Women's movement is not to compete with others, but to have a reflexive dialogue with the body, exercise their energies and regain their balance.

Sports, is always your own business.

Just off work, with a towel, kettle and a change of clothes into the classroom, familiar smell makes you excited and reassuring, this is a weekly switch to the status of the important moment. The movement helps you to gather the scattered center of gravity, back to yourself, and you feel like a complete person again. There are few moments in life when you don't care or please, just focus on yourself.

You are not a girl who is good at sports performance since childhood. Competitive rankings, seconds and minutes always make you feel pressured. You think P.E. classes are for students with motor-neuron development, just like other courses designed for good exams. People who don't perform well in numbers are soon hung aside, and some people hate to read, just as you can't appreciate the fun of sports.

You start exercising, and at first you just can't stand the broken up of friends and family. Sitting in an office is unhealthy, and you procrastinate on choosing a series of sports courses for women. Did not expect to open the road to sports.

At the end of the warm-up, the body finally warmed up.

Today is boxing class. You put on gloves, across the pace, posture down, under the pressure of the shoulder, the ribs inside, hands raised to the same height with the nose, stand ready posture, eyes tightening up, you stare at the mirror of your own--at this moment your only opponent, the only partner.

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Left shoulder forward, back pedal, quickly issued left straight fist.

You have no expression, a fist to temptation, confuse, disturb her.

Take back the left fist, the left hand defense, with the waist and leg rotation of the whole body to bring out the weight of the right straight fist.

The Society always wants you gentle and genial, wants you to put the body soft to put low. You blow a blow.

Male colleagues do not laugh is serious, upright dull, female colleagues do not laugh is smelly face bad temper, must be full of smiles. Change a right hook.

You hit the dark, you hit the deep, you rage you are full of aggression, and every time you punch, you're blowing out the pent-up energy in your body. How jolly!

You find exercise is to find your own emotional and physical justice.

In doubles with a new student pair, you'll say, "Don't let it go, make it all your strength." This is what the girl in your first class said to you. Here, do not have to emotional labor, do not have to face a smile, do not have to speak, they can understand, do not be afraid to exert their best, I would like to take your strength.

Although many times, defense is more tiring than punching.

Defense is not static standing in place, but another type of attack, each opponent's fist attack over the soft pads behind, you have to firmly send a reaction to each other to maintain their position.

In fact, the work is the case, the outside of the defense can be soft, but must be strong inside, stand firm.

You were sweating when you pulled off your gloves. Your body is weary and warm, and you are celebrating a renewed spirit. The agitation of the heart knocked away the gloom of the body. Exercise lets you know that the unknown is not enough to fear, as long as the body is hot, the heart is hot, you can be sure that they have the strength to fight tomorrow.