"Relationship Diary" is the next step in the single diary , there is no ideal love, only belong to their intimate relationship. VCDs "quartet" deduction Peace Break up, love to the end, you can let go.

How does it feel to be in love with a person?

The recent fiery red VCDs "quartet", Roll true Ji and escape husband Gansheng deduction is in place, husband and wife can separate family, when we love to the end, the relationship has ended, had to twist his head, turn to another road set foot.

True Ji and Gansheng is Love married, beginning everything is beautiful, looked up at the sky kite, clenched hand, feel the heart steadfast, as long as together there will be the future, the pursuit of a different and no relationship.

After the marriage, the true Ji actually, has a life to tie up the family, for their favorite people make soup, the day repeats that also willingly, she side fried chicken piece side think; and Gansheng often pull open tie home, are clearly aware that the family is the decline of lovers, like slowly fade, his heart head struggle, we are in love and married , we have to refuel to do AH.

Married two years, it is still sweet period, won the family, lost lovers, two people looked up to see the kite, fly, fly, and finally fell.

Gansheng the world evaporate, take off the socks also throw on the ground, with the remaining temperature, the beer on the table half, reflecting their relationship, carried to half, forced to stop, ran away, no, disappeared.

What is a couple in the end? The true age is very lonely, she clearly married, why live like unrequited love, she thought of accidentally heard husband while chewing chicken piece, side to colleagues say,

I love her, but I don't like her, this is marriage.

VCDs "The quartet"

The disappearance of a year, the true discipline of his socks stay in place, like to remind themselves. Love is not omnipotent, marriage contract is not eternal, wedding ring is not once and for all, love so real, I love you, there may be such a day, love to the end, desperate, intimate relationship is difficult, not holding hands on the desire forever.

After all, you have to practice sad, alone tears, adapt to the difference, learn to heal, start again, Ah, is the way to undertake the intimate relationship between the sweet and hurt, become strong also become soft.

True Ji and Gansheng break up so peaceful and called the heart broken. Tears quietly flow down the good, dip hot pot well with rice, do not love not to be sensational hoarse, as we laugh at the end of the past to say.

Once upon a time, long ago, we were together; now, step away from each other, if we are ourselves.

Divorce is very hard, get the wedding ring, an application to hand out, the end of the relationship, the law we do not have a relationship, in real life, we do not have to make a stranger, once intimate memories, will not be discarded, and will not often think of, perhaps like the socks, throw in situ.

Honey, I love you, but I don't like you anymore.