"The Book of Humanistic Education" published "Crime and Punishment (above)" to expose the campus sexual assault of the Wolf Division is still in the education service, campus sexual assault mixed with complex gender and class power, the victim to go farther and farther.

The weekend "People-oriented Education notes" published, "Crime and Punishment (on)" aroused broad community discussion.

In 2004, a national high school in Kaohsiung, the head of the sports team molested female students, the authorities did not notify the 113 national Maternity and child protection line, but he was transferred from the position of sports team leader. 2007, the People's Education Foundation Southern Office received a letter of sexual assault, the sports team leader in the female students in the sexual assault, the reason to stand out because of the follow-up there are many girls are also suffering from the teacher sexual assault.

In 2016, the departing teacher was renamed to remain in the education sector as dean of the orphanage.

Sexually abused girls have written:

"The teacher used the opportunity of after-school counseling, raped me." As I was ignorant, I did not know any measure to protect myself, so I did not leave any direct evidence (in retrospect, he was very careful and sophisticated). And, because of too much fear, so did not tell parents. 」

"It made my mind suffer a great deal, and I felt very dirty." Whenever I associate with the opposite sex, when the other side know this matter, no one can accept me, make me long life in sadness. Several times, I want to end my life. 」

However, this is only one of the vast number of female students, who stand up to complain. Wolves are rampant on campus, and the vices of campus asylum allow children to live in an unsafe learning environment.

Law of the Child and juvenile Welfare and Rights Protection Act 81st: "Sexual harassment, sexual assault, determined by conviction, cannot serve as a child and juvenile welfare institution or a child after-school care service class and centre of the head or staff." 」

We can't imagine how many more wolves have been out of the law?

Campus sexual Assault: The class is the hands that dominate the wound

The Ministry of the Interior data shows that the largest number of sexual assault cases, the first is the perpetrator's home, the second is the victim's home, the third sexual assault hot Zone is "school classroom." It is difficult to imagine, the acquaintance of the crime, the most dangerous in the area of sexual assault in the campus.

In addition, the 2011 Ministry of the Interior statistics of the proportion of victims 12~18岁 accounted for 60%. The perpetrator sort for: classmate, fiance, ex-boyfriend, teacher. In 2014, the Ministry of Education had a startling number of data: 1.2 Sexual assault cases per day on average in the entire Taiwan campus. (Extended reading: Gender observation: "Sexual assault is not alcohol, but you" Stanford sexual assault victims to the community a letter)

The female students who are victimized in the crime and punishment (above) are not the first, and the Taiwan campus has an example of "protecting teachers". 2009, Taizhong, a national teacher sexually abused four male students, the school was not informed and condoned the teacher, and was eventually sentenced to joint and several compensation; in 2011, the Southern Special education school large-scale sexual assault news, triggered the Ministry of Education thorough inventory, found that 2009~2011 two years, more than 300 students in the occurrence of up to 100 " The sexual assault/sexual harassment case of health.

But who are these statistics?

Behind the data is a living flesh and blood

In 1994, Chinese, a female student at the Normal University, complained that the school had "broken the reputation of the department, did not respecting teachers", and asked the female students to drop out. At the end of the case, the professor was sentenced to a crime of 500,000 yuan and the professor was not sanctioned by any legal opinion.

2007 News Event--Li Wenzhi, associate professor at Jinan University, threatened to persecute female students by "not wanting you to graduate." The incident broke out, the school has repeatedly defended the Associate professor, let him continue to serve. "Chilling effect" has adapted this real story deduction after the sexual invasion of mental state imbalance, interpretation of the Stockholm syndrome, the perpetrators of emotional victims, victims to persuade themselves to love each other, and subconsciously protect the perpetrator.

(Photo Source: Film "chilling Effect")

"Teachers" on the campus of the authority of the case can also be seen to last year, "auxiliary psychological Department of sexual assault," the dean of the injured students "do not step on the victim's position" and " Don't think I don't know about the erotic flow of your college students. "The allegations are more evidence of the power relationship between the school class and the gender aspect, and the victim's path to the elusive survivor. (Recommended you see:"Hope: For the love of life" Korean child sexual assault case: Injury very easy, recovery is not easy )

Behind the data is a living person.

A woman obsessed with writing down your pain , the gory victim's handwriting on the page reads: "In the middle of the country, you always say that my schoolwork is very bad, leave me to stay late self-study, school often only left us both, I thought you are a good teacher, did not think you tried to me while no one, I keep refusing, but helpless, A few times after you forced me to go out with you, not to go on in the class and constantly accused me, and sent me to go to bed with a classmate. 」

"Fang Siqi's first Love Paradise wrote": "Every not only he punctured my childhood, I can also prick my childhood." [......] If I throw myself out first, then he can't throw it away again. [......] At the moment she is the former her fake. [......] Evil is so mediocre, and mediocrity is so easy. 」

Shen's complaint: You shouldn't have seduced the teacher.

