Every house magnificent is setbacks, for life she is very sure, no way will be white walk, life scenery should be used to experience.

A microphone was standing on the stage and the light was pulling out a long shadow. The red neon flowed, and every family stood there.

With a steady and firm voice to sing the hearts of people forget to remember the traces of heartbreak. Warm song flowing all the injured slot, pull open high preparedness, let you rain rain, pain crying again said: Finally in every song, understand the so-called love.

"If no soul singer sings in front of the city, the wilderness will catch up." 」

The first solo album was so described by her.

In the Uncle Pur-dur music videotape, with the tender but the same penetrating voice, singing the Embrace of music dream; with two elder sister walk around Sing, again and again melodious harmony, music live into life; Hao en family "debut, the initial cry will win the next year Golden Melody Award Best Duo Award; After the dissolution of the group, she threw herself into a-Mei's stage, concentrating on her current identity, the years of her first throes, and more humbly appreciating the harvest of life, and until she met the music, she sang herself into a house that everyone forgot.

With 10 years achievement this "forgets not to Remember", the music in her is never ambition, pure like, planted in has been done.

This day the house sits in front of me, with a more calm "or miss" look into my eyes, her wink, still can see the same year led the men defection solitude of gentleness, now this gentle more frankly, I think is out of the accumulation of life, the wilderness has been free and easy to leave behind. She hummed in the city, and the freedom of the wilderness was carried out behind her.

Each family's thought lets her live three-dimensional, slowly soft language but has the value fortitude. After the interview, take you to see 10 life quotes, she used time to meet the moment of their own, the past has become unparalleled pride. (Recommended reading: life need not be compared!) Interview House: My stage, I have the ability to give myself )

The road brings meaning, the scenery is used to experience

"The past is so innocent and harmless, I like to look at the past myself, be accompanied by her." 」

Talking about the album "or Miss" this song, families say: "hush's interpretation is, back to the past, reconciled with the past, and then release the emotions. My way is different, I went back to my primary school time, to find her, then she had innocent pure happiness, looking at her, with each other is enough, past her achievements now I. 」

Insolent and innocent occupy everyone's youth, grow up to look back, then the silly and hard to grow into the moment of their own. "I'm not in a hurry to tell her what she looks like in the future, she can't imagine, I want her to enjoy the present, so that I can gain strength." "People grow up always have regrets, every family but giggle relieved, those who experienced the young to do their best, time past, happy now become eternal." (Recommended reading: thank each of the past absurd, achievements of the present self )

See the past of their own a bit sour, but I thank the past also like to make these choices, each choice is a fork, each fork, will see a different landscape.


Looking at the distant eyes of the gentle, it is the life of the fall also cherish the tone of the extremely. I think of her stumbling along the way, find their own positioning, from not confident to hide behind the two elder sister and sing, on stage to see the magnificent lights of the Sea singer House, the foot of the magnificent is setbacks, for life she is very sure, no way will be white, life scenery should be used to experience.

Luck is not an accident, but an effort to accumulate

Looking at every family so Lotte personality, I am curious about her starting and wrestling, "My clan members influence me to go to music this road, accompany me to grow on this road." "As an Aboriginal people, every child living in music, singing is her daily, the family festival with her growth, not with the music twist on a paragraph, every family still feel awkward uncomfortable; the spirits came, and they sang to each other while washing the dishes. The family gave the nutrients in the pulse, she also tread baby steps, music This road has already spread.

"But the road is really step by step, like building a house, brick cover, slowly piling up." 」

"It is like this, things are not urgent to get impatient, some things are not urgent, need to spend time waiting, let time take you to meet other opportunities, the door will open." 」

Although has long established to the singing love, when the ideal becomes the reality, unavoidably some running-in ground ache.

The family laughed and mocked himself as a slow-paced man, can not hurry her, she will be nervous and panic hands and feet, but changed a turn, she is gentle but firm: "Later I found that not according to their own pace, a lot of things on the contrary, I can not just according to the expectations of others to do things, in line with the expectation of others." "When life comes to a threshold, she still crosses with her stride, slowly but straight, step steady, then next." If you tread steadily, you will not be afraid of any challenge! (Recommended reading: do not live to satisfy the expectations of others!) Practice Giving yourself "just good" love.

