"A Girl" gathered Asia Girl, see their subversive crazy, read their atypical success of the road. Strange hundred strange girls in the world, out of tune, so a lattice. Read the Japanese national mother, the coolest grandma--the tree schilling.

"Girlfriend", a parallel time and space in particular to understand you, the girl's lovely hateful, feminine misery gorgeous, girlfriend naughty Sometimes, wayward sometimes, to the word friends, her true colors.

"Girlfriend" unit fascinating intriguing woman, the girlfriend may be strong may be weak, perhaps lovely or beautiful, however, there is a kind of intriguing, is in her body to explore the story, you want in her wrinkles lost, willing to fall asleep in her arms. There is a woman called the Tree Schilling, humorous, eccentric, and Hee, softly shining like the streets of Nara morning.

She has been an actress for 50 years, and last year she won a lifetime achievement award from the Tenth Asian Film Festival, the mother of all Japanese--the tree schilling. She took the Tokyo Tower: Mom and I, and sometimes dad, won the Japanese Academy Award-winning actress, you are also in the "Hengshan Home Taste", "Wicked", "Sea Street Diary", "Deeper than still deep" see her bright and deep.

In the family scene of the people and people coming and coming, there has been a woman knee kneeling on the tatami mat folded clothes, smiling eyes crooked head to listen to the children, in the tears of the family burst out of the hands of the touch of the child's head. The vastness of motherhood, the tree-Schilling as a woman's rock-roll posture--about fate, she could not compromise.

People die, at least they're going to die as they like.

2003, the tree Schilling because of retinal detachment left eye blindness, but her acting can always give her a pair of reborn eyes. She announced at the awards ceremony in 2013: "I have cancer and have been transferred to my body." , laughing that next year may no longer come, but next year's business next year again.

A year later, the tree Schilling continued to be active on the screen, talking about death, the tree Schilling in the endorsement of the Taiwan Society in the ads to "at least like the way to die" as the theme, photographed imitation Millais John Everett painting "Ophelia Ophelia" photography. (Extended reading: Interview Etiquette: The moment of death, everything is reconciled )

Ophelia is Hamlet's drowning lover, in sin and betrayal, she chose to join the peace, the pool of worry-free. Shakespeare for Ophelia wrote: "Her clothes scattered spread, so that she temporarily like a mermaid floating on the water, and her mouth is still singing the old ballad, as if not to feel the situation sinister, and as if she was growing in the water generally." 」

"To say that a man must die." If the technology to achieve longevity is gradually progressing, the age of death will come. In fact, we are not far away from death, there is no need to worry. Let go of one desire and open the body. If people die will become the dust of the universe, at least to become a beautiful and shiny flying dust. That, is my last desire. --Tree Schilling "dead ぬときぐらい Good きにさせてよ"

The tree Schilling looked straight to death, calm and horizontal, for her, happy, life's misery is so much worth it. Reporter asked if life can be again, you want to choose what kind of life? She replied:

I don't want to be born another time. I think life is full.

Tree Schilling

If I met you, I'd have to repeat this horrible life.

said that the tree Schilling is a Japanese exotic woman. However, she had two marriages, a second marriage, and a second marriage, and she had a delicate relationship with rock singer husband Netanyu, who suffered from domestic violence, thought of divorce, and her husband's multiple splits. Finally, their family in a house alone, grow out of their own life view. Many people ask why the tree Schilling wants such a marriage?

If I met him again, I would still repeat such an awkward life.

Tree Schilling

In the contemporary era of intimate relationships, the tree Schilling's sentiment is rare. "Whatever it is, I like it all." If there is an afterlife, I have a chance of rebirth, in any case, I will always be wary of myself, no longer meet this person. 」

Yes, I like you so much in this life, but we don't see each other in the next life. However, his husband Netanyu in a magazine interview about his wife: "Of course I like her, but really terrible." She was the strongest mother ever, the strongest actress, the strongest wife. Although I will not kneel to her, but I have been in my life with the most rock spirit of heartfelt apology to her. 」

The tree Schilling is a woman who likes to be afraid. If I saw her jeans with her husband more than 40 years ago, maybe we would know this girl's rock and roll--I love you not for understanding and concession, but for knowing my own misery. (Recommended reading: the highest state of love: I love you, not with you )

What's the actor capable of? I don't want to live with too many restrictions

The arts world is really interesting. So I prefer to live as an entertainer rather than live as an actress.

Tree Schilling

The tree Schilling does not take the Japanese orthodox "honest Beautiful" actress route, she leaves more humorous existence than beautiful.

I think how many of you have heard "I am not an entertainer, I am an actor" This kind of the very view of their professional statement. The 70 's Japanese show industry has a concept: the stage is a first-class actor, starred in the film is a second-rate actor, the TV drama is a three-stream actor, and as for television commercials that is a waste of actors ' talent.

But the tree Schilling said: "Most like to shoot ads." Because it can be done in a very short period of time. I'm a very lazy person. "She said she wanted to shoot everything, lost the opportunity to understand the world more than a pity."

Although Frank lazy, long-term cooperation with her is the branch is very praise her efforts, tree Schilling is always an hour earlier than the appointment to shoot the scene, alone in the lounge closed eyes to practice lines. (Extended reading:"Deeper than also deep": Brave to become the past, to become a real adult )

"The scene of Ms. Schilling is so desperately, even at the cost of shortening life to challenge themselves to challenge their acting limits." This time her hatchet was waving on her head, looking at herself in a more exacting and fastidious way than the others, and the Lady Schilling was really beautiful, even with a divine glow. It's a branch of Yu-hop.

It is true that she has a lot of divine, ill-fated and magical ways of living out of the ordinary actress's road is very air, look at love has extraordinary nerves.

The tree Schilling does not have the Japanese old person's venerable reputation, her rebellion in the young is not enough to be called the splendid, but she has the bone to the old people to be shocked. If someone asked the tree Schilling can give young people what advice, she will be poisonous snake back, please do not ask me, young I do not listen to any suggestions, she took this temper, all the way to live vividly. (Recommended reading: interview Zhang Manjuan: We work hard to enjoy life )

Such a woman, girlfriend, mother, is a book to make people want to turn over the good books, hot, not tame.

"Girlfriend quotes" Tree Schilling

"Sickness is a very important scar for people and an opportunity to see their scars and physical condition again," he said. 」

I don't want to be born again, I think life is full.

Tree Schilling

"Put it down, I think it's religion." There is a fear in the heart and nothing to fear, these two kinds of life are very different, and I think people should be afraid. 」