The issue of children's sexual assault because of the "Shi Do Award of retired countries, the young headmaster was accused of sexual assault on the seven-year-old niece," The News of the burning, in the face of endless cases of child sexual assault, we can do more than imagined.

The reading notes of humanistic education in the female fans published the school Shield of the classroom sexual assault: Once raped my teacher, became the orphanage Dean , the girl who was seduced into the teacher and students love: The teacher took a film to me, and then raped me , many readers asked, how can the wolf teacher expelled from education? How can you give your child a safe growth environment?

Sexually abused girl is not a case, the Wolf division from the campus to fill the teaching circle.

3/30 The Legislative Council Committee on Education and Culture incorporated to examine some of the provisions of the supplementary remedial and continuing education Law, Kozhin, a nationalist legislator, said that many of the child-abuse, child-abusing wolves and abusers in cram schools have been involved in the recurrence of a lack of management, requiring the Ministry of Education to build a system

"There are about 18,000 cases in the national short-term cram school, because of the lack of management, repeated sexual assault, sexual harassment, corporal abuse of children, collective poisoning, unlicensed operation, failure of equipment fire and other chaotic images, seriously affecting the interests of young children and children." --Kozhin

In fact, no matter in the supplementary education sector or the campus, only this March, the news coverage is endless:

The Wolf Division history has the dinosaur judge, but also has the high weight education senior officials to protect. 3/28 News reports a young headmaster of a retired country who won the Shi Do award the 7-year-old niece, who was accused of sexual assault, extended the wolf's paw to the girl in the name of "tutoring", and when the judge heard the case, he thought the two parties were agreeable, only because the girl said, "The defendant (uncle) did not know that I was uncomfortable or unhappy". Girl's statement:

"Before I was little, uncle began to teach me my lessons, and then I would touch my body, will hand from under my clothes to touch, have touched my chest, he also has the hand from my waistband into my trousers inside, touch my urine place, as long as he came to me tutor my homework, will touch me. 」

"When I go to his house for class, he takes me to the second floor, asks me to take off all my clothes, he takes off his trousers, he puts his urine in the place where I pee." Every time I finish will give me some stationery or cash 100 yuan, but also I don't want to say to my parents. 」

In the client's counseling record: "Cases (girls) are more afraid of authoritative roles because they care about the performance of their schoolwork." So in the face of problems, choose to suppress or hidden emotions to respond, even in order to show the role of flattery, will avoid the expression of intrinsic real ideas, fear said will be disliked. In cases where the values are confused in a traumatic event, even knowing that the perpetrator (uncle) is wrong about her behavior, she chooses to endure. 」

The girl's voice, but also most of the sexual assault, sexual harassment of the students ' mood, these injuries are not able to sound after the child may have the following reasons:

The following are some of the victim's manifestations that allow us to be aware of the child's unusual signs at the time of the event:

The complexity of the relationship between the werewolf and the sex abuser may combine sex with aggression and violence to abuse, torture, and get pleasure from the victim. In the other relationship, the perpetrator controlled the victim by sex, and the perpetrator had a higher social power than the victim, and the victim was more likely to surrender and obey him. Another kind of perpetrator, to express the inner helplessness to achieve sexual behavior, to coax the child sweet.

Even if the child out of the above psychological barriers, open to explain, may encounter the environment to give him two times of injury, blame back to himself.

We should give more assistance and attention to victims of sexual assault, especially children and minors who have not yet had the "right to wrong values", and if we find a victim or a werewolf around us, we can:

With our victims, we can do more than we think:

In 99, the white Rose movement to the judicial initiative-our country does not deserve to have a pure child, seven years later, the child sexual abuse issues, the speed of social administration and judicial efforts cannot keep up with the speed of children from the network of structure, we must monitor the education system and lead by example:

The educational institutions critically assess the appointment of staff for sexual assault or sexual harassment (at all levels of public private schools, kindergartens, nurseries, or child and juvenile welfare institutions, as well as legally-registered supplementary institutions and safety classes). Before the school has formal sex education, parents must have a positive attitude to let their children know the sex, understand the multiple passions, identify the boundaries and autonomy of the body.

Finally, remember the following victim's real cry for help, we must bring up the child in the black hole, continue to go on.

Chen Jiehao recalls three years old by the nanny family sexual assault:

Mammy, Papa and their sons and daughters sexually invade me and take me as their sex toy. I remember the first time the nanny would touch my penis in bed. At that time, I did not feel afraid, just feel very comfortable, and very want to "pee."

Lin the story of a 13-Year-old girl arrested for teaching the rape of a teacher:

「...... She's going to spoil herself. She did not know that she had spent most of her time accepting a demon and that the demon could have left her. She only knew that the dirtiest is not dirty, is even dirty all dislike her. She was exiled by hell. ......」

This is only the faint voice of countless victims of silencing, the victim being heard not to be a lucky exception, the survivors from the abyss is not a fluke to be fished back. Those who because of "the whole world" deliberately ignore the back, those because of "respecting teachers" forgotten justice, we should be one to get back, see the real pain is unbearable, is also necessary.

Finally have such a word, wish we all remember.

"Gender encyclopedia" white Rose Movement

A joint protest march launched in Taiwan on September 25, 2010 was " Kaohsiung County Men's sexual invasion of the library six-year-old girl case "injustice caused by social reactionary, a number of child sexual assault cases resulting in young children's psychological and physical harm, the people took to the street to replace the unfit judges, and the establishment of a sexual assault case expert witness system to safeguard the human rights of children. Activities are the following:

  1. The authorities were called upon to pay attention to two injuries caused to victims and their families by the judgement.
  2. To promote the appointment, evaluation and exit mechanism of judges.
  3. It is suggested that the judicial trial mechanism should be amended to jury mode.
  4. Condemn the judicial black hole and protest against the judgments of moral righteousness.
  5. Hope to unite the people of all forces, for the next generation to create a righteous justice Hall.
  6. There is no political stance, only for Taiwan's fair and just sound.
  7. Discuss the judicial reform objectively, avoid the words of personal attack, and discuss with the discussion instead of swearing.