Have you ever heard of asexual (asexuality)? From the perspective of cognitive orientation, we talk about the necessity of gender equality education so that everyone can truly become himself.

"I'm 23 years old and I've grown up with heterosexual education, and I haven't thought about other possibilities," he said. When I was in primary school, the Gender Equality Education Act was officially on the road in exchange for a child's life. But at that time the textbook, to my impression, are still stuck in the "boys can be a nurse, girls can fly a plane", so superficial content, and no attention. --Huang Yi Net

These days the content is very red, she knocks the next letter to the protector in the face book. 23 years old, she has been living in the heterosexual world of asexual experience, road stumbling, she said that the world like me, is the key reason for the existence of sex education. (See the full text: asexual confession: People like me, is the reason for the existence of sex education )

Words such as children seer, gender equality education is a life-saving thing, is countless children's lives in exchange for the law, we have no way back, should not turn back.

We would like to say that the design and existence of gender education must keep pace with the times, facing the two-point wall, choose broken walls, so that everyone has a good system and complete resources to explore their own different shapes.

Gender education, is to let a person to become a person's way, is the real implementation of their own prescription, because only through learning and understanding of the duality of opposites, we can really understand their own and do not, desire and not desire, sex and sex.

The migration of sexual orientation may be: what is a asexual love?

Talking about sex education, perhaps the simplest, is from the Kinsey Scale (Kinsey Scale).

Kinsey is an American sex expert, in 1948, in the book "Male Sexuality", he presented the golden scale, which opens the possibility of sexual orientation and mobility. The same scale was also used in his subsequent publication, "Female sexuality".

He proposed that sexual orientation is not only "homosexual" and "heterosexual" two, many people think of the black-white default value does not exist, sexual orientation is actually a degree, and most of them.

The report notes that among the 20-35-year-old white males, 11.6 at this age stage, sexual orientation was 3, which was heterosexual and homosexual, while 20-35-year-old white women had 7 of unmarried women and 4 of married women at this age with a sexual orientation of 3 (heterosexual and homosexual tendencies). ), 2 to 6 of the female sexual orientation of 5 (mainly homosexual, occasionally heterosexual), there are 1% to 3% of 6 (completely homosexual).

The Kinsey scale has a total of seven levels, including asexual Love (asexuality).

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Asexual, according to Michael storms, a gender researcher, is a fourth sexual inclination independent of homosexuality, bisexual, and heterosexual. A sexless person has no particular sexual desire or lust for the same sex or sex, and may suffer only a faint or no sexual attraction whatsoever.

About asexual love, people used to understand very little, the asexual is often equated with the "sexual cold", in the relationship, may also undertake a partner because there is no sexual relationship and feel that they do not love the question and condemnation.

In fact, when we talk about sexuality, we often use "desire" and "sexual attraction" as the basis for the pursuit of the ideal of sexual compatibility, but if we look closely, we will also find that the so-called "sexual cold", is also the language of rudeness, the assumption of love is the inevitable way.

For the asexual, they embrace another open relationship between the pursuit and imagination, may be no love asexual, pursuit of such as bosom friend like the relationship, or have love asexual, eager to establish romantic love relationship ... Wait The sexual desire expression of the asexual person is also different, have the difference of the feeling strength, the key is whether feel "sexual attraction".

Spectral effect: The collective out of the asexual lovers

"The so-called asexual, refers to the people who have never felt" sexual attraction ". "--aven

In the past, asexual people have often been viewed as heterogeneous and have undergone years of self-discovery. In 2001, the international asexual community, Aven, was founded in San Francisco to make it clear: to raise the awareness, acceptance and discussion of asexual love among the public, and to promote the growth of asexual groups. Asexual people have been looking at the various spectrum of asexual groups, and some have been sexually disgusted, some have experienced unpleasant sex, some have never had sex, and some may enjoy sex.

In 2004, Canadian scholar Anthony Bogherthe published a paper on the need for asexual love, "asexual population: the distribution of asexual population and related factors of a national sample survey," The British 90 's sample, pointed out that the world's population of about 1% of the asexual population, and the majority of asexual lovers because of the wrong information, Unable to classify themselves clearly, and think of themselves as homosexual or bisexual.

