When human rights lawyer Emma Clooney is calling for legal sanctions against ISIS, why do people pay attention to her pregnancy?

Picture Source: Kena Beancur/AFP/Getty Images

human rights lawyer Amal Clooney, at the UN headquarters in New York, called on member states and Iraq to immediately investigate the crimes against ISIS, including genocide, rape and kidnapping.

She marvels on the floor and says with a deep sense of pain:

Witness is escaping, and no IS soldier is tried for international crimes.When I asked: Why?Why is it so far?I am asking the Government of Iraq and the Member States under the platform.

Clooney, one of the world's top human rights and international law lawyers, defended WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, as well as the former president of Ukraine, and also a social activist.Since 2014, her marriage to George Clooney has made her the subject of a variety of media cameras.

This time, the lens followed her to the United Nations headquarters in New York.

Clooney and her client — Nadia Murad, a young Yazidi teenager — had been subjected to the ISIS violence, came to the United Nations with the aim of urging countries to take the next step.

In the past six months, they have successfully lobbied the UK for the first time to investigate ISIS-committed Security Council resolutions, but are still waiting for a formal letter from the Iraqi government to the UN to allow the Security Council to vote on ISIS in Iraq.

Six months have passed, and Iraq has claimed it has nothing to do with it.Time is running out, and many of the time you miss it.Emma anxiously, once again, on the United Nations' platform, through a forceful speech that made the world suddenly look back from Trump's absurd news, looking directly at one of the most pressing human rights crises in the history of mankind.

However, many media clearly focus on other places , such as Emma's pregnancy, or her wear.Their headline stories are like this:

the United

, with a stylish yellow dress
her continuing rise — the United Nations —

When the media put the camera on the belly of Emma Clooney, they forgot that Nadia Murad was sitting under the bench three feet away from Emma Clooney.The sad reality of a teenage girl and a whole race of genocide, a painful appeal by a human rights lawyer, is the focus of media attention that has been given to the upheaval of the micro-bulge.

Intribation of the public vision?

As a matter of fact, if you actually read a speech earlier, you wouldn't notice the belly of the underbelly of her dress, — unless you keep an eye on her belly."On the one hand, the bulge is too obvious, and the second is Emma's highly contatious speech, and all of your attention has been taken.

As such, why does the media say that Emma is "showing off"?It was as if she was wearing an exotic, unparalleled dress to the United Nations.

Maybe they're not far away in their eyes.The unspoken language of the media is that pregnancy can be, but at the UN meeting, please hide the pregnant belly of the world, and don't wear yellow that highlights your stomach.

The United Nations, the Temple of Modern Public Domains.Today, women have been able to become presidents or prime ministers, and they are already commonplace.However, this seems to welcome any person's "public" domain, but it has hidden a skewed gender consciousness.

Nancy Fraser, an American feminist scholar, once looked at the concept of "public sphere" in the social scientist Habermas: "The main protagonist in the public sphere is a citizen, while the traditional image of a citizen of the West is equated with the male."Women who want to come out of the public domain and want to be taken seriously, often have to hide their own negative traits, must wear clothes to remove feminine character, hide the physical characteristics of women, and even be more asserine than men.

So, when Emma Clooney doesn't care, wear a beautiful dress, get pregnant and walk into the public domain, the media's stunning response is that people are looking to the UN's gender framework and perspective — We are not used to women who are unaccustomed to showing feminine and public issues.She should not have to be a delightful vase, and she would have to arm herself with a breath of fresh air.

Too many comments on women in the public sphere, too rarely discussed

If we enter the public domain, should we not talk about women's health?

No, it shouldn't be like this.

The sexism advocated "Body and Politics" such as Iris Young. M. "There are no social practices or actions that should be considered appropriate and excluded from public discussion, expression or collective choices," Young said.When Emma Clooney has his stomach to appear at the United Nations conference, we can talk about whether the conference was designed to be friendly to pregnant women.Is there a potential demand for pregnant women?For example, when she finishes her speech, is she not able to shrink from one side of the belly and walk through other seated participants and relax a little bit to her seat?

We are not advocating that "listening to her is good, don't look at her figure". On the contrary, we argue that it is important to have the women's presence in the public sphere as important, and to examine the media's comments on women in depth. It is equally important that women's ideology (taunting and depressing women) is an equally important one.

Yes, it's not a problem with Emma's pregnancy and clothing, and there's a problem with how the — — media can talk about her body.Why does she care only about her figure compared to her speech?Did she dilute the appropriateness of her disproportionality about her appearance?In a healthy society, when a pregnant barrister comes forward to fight the Islamic State in the United Nations, why don't we get more respect, less ridicule?

She is already an important international human rights campaigner, a public figure with resources, and the media is still so treated, not to mention the ordinary women in their daily lives.

We need feminism because people need to live in a society that is more friendly to women, and a society that does not belitatius and malevolent society, a society that is just a woman.When ISIS exertions of violence against the Yazidi girls' bodies, when they turn over the mountains and the thousands of miles away to the United Nations to petition, at least in this way, the best good will be — to them — the woman's body is still respected in the world, and is not pejorable.We regret that some Western media have ridiculed Emma's infertility, but the first time has many commentators, too, for Nadia: the path of gender equality is also long, and we have taken the road together, regardless of where it comes from.


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