A bit of a fleeting moment in life, we decided to capture it with a camera.

The light left an eternity of love letters on the film, and the light and CMOS danced a two-person dance that could never again be repeated.A picture is a picture. It is a space. It is an experience, a memory, a story that has been kept alive.

The main character in the story is "I", I am Natali-po, I am Madonna, and I am Angelina Juoli.

Natalie Portman and a Rolleiblex

Madonna with what looks like a Canon g12

Angelina Jolie with a Canon 1D Mark IV Shot by Alexi Hay for Marie Claire

Angelina Jolie with a large format bellowss camera

I am also Julie Baltimore, Caitmosie, and Marilyn Monroe.I have my unique life experience, rich and brilliant every day, but every minute is too great every second, so they won't come back.So we decided to make the camera our little genie, and reach out to us, and grab those beautiful and sad things that we're all about to lose.

Drew Barrymore and a Polaroid

Kate Moss with a Holga

Marilyn Monroe with a Kodak 35 RF camera. Shot by David Conover.

Marilyn Monroe with Nikon Camera by Bert Stern

I am looking at this line of words.I was on my way to work or to class, and I was waiting on the corner of the other side of the phone, and I took out the camera.I was in the bed, and I was doing this beautiful, and I smiled before the dessert, and I took out the camera.Ordinary I, the only and ordinary me, just like them, relax, laugh, cry, and then click the shutter, and leave the shutter for eternity.


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The author: womany Editors/Tsai Meng-hsua Tsai

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