"Relationship Diary" is the next step in the single diary , there is no ideal love, only belong to their intimate relationship. Woolf and Willow Tower, with poetic lyric, Love hermaphrodite.

Love begins, the lover is most aware, the skin is sentimental, the soul is trembling, some people call you understand, love is alternate mutual construct, Love is hermaphrodite.

If the title falls, Woolf and her ˙ vest (Vita sackville-west), Woolf will probably frown, Valentine's lover, what do you care about the same sex?

Woolf wrote the classic works "Orlando" to the ambition, male and female identity fission, you see, when time, space, gender dimensions are unpredictable, love is always there.

"Orlando" Film Stills

"Orlando: A Biography" (Orlando:a biography) is a realistic love of literature mirror shot, love than the stream of consciousness more powerful, Wei Tower hidden in the Orlando 400 years of life, the pursuit of the late appointment Sasha Princess, Orlando not old nor die, like love metaphor, lasting new.

Love, we hermaphrodite, as close as we get along with, love, we live a long life, living more than a dull history, Orlando, is a feminist utopia, but also a utopia of love.

Woolf and ˙ Vest met in 1922, at that time Woolf 40 years old, she was 10 years old, she was a poet, they are poetry lyric, that year love is what no one is anxious to define, romantic love is not popular, the world without " Homosexuality "in the name of the marriage has not prevailed, the Wei Tower has followed the gay husband has a son, row of queer family practice, she also and Woolf Love is strong, some people met, ask not the end, is to know not love pity.

Life is a pity if you miss you. They are all believers in love, love a person should not have boundaries, to love is to open Xinjiang, No-man, found that you have already stood there.

Miss, Woolf will write to the Willow Tower, "I did not receive your letter, why not?" Nor a picture--goodbye, my dearest furry little thing. "Love Is the clue, Woolf clear sex ambiguous sex, stumbling, love written into the letter, written into the text," Orlando "completed in 1928, that is Woolf to the most resounding love letter to the Wei Tower."

The great soul is androgynous.


People should not be in vases for people to watch the still life, but spread in the grassland with the wind dancing rhythm. Life is not an arrangement, but a pursuit, the meaning of life may never have an answer, but also to enjoy the life without an answer.


Life is the pursuit, intimacy is also, when the gender began to cross the line, when the boundaries began to blur, Love has a bold shape, I saw you in the crowd, infatuated with you, see their own shallow reflection, you finished me, I finished you. When I am afraid of love, I will think of Woolf and Willow Tower.