, Interview Overture, from home in the bass voice began to relax.

Life after the convergence, only to know that emotion is the most full

Every family issued a new album "or Miss", a big battle, producer Martha several times in the interview that he would like to present a different face of the house, do not want to rely on her can be put on the treble to take attention, "the market likes to soar treble, but the emotion inside is often empty." "Every family also nodded in recognition, in the superstitious high pop music world, she with medium bass gentle breakthrough." "I'm going to be the singer who tells the story with the Voice," the family said in an opening. 」

To tell a story, the emotion must be relaxation and degree. "That's a good analogy," she said softly, holding the glass at hand, "and the practice of convergent emotions is like a glass of water," she gently caressed the water, "it is difficult to maintain a full load without spilling, but it is the emotional performance of this album." "Sing a song, will be emotional into the play, listen to her to speak a short span of two or three, sometimes illusion like listening to her singing."

She talked about three years ago the long cocoon of the vocal cords, singing not to make a sound during the period, "that period of time in the heart is very urgent, toss to know a lot of things is not to be anxious to get." many times in life need to wait, waiting will also bring opportunities, the door will open . 」

Every family word gently and slowly said. Now that her vocal cords have healed, not only does it not affect the singing, but the convergence of that period makes the singing level more abundant.

A song is not only a Gao Yingkai to hear wonderful, life is also, there are high and low. Dormant keyed, often more life-dimensional and rich. She thanked the producer Martha and Verian for being the director of her voice, and took her to explore the various levels and stories of the song and go into another realm of life, not to be made public, but to be full.

The rhythm of life, the pace of mastering the Heart

Every family speak slowly, she said her pace is slow, a few years later to understand that pandering to others is unnecessary, must learn to follow their own pace.

So I waited for three years before I finally heard her come to us with the best of her condition. Her face is glance, and there are reggae, there are ballads, there are jazz, there is "see through" Every family, "love nothing" of every family, there are enthusiastic fast song 〈i loves you Bon bon〉, an album like to tell her whole life process, a listening story book, a great attempt.

But we are all standing in the moment and I ask, which song resonates most in your life right now. Every family seriously thought about it, said that the creator of HUSH wrote, or Miss. But this song is actually the story of HUSH.

"He wants to go back and reconcile with himself, release the emotion, but I don't need it!" "Every family laughs and says there is no need to reconcile the past, she just more like to imagine a parallel space-time," want to quietly look at the primary school of their own, see her happy appearance is enough. 」

This is a meditation exercise on security: Even in the time to trot forward, chasing the expansion of the desire and dreams, can still stay in a time bomb shelter, visit beginner's mind, remember that happiness has been simple. (same field Gayon:3 Simple Happiness tips: Do your own Sunshine )

From the sound to the solo, it's your choice, no regrets.

From "Hao Tu every Family", concert sound, to the present independent glow, every family said this way really and with the house, "brick cover, slowly build." Even if others brokered sound period is to bury talent, in her view is the only way to grow.

Speaking of this experience, her tone is more confident than before, and happy, "behind A-Mei, I watched the lead singer how to show how to master the whole stage ." 」

Others seem to be sound, but she is the opportunity to see a superstar internship, so, before the home on their own stage, she has seen many big scenes.

"So, if there's a light machine sometimes, I don't want to go back to the past to choose again." Why After all, everyone wants a time machine or a Dora a dream!

Every family answer is resolute, "because each choice is a fork, each road will see different scenery, I have no regrets about my choice ." 」

Look at every family, you can understand that no choice is the only solution to the right, the ability to see the road and mentality. Everyone has the rhythm of life, no one is faster or slower, without comparison, as long as the continuous walk, is a kind of progress.  

The natural nature of every family, how to live how to sing

Forward, can also be back to embrace their own identity.

The new album first song "Every Family Song", is the mature family gorgeous turn the work, her own composition, with the Ami ancient tune of the chant, with Lisa Gao Lu and Schumien chorus, in this song, you hear every family's pride.

Speaking of Aboriginal identity, her voice and limbs were open: " being a native is a proud thing!" after all, we run faster than others, singing and listening! 」

We nodded to say yes, she again make up a sentence "The exam also added points!" "Everyone laughed. Every family is at ease, and being an Aboriginal is an absolute addition to her multiple identities.

