Single diary alone month, serialized alone time Intangible happy. A person can slowly practice a lot of things, away from applause, we concentrate on becoming ourselves.

The real maturity is not to learn a person, but in the crowd is not alone.

Once, your day is like this, a person eats breakfast, in the crowd to catch the MRT, in a fixed station is washed out, into the company, repeat the action, belly purr, and left you a person in overtime, be hungry to urge home, you do not bother to go to have food MRT station to buy dinner, simply take the bus home well, You eat noodles alone, sleep alone, and eat breakfast alone. (Recommended reading:"Comma selection poem" And their love without a period: to compensate for their own lack of solitude )

However, the more you live, the longer you find a person, but often a person's time to please others.

Worry about reading who, will be in the circle of friends without a sense of existence, worried about not returning to the customer phone, will be a large number of orders; Worried that if you don't watch this popular Korean drama, tomorrow at the table will be no topic.

What I want to say is that being alone is a lucky thing and gives you more opportunities to know who you are. If you have seen gravity, you may also be able to remember her from the vast universe. Single face to the dark boundless, her fear, heart speed, hear their own every breath, that boundless deep despair, she has more persistence. Loneliness is like the universe boundless enough to devour her, in the absence of any strength to support and accompany, what can make people have the desire to live? What becomes the rope that fastens life? (Recommended reading: What do you do with loneliness?) The unseen growth of others, all in solitude )

Thinking about the meaning of life doesn't help us change the world, but it helps us to know ourselves.


Those dark and lonely we may have experience, we must in the applause of the people to find a clear way home, we must be alone in the lost lost to find the courage to speak with the world.

20-Year-old lovelorn, a few nights with a few night wine pastime sad; After 30 years of lovelorn, a person's heart becomes very calm, you can cry in the shower when you do not talk about. Later you know that what you need is not to let go of failure, but to spare yourself. What you need is not a group of people to tell you strong, but you give yourself a chance to not be brave.

University has just entered the workplace, threes and colleagues from work to scold sound dry; After 30 years of career, you turn from a girl to the boss of their mouth, you become their dinner table on the object. However, you do not regret, fortunately, you know early, the time to scold others is very precious, you would rather take to run forward. (Recommended reading: single Diary: Loneliness, make you a more complete person )

20 years old, the heart has the lively story, does not need to be lonely in the friend Circle, does not need to be in the lively lonely; 30 years old, the heart has the story and the mature, is not lonely in the friend circle, because you fastidious the Earth one person to live, in the crowd is not empty

I once very envy those who dare to loner, even if a person eats and travels everywhere to stop, also can have an army of gas field.

Rock ' n ' Roll hand Shong

Hey dear yourself, your loneliness is precious, you walk through the night alone in the rain, you have a soul that is strong and strong, you know you doubt your worth, so you no longer be a person of accommodation; you know the sadness of gregarious, you do not have to deal with the loneliness, you will not give up to who, you finally do not suffer for love, so you single righteously.