"Relationship Diary" is the content unit after the single diary , there is no ideal love, only belong to their intimate relationship. Li Daren and Green, Miss Pain, just understand I love you.

Their love is not too much reason, so everlasting. Hate is like the beginning, that person's light so dazzling, let a person good, so he makes a fool of himself, so she extremely difficult. Like just a chance, just we do not have an umbrella, just my position in your side, and later, your childish intriguing, your sense of justice candid fragrance.

So he took her from the school uniform into the wedding dress.

Li Daren Love is very introverted, I love you do not have to be eyes and ears. Love is constant patience, is the casual collection of your smile, is to understand the process and green do not need to adjust the wine embellishment life, just old table beer, carefree grunt, she is intact as ever.

Cheng and green love is cunning, I love you do not have to have you. Love is careful thinking, if love always hurt people, I wish I can keep your childish innocence. Love or fool, will I do not love you, can and you long, there are too many dead men in life, just want a never start you.

Love can not be planned, can not be arranged, love to queue long team, in the most sophisticated way to question, to feel, to heartache, like in the Buddha for 500 years, like them on the other side hesitated 15 years.

Old-fashioned good, they know.

Li Daren said, "I'm not the kind of person who likes to be possessed." 」

Love Like Li Daren, no matter how long I love you, everything should be slowly, with gentle progress, holding hands, hugs, kisses. Good morning, thank you for being by my side, goodnight, I hope you can sleep at ease.

Cheng and Green said: "I do not want that in addition to my love you, please give me a glass of water, outside there are no words to accompany me to go for life." 」

Love Like a process and green, waiting is very good, I am willing to wait for flowers to bloom, and so you are ready to come, and so I have the courage to rise, and so we have become a enough to rely on people.

The old school love, because you I am willing to admit defeat, is willing for you loses to own insistence, accompanies you to do more childish matter; I will go to a faraway place and send a handwritten love letter to your palm at the end of the world. Old-School love, no movie plot of the Earth-shaking, daily necessities is the day-to-day scenery. Compared to the new man, he would like to accompany you from the white cloth shoes to the heels of the people, continue to walk a long way.

Let us put Valentine's Day Flower Commission supermarket fruits and vegetables, let us in each other's eyes remember 17-Year-old himself, let us not to read proof of love, let us slowly love, love a lifetime also think about the people.