Lin Yingmeng, a spokesman for Taiwan's third-largest political party, "Times force", who talked about gender and politics in her face book, had 20,000 people watching at the same time, why would she allow netizens to usefulness?

"Sows, perhaps, may indeed be a feminist." After I turned off the recording of my cell phone, Meng suddenly said this passage, and then paused to think after a sentence.

"How to Say?" I hurriedly curious cross-examine, put back the bag of notebook again quietly take out, ready to write the key words, this line can not be broken.

In fact, the history of women in the past can be seen as the history of the tool man. "She tone insipid, but poke in the key, with the popular vocabulary" tool man "to bridge the two ends. The feminist effort is to allow women to become men equally from the tools of men. Ying Meng's time, the sight will always find a place where no one, this is the white wall behind me.

She continued, "Some boys now feel that they are being used as tools by the woman, frustrated and angry, don't know where the mood is going, so they point the finger at feminism,"

But what feminism is talking about is that no one should be treated as a tool person. What feminism wants to break is to treat people as the "dominating relationship" of the tool-holders. 」

I nodded and the pen shook: from the feeling of being a tool person, there might be a mutual understanding. The sight of a feminist and a sow's understanding link is shining.

Sow, is there any possibility of being the best?

In the interview just now, I used to end the media to visit Hutze's article, "The network to criticize Taiwan independence", she said "Five Mao" may be the best person to ask questions, I repeat Hutze said a paragraph, asked whether Meng has ever thought of the so-called sow.

Hutze said, "I was also the Kuomintang's five cents as a child." Five cents may be the best people, they may be genuinely believe and defend what things, so become very fierce. I don't blame them. 」

I say, according to Hutze, sows may also be the best, for they may truly believe in their short line of equality, but when the right time and space come, when feminism comes into their lives, it is possible to open up the macroscopic view of gender equality.

Listen to me finish, Ying Meng noncommittal, no nod also did not shake his head, also did not follow this topic to continue to speak, I hang in there a little embarrassed, had to say for oneself words end. Now think of it, she does not speak, because she began to think, in the head of the total back and forth two times before, never easily affirmed or denied, she carefully also know the weight of words, she is very serious about the speech.

From this point of view, she is indeed well suited to be a party spokesman.

In March 2017, Lin Yingmeng The position of spokesman for the third-largest party in Congress, "Times Force". She is very young, and very beautiful, indeed the media attention, the end of February, the central party media tea published this news, the media have to "beauty spokesperson" subscript, interviews ensued. I asked Mr Meng what he thought of the title, and she smiled lightly, "the media is the general public, subscript is also a market-oriented thinking, they are often represented by the public want to see the view," but she then said humorously, "but people want to see, not really think you beautiful oh, it is possible to scold you in the following. 」

Make (female) God to Ying Menglai said nothing special feeling, she understood the media operation, the higher the higher the more likely to be thrown down, "anyway is a title." But beyond this title, everyone is watching and seeing what she can do, after all, from the speaker's path, what people see is a longer and more attempted political career than congressional aides.

Image source: Lin Yingmeng Face book page

The distance from the maid's tea to the Congressional party spokesperson

Ying Meng's experience before entering politics is very interesting, before going to work in Congress, she likes to play video games company, earlier, in order to write a thesis of Taiwan Institute of Social Studies, she took feminist theory, into the maid to eat tea work, do field research. The maid is two years old.

In fact, it was a huge political right atmosphere for the students of the Taiwan Institute of Social Studies to enthusiastically devote themselves to the community movement. In addition to the participation of social transport, Ying Meng walked into the narrative of his body, into the maid coffee work, seems to have a subtle rebel odor. Spread out Taiwan University students a political right thesis topic, she takes the maid coffee as the battlefield, the war suit is the lovely maid outfit, wants to try the feminine doctrine and the maid role in her body's collision.

Perhaps she was attracted to the idea that Ying Meng was not too afraid of opposing views in her body. The maid studies So, the spokesperson's work is.

But she said she hated wearing skirts since she was a child, which is still surprising. After all, she often shows up on a live dress. "I can't stand every time I wear a skirt, the boys are pointing at it over there." "Imagine the college age of her masculine dress, and the maid in the Peng-peng dress, is simply standing at the two extremes of the spectrum."

That being the case, why is this selected? "I like video games and comics since kindergarten!" "She was so interested in subculture, ready to write papers pelting, the maid began to heat up in Taiwan, many feminists criticized the maid is the embodiment of female body, is the sex work of negative temperament, the consolidation of sexual labor." Feminist a cannon, she found that the familiar anime text has a maid figure, but she is very unfamiliar to the maid, "after all, the maid is a boy in the look, I'm a girl don't look that kind of ah!" 」

She drew a chart in her paper that presented both sides of the argument and the third way she was going. The maid supporter said that "the maid has nothing to do with reality, but ACG fantasy", and feminists criticize the maid as "gender work", both of which seem to be missing and difficult to talk to each other. Ying Meng to find a third perspective, creating a maid and feminist communication possible, so choose the maid to eat tea body labor as a research topic.

