With me time encounter, it let me and my body to hug again, let me know, women's self-confidence can give themselves, this really understand, what is the meaning of good love themselves.

Love the life itself more than the meaning of love it.


If you are really in touch with women fans of the team, you will find that they are truly such a group of people, all the heart from the discovery of life, in the discovery of the pursuit of gentle and firm meaning, the practical significance of the process of pain sometimes, consistent is to look forward to the world a better faith. (Recommended reading:"Women's Obsession Week diary" Thank you woman fan, let me find myself 18 years old )

Into the days of women's obsession, without any foundation from scratch, the editor's world is very strange but also the vast expanse makes me feel can be huge, each morning we share the world of current events, on the topic of action, found that life needs to be concerned about the value and significance, step firmly to the faith to go, Not just editors, everyone in the team has such a heartbeat, we are concerned about sex and love life, only live in life, you will find life to give you the meaning.

And ME time is the pride that has come from such a heartbeat, by women fans blush red and green rattan vitality of a female private place Bath dew, because found that the market of women's private cleaning liquid can not clearly identify the ingredients, and find a pure natural female intimate place Bath dew, Find the needs from the user's perspective, so he carried it up, from the base of the bath dew to the content of the incense, only to be completely gentle, to make a considerate of you, but also selfish and considerate of all the women's intimate bath dew, all the insistence only for the discovery process, the realization of the desire of women, Longing for a package of private place soft shower gel, so that girls can take care of the privacy of a good place. (Recommended reading:me time and Your lover's whisper: No consideration, to give you the best )

For me, I time is not only a can let me rest assured that I apply it in my most intimate soft part of the bath Dew, it is the daily relaxation, spiritual comfort.

Remember the day I received ME time, the sweet slogan on the white parcel, I like to receive the gift of child-like eyes flashing light, I carefully dismantle its pure white, open the package after the smell is a faint wood incense, fragrance-lined with me time bottle body, milky white can light the bottle filled with Apricot peach bath lotion, Like a piece of art I took my time carefully in my hand and flipped it, accidentally skimming the corner of the bottle and writing: Take your time:)

Close to the heart of the commodity is so, know your needs, but also understand your mood. Look at the words I do not feel the mouth of the smile, it is understood the warm heart.

Busy daily, after a day of tumbling in time and pressure, tired of dragging the body limp in the sofa, the only can unload boredom to enjoy their time, it seems only a few 10 minutes of bathing, and I time here with you, seems to say with a warm tone, dear hard, slowly enjoy your time, At this moment we concentrate on being ourselves.

Fade a coat, heavy makeup hair and equipment of the strong, in the shower we can rest assured that the expression of sadness, hold too tired when tears with the shower of hot water flowing, no relationship, this moment let us feel weak, life is inevitable need soft time. (Recommended reading: single diary: Everyone's strong, are soft and raw cocoon )

Press open ME Time's bottle, Apricot Peach's transparent bath with the acid with warm wood, melted your strong, unadorned soothe the gap in your heart, no sweet greasy clamor of the strong floral, with the calm of the black spruce essential oil with a quiet wood-tone aroma, The delicate fruity fragrance of the red plum and the rose geranium with some faint scent of grass, that warm and sour breath like a life, everyday in the beautiful thought but always with a point of sour nose of emotion. If me time is a person, I think it must be a tender and determined existence, in the daily life you need to rely on to accompany you through the collapse and cry to be strong again every moment. (Recommended reading: find the scent of women's lives!) ME TIME's scent-blending secret )

Rubbing the delicate milky foam, I wrapped myself in such a soft, seriously feel the body of each skin touch, starting from the neck, like a new understanding of their body gentle touch, stroking some loose belly, the spine of the depression, and then to the private place in each fold, is ME time The gentleness and the peace of mind let me put it all over the body, busy all day, at this time I just want to leave to myself, feel the emotion and the body of the appearance of self, take good care of themselves.

Me time is the second woman I've ever had in a private place, in the past has bought a market in the privacy of the cleaning fluid, at that time with excited anticipation of the mood, mixed into women want to take care of the intimate place of the sexy desire, I tried the first female private goods, but in the use of the process of losing the confidence of the female private bath, There was a moment of hot excitement coming from the private place, completely unable to rub it quickly to wash off the private place of the sensitive discomfort, after washing private place clean but appear some dry, experienced a few unpleasant female private cleaning liquid experience, I to the impression of female private goods has been stuck there, hot dry.

Until I used me time I knew what was really mild and not stimulating, through the softness of me time I first seriously feel the depression and ups and downs of the intimate, fingertips touched every sensitive, its foam wrapped in my most need to protect the fragile parts, just wipe the private place when I fear waiting with the same hot feeling came from the previous, I did not think of the sheer nature of me time to subvert my impression of female private goods. (Recommended reading: "gentle" to achieve the ultimate intimate bathroom gel!) Three reasons to fall in love with ME time

With me time, I can feel the bubbles and fragrance filled with the beauty of the private place, I can gently touch and rub the private place sensitive soft, let ME time of the gentle package of the private place each sunken and wrinkle, this is no hot dry problem, this time is completely care and peace of mind, To go home every day is not urgent to take off the boring clothes and the private place breathing space, those stuffy wet moisten and itch, only me time can give me the clear Sassou intimate place, besides gentle, its natural clean base and acid-base adjustment, has given me the most substantial change and the help, The problem of itching and secretions is no longer bothering me.

The world needs more meaningful work, not products.

Woman Fan founder and CEO Zhang Wei Xuan

With me time's encounter, I first felt that there was a product that would allow me to hug my body again, let me from the girl into a woman, let me know how to care for their own beauty, let me feel the secret of the mysterious sexy, let me understand that women's self-confidence can give themselves to understand the body of various gestures are their most beautiful appearance, This really understand, what is the meaning of good love themselves.