How do you deconstructor the city you live in, or what you've been visiting?

How do you depict yourself in the country of your dreams, like a real drawing or a written description of the words?

China's new youth artist Lu Xinshi uses gene drawing techniques to depict the city and landscape he visited.In the "City Gene" series, dozens of new works of the city map series will also be displayed.

Loneliness 2 in 2007

was influenced by the background and design work of the flat design, which brought him to the art of his art in line, shape, and color.The Google Map seems to be a source of inspiration for land creation. In this series of works, he attempts to draw the landscape of the city from the aerial view of different cities around the world, and then draw them through abstract and simple graphics and lines.At the same time, on the choice of color, he also selects the color that can represent the culture, spiritual content of each city itself, or that reflects the impression he has made to the city of the city.

Groningen (City DNA 2009)

New starting to create this series of works is the first product of the "City Gene" series "Graningen" (the city of Groningen, the Netherlands), which was the city where he lived in the Netherlands for his master's degree, and was more deeply impressed by the need to project.With encouragement from his professor at the time, Lu began to create more large and more complex cities, such as Beijing, Paris, New York, and London.

The newly created works combine simple and complex, abstract, and notions of ideas and concepts.In each painting, the viewer can grasp the visual characteristics of a particular city at a glance, yet the content itself is so complicated that the layout and landscape of any city is covered by the history, economy, and politics of the city, and the whole range of content that has been covered since ancient times.In visual abstraction, the forms of abstraction appear to be formed in the form of lines, shapes, and colors, whereas the concepts behind the work are rich, clear, and solid.

Paris Paris

London London

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the past two
, the classic works of Lu and Du have been written in the lines of abstract ground lines, multivariate colors, and combinations of the lines of the line.

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A line, two lines, three lines, and a new and simple mythology of a beautiful combination of beauty and beauty, this interpretation is really an inaction and a costume. Have you ever thought of using the simplest way to show your passion for the world or your ideals?If not, if so, if so, let us have the dream of spilling my own dreams right now!

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