Rather than stepping on a politically correct stance and altitude, she prefers to travel between politically correct and politically incorrect borders, or to stay in a position of conflict, and for years to play and find the possibility of dialogue. Maid work and political work, as if not so far away.

Any field can be played, but there are always game settings and rules that can be played anywhere.

"Enter the maid to eat tea field for me is very natural relaxed, because I have been very fond of anime." There's just some physical discipline I can't stand. "But her tone was brisk," later I think carefully, you go to the company is also the case, any place will have discipline (discipline), but the maid coffee emphasis on negative temperament, because it is to do negative temperament service, I spent a lot of time learning. "For example, face with a smile, taboo outside eight and run, head up the chest but slightly rub the inner thighs walk gracefully."

Ying Meng's College is more masculine, I imagine her in the maid coffee amplification negative character code of the performance and dress, quite gay theorist Julia Tis Batle "Dare to Expose" (camp) means. Then composure look at her, wearing a white shirt and a suit jacket, hair plate, a little makeup, a shrewd and capable of the traditional "appearance" of political workers. Perhaps it is consciously that they will be the "Time Force spokesperson" in the draft, in the relative importance of masculinity in the political field, or more or less must respond to the field of physical regulation training.

But her political participation is not only a kind of appearance. Look at her face book Live, Ying Meng modelling is changeable, with a sailboat, a dress, and sometimes a more gaudy full makeup on the face, she was more directly dressed in front of the camera (with a sleeveless vest, of course) in a live broadcast of solidarity with Pinatubo (Tibet). She said that in the maid's work experience of tea, a large part of the transformation of her life, she once felt that the negative temperament is weak, but after the maid work, "I finally reconciled with the negative temperament." 」

The evolution of feminism is based on the life of women.

"I think it's possible that every feminist has been very angry about how this social structure and gender framework control me, and I don't want to do anything," Meng said. To resist the structure, you begin to want to be as masculine as possible. I nodded and thought about myself.

But at the maid's coffee, I was forced to wear a skirt and find myself having to talk to the body, not necessarily masculine, but also accepting feminine parts of the body, accepting that femininity does not mean weakness. So in the process of wearing a skirt, I finally found a fun. "What kind of fun?" I ask.

"is the pleasure of cosplay." "Ying Meng took it for granted, but at the moment it is hard to imagine Meng enjoying cosplay, but who knows?" Perhaps she is now cosplay the role of the interviewee and the speaker.

"The maid has a lot of cosplay ingredients, you will know that you are playing a role in the process, whether wearing skirts or trousers, as long as you like, feel comfortable, you can finally enjoy the fun of the dress, so I also gradually accepted the skirt." "Readers who are familiar with feminism may associate many of the concepts of Butler, such as the Drag (camp) and the practice of dress up," she says, and she often uses Butler's theory. She added that "physical sex, sexual orientation, gender temperament are all broken, not naturally connected, all elements can be played on the body (play) and performance (perform)." 」

"I used to wear skirts the most annoying people to see, now even if I wear miniskirts, do not care what others see, I want to wear this today, is to play the role Ah, you feel very casual, but I do not think it is a casual thing, or even if what." My whole state of mind has changed. She said cheerfully, "I feel that my body and soul are finally connected, no longer in a state of physical and mental opposition." 」

Feminism in order to get the same rights as men, to the appearance of men as the ideal, disgusted with negative temperament, the pursuit of masculinity. However, regardless of the gender, the rejection of the feminine part of the body will make the body and the mind in opposition, so that they and the world are in a tense relationship and can not relax.

From the rejection to the negative temperament, "I think my own development and feminist theory is a bit like, I think perhaps this is the experience of every woman, will let the feminist theory of development." "Ying Meng silent, a word through the understanding of the feminist two-sided. It dawned on me that I could feel so feminine.

The evolution of feminism is based on the life course of women.

Lin Yingmeng

The first wave of feminism exposes the structure of gender inequality, which is a huge and important step. "The discussion at that time was about how women are controlled by structures, later feminism more carefully to take care of people in the structure of the dynamic, various situations in the body, because people will be based on a variety of situations or States to learn or performance, she made a gentle conclusion:" Women will not have only one appearance, a woman's life, It's not just a thing. "I think this is also talking about the Meng himself."

"The body can be a showcase, to play the turn, not today disguised as this will be stereotyped, you can today masculine, tomorrow feminine!" According to mood preferences, situation needs to become a different person. "This passage talks about the work of the maid, the different looks of a woman's life, and the interpretation of her job in the political field." Political figures can be different, and she is working on her gender politics in a step-by-step fashion.

By the Spear of the other, the feminist denial of the SOP

Ying Meng every Thursday night fixed in her exclusive Times Power Facebook fan Page Live, sometimes talking about gender, sometimes talking about Taiwan's independence, sometimes changing to talk about Pinatubo (Tibet), some time to bring everyone to play the game live broadcast, she uses the public vocabulary, and common people to communicate political ideas and gender concepts.