Sing Red "Forget not to remember", life is not all the way smoothly, from the last album has been three years, the middle of a long cocoon of vocal cords, the mother died of the low ebb. Life ruthless hit the cold spray, but she never lost, in the ups and downs and so on ashore that moment, the sun just flowers open. Anxious future, focus on the present, let time lead you to meet the waves of opportunity, the efforts of the moment to accumulate into a wave of luck.

Soft language in the delicate, singing life topics

What's the craze that keeps families coming here? She did not think much, singing is her childhood know will love a lifetime of things, families say, even if not a singer, her life will be full of the lining of humming, rhythm and hearty laughter background, music and joy, she is so natural and must.

Facing the longing, she became a well-known family. But the past those lung-piercing high notes, now precipitate for deep Yun whispers, every family hope that they can sing the deepest story of everyone's heart, let the voice soothe the audience, remind recall. She sang a song at low lows and became a different story in different people's hearts.

"I want to be a singer who can tell the story, and let the sound bring the picture." 」

"A glass full of water, how to maintain the full surface tension, but not overflow, I hope to achieve such tension, showing a convergence but full of emotion, sing everyone's life story." 」

This "or Miss" album she was determined to sing the meaning of each song with a real attitude. Voice for the injured heart to speak, band emotion, let the story protagonist to understand the subject, and she just accompany. To be a singing man, to sing the listener's heart broken. To each family, singing this matter, is lets the voice draw out the memory, she lightly sings, you tears the heartache, Couby, your thought is still endless.

Forget the original intention, a person more free and easy

"Fantasy is useless, there must be action." Change your mindset, think positively, and have executive power. 」

Countless setbacks, I smiled to ask home how still come over, her cheerful can infect everyone, in the face of the long cocoon of the low tide, she said not afraid is deceptive! But it's no use daydreaming all day long, it is better to put their own vacation, good play seriously sleep, can not change things to adapt to nature. And every family face-to-face talk, she looked at the distance, there is light in the eyes, it is from the heart of Lotte Chic.

Such a free and easy also reflects the attitude of the home in the face of malicious criticism.

"Figure, I do not care what others say, I am a singer, not an actor model, the singing is good, is my major." 」

Every family flat flat mouth, big eye turn a circle of joke to fill a sentence: "Fat is a crime?" Call the police and get me! "But behind this confidence is a few years of self-doubt to realize the truth." "In fact, I also often encourage my fans to give back to fans." Sometimes a face book tweets, ten comments, two negative comments, the others are positive, then why go to the point of attention to negative comment, you should see that eight people really encourage, care about the people worth caring. (Recommended reading: a love letter to Taiwanese girls: I miss being who you are)

When you know who you are and who you are, you don't have to worry about what other people are telling you to live.


Years are not always calm complacent, every family has been lost in other people's criticism, but she told us with her own attitude, when you know what to fight for, you will see the shiny self, when the direction, those finely-broken gossip can not prevent you to pursue the firm of the dream.

This is true in the love of the same, she said love herself is very sticky, is a young woman who braved the pink bubble, but she also understand that every moment has its good appearance of the years, love sweet greasy, heartache wail, single indifferent, families say, when you understand their own good, you do not need to love in the feelings of self-pity.

"A lot of people are just looking forward to love, but you have to be patient and believe that you will meet people, regardless of sexual orientation or gender." Adjust oneself, let oneself glow, is the self accomplishment of the lover. Make yourself better to meet the jackpot. 」

After this day, every family is no longer the appearance of my first acquaintance, she live more than the misty hue of television, life full of twists and turns and live three-dimensional, in the dark to grow their own light.

She smiled more brightly than the screen, in the interview process, every family always love to use a joke to bring the pain of life, perhaps for her, experienced is the growth, those who hurt the heart, and then look back to become able to hang on the lips of jokes, and those understanding, she put in the bottom of my heart with Go, Such efforts to make her to live as a kind of pride.

At the end of the day, I saw her change Chinese clothes, feet on the soles of the shoes around the pink scarf smiled and said good-bye, looking at her, I understand the back of every family regardless of the high heel or barefoot trek, the footsteps will still run towards the other side of the song, and enjoy.

I was thinking that the wilderness might really catch up if no soul singers sang in the city.

But in such a dead wasteland, with every house, the wilderness will bloom in the heart of the flower, the loss of the mood of family for you then, in the wilderness is not afraid.