"Miss Sports " Women are obsessed with the new essay unit, Miss to exercise , not to please who, in order to please themselves, longing for a fresh sweat of the body.

These few years around willing to move friends gradually more up, ask a friend holiday plan, she twitched, said plan to run in the morning, afternoon to the gym, very diligent, I asked not tired? She said no Ah, all do not move tired, exercise relaxed and happy, work efficiently, feel that they are more taste of the people.

I look at her upturned side face, heart no doubt.

Start serious running is also the matter of these months, night run for many, the star sinking, wind gradually cool, the huge campus playground unexpectedly quiet, heard the footsteps of a step, shun clock, counter clock, run slowly, a little sweat, feel like a day again.

Sometimes lazy, simply muddle through, or lay down a lot of reasons for their own, such as dizziness, hungry, feeling tired. Looking at the friends around me, I often feel lazy, do not go to sports more days, I thought the head turned all day, is not the body should also follow the rest?

But I also remember every time after the exercise, like to get through the two veins, satisfied, feel very pure and clean happiness.

In the current distraction of the contemporary, time is constant, happy stimulation pitching is dead, and the effect of happiness is getting shorter, people flustered. But the movement of the time clearly know that happiness is actually a such simple thing, do not have to ask, do not spend money, they have.

If you just give it a noun, perhaps called the brain endocrine dopamine, dopamine activation pleasure loop, which is the common behavior of exercise and addiction. (Recommended to you: The body also has the freedom of happiness!) Physical therapist Claire exercises to teach you to solve your lower-body problems

Many people exercise, that is addictive, we are able to give ourselves happiness.

"Exercise can also activate the pleasure loop. Exercise is as addictive as nicotine, orgasm, food and gambling. This is true addiction, and true sports addicts also show all the symptoms of a material addict: tolerance, craving, withdrawal, and the desire to be comfortable with exercise. "The Pleasure Circuit"

Habit form depends not on willpower, but on the continuance of happiness. The real habit nurturance, is called the addiction, the joyful is one kind of scam own positive trap, brings the joyful person, namely can become addicted, all enjoys the movement the person, all understands such one thing.