When it comes to live broadcast, the expression of Ying Meng obviously becomes very rich, "but sometimes only four words of feminism have been scolded!" I'm just saying four words. Yes, it was said, "Are you Shangan?" "Ying Meng Eyes wide open, hands a booth than a why, revealing the expression of distress." "When people are talking about sex, it's easy to think that gender is antagonistic, to put men and women in opposition, to think that you are treating men as oppressive women, but this is not the case with feminism later on." I will explain for a long time, say not ah, but the average person is very difficult to accept. 」

have been repeated explanations and rumors, never feel tired or impatient, I asked.

"Still try, I won't be so fierce," may find myself a little excited just now, she said. "Because it's usually a physical male, it's probably a victim experience," she said, subconsciously terrified at the idea of feminism. Many men have told me that they have been accused of scolding before, so they feel that feminism is so scary and they always want to dominate us. 」

Then how to dispel the rumor, there is a set of your rumor clarifying SOP? I am asking for myself and I think people who are often bothered by this kind of problem should also want to know.

Ying Meng again calm tone, "in communication with men, I will try to talk about the experience of men, after all, the experience of men and women is still poor, to communicate, or from each other's experience." 」

For example, a very noisy date on the issue, the men feel that they have to pay the bill, "the best way is not to tell him that such girls are rotten", because the blame to a single individual, lose sight of the macroscopic structure of the possibility. Ying Meng said the problem was caused by traditional gender values, and that two people were influenced by the traditional values of society.

"The best way is to ask two people can communicate, to discuss mutually acceptable way, see is to ask each other, or there is a share of funds, a lot of ways, together agreed not to follow the established gender value, not very good?" "Yes, do not be afraid of communication, feminism is never who dominate who," but the opening of communication. "she added. Ying Meng often talks about "communication" two words, even when it comes to feminism.

What would you say if you wanted to further explain feminism to people you don't know? This question wants you to see here also try to think about, and then look at the next step of Ying Meng's answer.

"I will say to each other, first," domination "is the most opposed to feminism, in fact, feminists have spent a great deal of time debating and opposing the" domination "of the matter, because women have previously been dominated by human sexuality, and now of course hope that there is no domination at all, but to create a state of communication and equality. 」

2nd, feminism mainly strives for the right of Rights, not for power, especially for civil rights and equality in politics. "So I'll talk to the misunderstood person, although I don't know where you're going to hear it, but I can tell you that feminism never wants to create a new dominance relationship, and no feminist genre will agree with dominance (dominate)." 」

"Finally, if they start to be interested in learning more, I will talk to them about the development of feminism." Now the feminist schools pay more attention to the context, because the status of men and women is not so rigid, in different countries, different cultures and economic conditions, and so on, the order of the sexes will change with these veins, not just because you are male status is relatively high, these should be carefully discussed, and examples. 」

So everybody's paying attention to what you're saying? No one comes to the scene or the verbal harassment?

Meng thought carefully, presumably in the brain to search for relevant records, but apparently not much, because she thought for a long time. "Sometimes I talk about masturbation, sex education, the following boys more or less will start some reverie, like I live on the process of yesterday to wear Pinatubo traditional costumes, there are one or two below or do not know what to do there." But really also good yes, probably because I speak too serious, we also follow very seriously, there will be someone when the pickets said, a certain such a message how so low-level ah! 」

It's really something to be proud of, and it's very rare in the internet age. The day before the interview I saw in the face book live on the passage of clothes, very natural to the message area pull, did not expect everyone unexpectedly did not react, I reacted more than her audience acuteness. Ying Meng is very happy, "because I really too serious, so we all have a good reaction, this time will also feel" Ah! My audience is so cute. "Like them all very carefully listen to me." 」

Interview the process to see Ying Meng Mi, oneself also will silently happy, since the visit began with her own first, said that she is full of seriousness, speech a bit boring, it seems to be to give me a vaccination, "the gender issue is actually serious, have to do something easy on the side of the broadcast, so that the audience in a relaxed situation to accept serious knowledge." A superficial shift makes them learn a gender perspective. She finished her plot, laughed together, and then quieted down together.

Because it is a serious person, so pay attention to every time the speech and communication opportunities, because serious thinking, serious speech, it is possible in the two different positions of the camp, sincerely support dialogue and reflection space. When the interview begins, she said that the maid study was intended only to "find the possibility of dialogue between conflicts", when listening to the idea that the motives were not strong, and that the maid experience was not too much associated with the party spokesperson, but now looking back from her professional position, everything suddenly came to mind.

Feminists such as Meng, their dictionaries do not "seriously lose", because the feminist serious, is not to win and victory to dominate the losers, the seriousness of feminism is to understand why people lose because of sex, to communicate and create the possibility of equality.