"A Girl" gathered Asia Girl, see their subversive crazy, read their atypical success of the road. Strange hundred strange girls in the world, out of tune, so a lattice. Read new Yuan knot clothes, 10 years kungfu sublimation is the acting, unchanged is beginner's mind.

When she was just long Zeyame and under the mountain wisdom long behind the supporting role, people to her sister impressed in the "love Empty", she won the new award for "The Journal Sports Movie Awards", "Yokohama Film Festival", "Blue Ribbon Award" and "the Japanese Film Awards", and the name was started to be widely known, from 109 hot girls to the naïve beauty , and then from the calm and restrained Baishi to just stupid ace lawyer, new Yuan knot in the recent starred in "Monthly wife" and then lift its performance peak, read the new Yuan knot ten years come, always unchanged beginner's mind. (Recommend you: sex observation: Monthly wife, housework work so tired why not money to take? )

New Yuan knot clothes from the model, "East special training class" opened her actress road, a year at least a VCDs, so that lasted 12 years, new Yuan knot clothing is so easy to develop. White Valentine's Day, we together more know regardless of sex, who likes the girlfriend new Yuan knot clothes, she smiled to let people want to love, savage up let people can believe to go with her. Short hair or long hair, from the vitality of the United States Maiden to the monthly wife, new yuan knot clothing charm natural.

Is it not a human duty to be lazy?

"The thought of a bath to water, and then scrub the bathtub, it is too troublesome, and finally no power bubble." --New Clothes

She is probably one of the first-line actress who can say "I'm so lazy that I don't want to wash my head and bathe." Especially in Japan, the symbol of a girl's courtesy is "makeup and clean", and she is always out of tune with beauty. (Extended reading: Japanese culture Watch: Why do Japanese women want to be "cute" no matter what they do?) )

She told her on the show that she likes to wake up on weekends and sleep as long as she can: "Wake up and watch the TV show ahead of time, then watch anime and go out to dinner with friends at night." "The people of the big rise to let everyone think she is next door sister." Lazy is a philosophy, but also a kind of life attitude, the day is too fast, she likes to walk slowly.

Some good, a talent to understand, in addition to their own lazy, said the new Yuan knot clothes is strange woman not for too, she perennial keep leopard-like gecko, especially love reptiles. Favorite thing is a person to eat hot pot, new yuan knot clothes and a single balcony, like to study alone on the top of the sun.

The Best is Life

New Yuan knot clothes just for the first few years, the staff around the evaluation of her: "feel very serious, not like the general young people." At that time, there were rumors of "the new Yuan knot is too fast, the acting remains to be tested." Success is not luck, "wife of the monthly salary," the writer such Shin knot clothing: "This is her work all the way, she is like a carefully prepared miracle, has been seriously modest work, never play big, I am full of respect and trust her." 」

The writer said, every new play, meet new yuan knot clothes can continue to fall in love with her. Because of her continuous efforts, she became a worthy person to be loved. For the general public, no matter how many times the new-tie-knot has been the heroine of the red-sun drama, she maintained a fresh and transparent sense of the people, is the reason why everyone loves her, she can be Pure Love girl, comedy Queen, cure Goddess, can interpret the comic sense of exaggerated cartoon, introverted and deep emotional drama. She once said that acting is like a jigsaw puzzle: "The people, the social atmosphere, and so on, which are related to the play, are like pieces of the puzzle, and they become powerful forces guarding me." 」

New clothes in the publicity of the new play always put "I will refuel" hanging on the mouth, for her, every character is open to know oneself, new yuan knot clothes of efforts never quiet, and she worked with the director said: "At the beginning, I thought she was a very abnormal actor." Contact to know that she is not only very "emotional", but also belong to the kind of very "muscular feeling" of strong women. is an actor with both skill and endurance. "(You will like: 30 Japanese woman after: My lovely, only belong to myself )

We all thought that the new wall knot clothing is the delicate small fresh, in fact, she has the muscle endurance which surpasses the imagination in the work, can 10 years to let the audience love.

My charm, from the strength of

What is the strength of the new-yuan-yi-tie? Her play was self-evident. New Yuan knot dress lovely very level, her appearance can't play her, in addition to open well-known "love Empty", she in "Farewell, Youth birds!" "plays a depressed piano teacher, in the" ace barrister "is a loyalty outbreak.

When the media called her "the best Actress for a Sailor", the New Jersey took off the sailor's suit and put on a suit and apron. She can be a girl, a woman, a wife, a mother. New-Yuan-yi-bi-Habitat TV movies, singing strength also gain recognition. Recently in the "wife of the monthly salary," the performance of the traditional Japanese girls to the impression of comedy in simple and simple to explore the significance of Japan's socio-economic and social strata.

She faced a debut. People preach her "big horse" height, the medium-term people said she "transition difficulties, the prospect of worry", more than 10 years has not shaken off the "only cute" charges. But look carefully, new yuan knot clothing natural charm, in fact, from the strength, whether she played a mute girl, the Warring states Princess, proud jiao lawyer, the mafia big miss, she still retains the innocence and serious after the play. She said: "I want to work hard, I do not want to because someone behind the push and forced to go forward, but on their own feet forward." 」

Effort is necessary, growth is painful, those we have not seen the new walls knot, continue to use the pace of love, focus on the road.

"Girlfriend quotes" let the heart of the new Yuan knot good drama reread

"Let's get married and give me the evidence that you've always loved me and we've lived together." "Love Empty"

"Although the dream is very important, but I think it is equally important to keep the small happiness around you." The girl on the Open

"I won't run away again, I'm going to stay here and fight." "Farewell to the young birds"

"The next time you meet, please try to pursue me again." The memorandum of the 掟 today

"Cute is the strongest, take the handsome, if you see the other side is not handsome part, it may be disillusioned." The wife of a monthly salary

"Exploiting other people's goodwill and wanting to use other people's labor without paying a dime is called exploitation!" The wife of a monthly salary