In the 2012, Bogherthe wrote the first book, "Understanding Asexual" (understanding asexuality), of asexual love. The book mentions that in an in-depth study of the asexual group, he found that asexual lovers in the desires of the modern survival of the difficult, they fear that they will die alone, they seek not through the physical relationship to establish a close emotional link, but often not find, difficult to meet the understanding of their partner. (same field Gayon: the true desires of transvestite: The man in Latex dolls )

Photographer Lala Abril launches asexuals project program to shoot the confessions of the asexual, they say,

"Like a great painting, we enjoy looking at someone and we feel that he is physically attractive, but there is no sexual feeling," he said. --London, 30 years old, Michael

"I want a boyfriend, we can get married, we'll have a house and a garden ... I just don't want to have sex with anyone. --Britain, 29 years old, Lily.

"I know what other people want, but that's not what I want." New York, 26 years old, Bauer.

"I have no need for sex and I don't feel like I'm missing anything," he said. For me, sex is a waste of time, but if people have a need, they can do it. --China, 25, Yuzhi

As the data accumulates, as the asexual group comes out, we realize that sexuality, sexual demand, and sexual attractiveness can also be a rhetorical question of sexual stereotypes, such as whether we are too accustomed to regard "sex" as an intrinsic driving force and a physical need. For example, where does our pursuit of "love for Oneness" come from? For example, how did we first recognize our sexuality and sexual needs? Is there a better way?

The sexless have waited for hundreds of years, in the 21st century, back to the growth of their own history and context, and we hope that this discussion can be included in the future of the design of gender education, more gentle, more early, more prepared to let children know the gender spectrum, identify the world, imagine themselves. (same field Gayon: Gender observation: Why do teachers show milk?) Children and adults on the road of gender re-education )

Give sex education a way to no longer regress

Sex education, is to tell myself, dear me, turns out I'm not surprised.

Originally I can love like this, I can so desire or not to desire, the original world has belonged to my position, lightly fell there; the original world, the admission of everyone has the exclusive position, the flow may be, no one needs to be the same as others.

Gender education is a historical axis, teaches us to respect the difference, we will remember April 20, 2000 Ye Yongji died in a pool of blood, we know that there are more rose children; We have seen the 2004 Gender Equality Education Act renamed the Gender Equality Education Act, gender is not two yuan opposition, pluralism began to enter the education We also see that in the 2016, the protector of the Union alleged that gender equality education was a heterosexual homosexual hegemony, saying that there were only two sexes, men and women, only one family, only one love, and I do not want gender equality education to poison children. (Recommended thinking: Jolin Tsai Concert reread Rose Youth: Ye Yongji died, but the world has more Ye Yongji )

If we give the child the freedom of understanding, called the poison, then we may despise the child, also underestimate the world.

I believe that there are many children like me, grow up to understand the existence of asexual, asexuality,sexuality in front of a, suddenly read do not understand, first listen to the name of the outside, in the understanding of the scope, look up all kinds of data, the original sexual attraction is such a thing, there are so many people in heterosexual, gay , bi-sexual love within the division, not to find themselves, I hate not earlier understand.

If we can, early know that there are so many different people in the world, then we will live more tolerant to the world, treat others, also treat ourselves?? Will we be more willing to listen? Will they not use their narrow worldview to squeeze the lives of others?

I think it's necessary for sex education to exist. Gender education is a long river, to have a variety of small fish in the swimming, the river to swim wide into the sea, to accommodate more life, gender education this road, to continue to move forward, to empower freedom.

Can we give our children freedom of choice by giving them a way to no longer regress? I'd like to say that after watching the confessions of a sexless person.

It is the media environment that female fans want to provide for all kinds of sexual tendencies to be free to be themselves.

We know that many people around the world have a personal feeling about gender issues, no matter gender temperament, gender identity or sexual orientation, are thinking about how to act. It is difficult to communicate because of gender, gender equality is very far, gender initiative is very hard, so we have to go together.

Women are obsessed with this year, launch a "partner Program", invite you to do something more, join in the "partner Program" believe that a person can not do, a group of people, we can promote the impact of gender action is unlimited, will be able to reach more and more widely farther.

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