The complexity of the campus sexual invasion in the teacher and students class, gender and the right to cross out of the wrong, why the campus sexual assault of the victims of school students "power" far more than students can rehabilitate their wounds "rights"?

The campus sexual assault case of teachers and students is usually more than the accusation to the teachers. The reason is that in a school that lays emphasis on order and class, the accusation of a teacher is an antisocial act. People take traditional values and pay attention to "the ethics of students resisting teachers is higher than" teachers ' sexual harm to students.

Under such a structure, victims are often less than two degrees injured by sexual assault/sexual harassment at present, she (he) cannot change the social evaluation, and she (he) cannot get the same support in receiving the message that "you are the biggest problem in the event", "You shouldn't seduce the teacher", "you spoil school reputation". She (he), in addition to face the injury of self-identity,

Beikeda, who was the victim of sexual harassment in the 1999, Huang has come forward to explain that he intends to uncover the teachers in the campus behavior, all the way to endure other teachers grumble, blame her will lead to the perpetrator separated, even to her to apologize to the perpetrator.

To announce a crime is the hardest way for a victim to do so. The wound of sexual assault/sexual harassment is not just a disgrace to the present, but a tearing injury to the body. It is the social attitude of the third party badgered that "it is your fault". This "moral condemnation" of female students is also a common "rape myth", which is rationalized by the deliberate dilution of the consequences of violence and the censure of battered women.

Because 90% of sexual assault victims are female, we can observe that when women make "rape accusations", women are often given more expectations and moral constraints, which shows the gender in which the tension of power and the distribution of responsibilities are uneven.

(Photo Source: Film "chilling Effect")

Victim safety tells the environment: building a woman's body from the main force

For such a long road, we should expect a society that is more friendly to harm. A woman's shame on her body may have the following feelings of sexual assault/sexual harassment: Doubt about her injury (is he being nice to me?) And ashamed of myself (all my own bad?) And fear of causing trouble to others (how can I be fair to someone?) )。 Whether it's a family or a school that gives girls a boost, a sense of physical awareness, or a society where women can be more comfortable with their bodies and desires.

Furthermore, we should resist stereotypes of "statue myth", set the standard plot for the victim, imagine an ideal victim is particularly dangerous in clarifying the case. In addition, the young girl suffered from the division of Teachers, special attention to the "teacher" to "health" power relationship. Teachers often use the romantic context to trick students into making students "an illusion of will".

In the campus, the authority on behalf of experience, knowledge and strength, sexual abuse of the perpetrator use of "power" to make sexual assault, will let the victims do not know themselves in the "power" of temptation or coercion under the response, for example: Professor threatened female students to engage in sex, or not to graduate. In the end, the female students must bear the response without resolute resistance and turn the blame back to their own "shame".

To change the status of women at the disposal of sexual issues, but also from the face of the situation began.

We must separate the power of teachers from the right to sex, and not let the usual practice of the campus cut out "forged cases". No one can Shi shame all-round the beauty of the group and use the power to oppress others. We should not forgive the sexual harassment of the good teachers, but accuse the female students of flirting with the teacher; we should not only teach girls how to prevent sexual assault, but also give the community of different authorities in every field a good gender consciousness. (Recommended reading: Gender reflection in the case of the major sexual assault: Gently holding up the pain before the victim is sexually abused )

Look back to the "people-oriented education notes" of "Crime and Punishment (on)", the wolves are in the campus, the law and the school is a punishment for the injured children, when the prosecutor forced the victim, when the headmaster to the half pay to punish the teacher, when the victim's mother watched the news reported that the students love dark Scold girls " The victim, one after another, fell from the net of the structure.

Some end of his life can no longer have sex, and some hold on the body of shame feeling through life, some people feel that they are no longer worthy of love, some people can only go to death.

Weaving this evil victim responsible for the society, not only the perpetrators, but also a third party looked at the wound's eyes. Along the way we must continue to gently dismantle the patriarchal transgression of the victims of sexual assault, and firmly defend the position of the victims ' voice.

Women are obsessed with sex primary school hall

Statue myth

Pedestal Myth

Women are required to have higher ethical standards of conduct. In essence, women are placed in a mold of chastity, for people to respect, they should not be active, not to say dirty jokes, should not be drunk. This expectation of feminine chastity creates a double standard that provides a place for male privilege. "Statue myth" let others believe that the victim because they have inappropriate provocative behavior, so be raped is deserved.

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