The family members of the original township-pur-dur, Hao-en, Samingad, also affect her deepest musicians. They led each family to the music road and grew up with her.

The expression of the first concert was described in a fiery mood: "That time, second sister (Samingad) to be my guest, I always remember her on stage said such words:" Every family actually very can sing, she used to be a little inferiority dare not sing loudly in front, but thank fans, you let every family have a stage, when the protagonist, No longer a little girl hiding in her sister's harmonies . 』」

Know this sentence in her heart weight, listen to our orbit a hot, she looked and can't help to complain, but they (two sisters) childhood are very love bully me yes! I had to stick to the mother next to steal cry "then laugh twice, is such a woman character."

In fact, their family life is a happy funk, the family often have a variety of songs and sound effects. The scene of family life together is very moving, she said:

"Sometimes I am in the kitchen while washing the dishes while singing, the sisters in the living room when they heard the cleaning, but also the sound of each other, you are a sentence I sing together." 」

Singing is a part of daily life, is the same as the language of the usual emotional expression, "happy time, boring time, people can sing at any time !" 」

It occurred to me that I had not sung for a long time.

Every family seems to know how to read minds, she went on to say, "while Labor, but also to sing, like the south-American ethnic group has a very beautiful" weeding song, is everyone while weeding the song, singing at work, the body of the gas will be smooth cycle! 」

The story of every family is reminiscent of jazz. Born in the early 20th century jazz, is the United States blacks combined with the blues, spiritual songs, labor songs and European instruments merged. It's one of the reasons why families like jazz when they are singing. I think of jazz legend Erafe AIDS Jello, she is good at using her body to sing, and this is a stunt.

The wonderful positive energy of every family

When it comes to the body, we talk to each other in front of every house and ask everyone not to take the fat and thin People's manifesto.

She particularly carefully recalls the context of the speech, "in fact, the celebrity by the network bullying Suicide news very sigh," every family consciously have the responsibility to speak, the network people should pay more attention to their own speech, but I also hope that we do not put the negative comments on the internet too heavy. "Received a letter from the cotton Candy girl, family said that she is more able to the same, often the fans encourage her to give back to the words:" Do not because of those negative comments, and forget the support to encourage your friends, you should care about those who are worthy of care . 」

So, "every family pretends to be positive," a girl will have a lot of fun to keep her energy and positive energy. 」

Families say that they are so, for a long time to form a wonderful magnetic field, easy to attract some fun things happen. "For example, today is very cold, everyone wrapped tightly, but I saw the naked Superman in Huashan!" She took out a cell phone sharing screen, originally is a shorts man was originally stood roadside, but suddenly burst away in the scene, looking at this strange and hilarious picture, all inexplicable laugh into a group.

Every family is a happy fruit, watching everyone laugh, she will take advantage of the pursuit of victory. "Later in the east, the road to half but see the middle of the road lying bright purple underwear, nearby is obviously high-rise buildings, no one drying clothes ah!" "Still thinking about what this episode is, everyone immediately under the footnote," so, to maintain positive energy will meet purple underwear! "The room has been filled with laughter, the cold winter windows have also condensed small and pleasant drops."  

While the funny side of the value of positive thinking to the reader, it does not sound too dogmatic, it is the gentleness of everyone.

"Everything can be positive to stay," Waiting for Love is also, do not rush, adjust their own can shine, "This is the self-self-cultivation of the lover!" Lyrics like this: Let yourself better, to wait until the jackpot, I want to give this song to everyone. She is too clever to know how to play songs while talking about love.

"After all, eldest brother is always the last to appear, like Gao Jin, you always have to wait for him to get out of jail!" "

Again, a footnote from God, she touched rub and said, "How can I think of such a wonderful metaphor?"

In every family, I see margin and calmly, even if the interview has run all day, she still insists on creating good energy around her. She says positive energy is contagious, and being able to live with each other can be sure that positive energy can be funny or that you can be confident and trusting in yourself.

At the end of the interview, she said, "It's more necessary to sing like you're sitting in the office than to be in a deep heart." "I am still moving, she immediately recommended Japan's useless inventions: one person Karaoke mute microphone." "In the office, a person can also be a song God!" "It's really annoying. Think of the interview that day full of laughter, write the manuscript of the moment, also feel full of vitality God.