Ela Fitzgeriero, First Lady of the Jazz, on April 25, the birthday of her 100-year-old, we want to repress the spirit of jazz and the legendary life of the people who have been so emotional.

More singing is more beautiful than singing.(The only thing better than singing is more singling

— — Ilah Fitzgera

Ella Fitzgerald, also known as Lady Ella, jazz first lady, First Lady of Song.She is recognized as one of the most important jazz musicians in the 20th century.

voice can span three octave scales, such as a yellow warbler's valleys, low as lake water, perfect pitch and rhythm to perfection. These are the conditions for the great jazz singers, making her the most astonishing scat singing technique.

The so-called vocal chanting refers to improvisation of random words or meaningless syllables, singing melodies and rhythms, creating sounds comparable to solo instruments.Listen, Ella, people understand that the body can sound like a musical instrument, and the body has the ability to absorb the physiological functions of the excretion, and the instruments.

Ella's voice will open the door to Huxley's perception of what Huxley says. The door behind the door is unheard of the sensory world unheard of, and it is suddenly realized, covered by warmth and softly set.

in 1917 in World War I, Ella was separated from his mother and stepfather, and her stepfather died of a heart attack shortly after she was 15 years old.As a result, Ella's academic performance in the youth has fallen to a thousand times, and she has often escaped from school and was sent to probation school. She later fled the school and was once homeless.And finally, jazz was a place for her.

Just don't give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspication, I don't think you can go wrong.

Elaa Fitzgera

On November 21, 1934, the only 16-year-old Ella was first staged at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem, New York.The next year, Chick Webb gave her the first job to sing, and Ella started a 59-year-long jazz life.She went through the Roaring Twenties, the golden era of jazz, and, of course, the subsequent era of the Great Depression.

She said, "Where you come from, it's not important. It's important that you go wherever you go."(It isn ’ t where you came from, its where you ’ re going that counts.) This is a good deduction of her life.

few days after Fitzcleaner's death, the New York Times columnist, Frank ·, commented on her song: "(Fiztila) showed an extraordinary cultural exchange, just like Elvis, by melting white and African-American souls simultaneously and eliminating racial gaps."" (Note: References to Wikipedia)

This is Ira's magic and the power of music.

Picture Source: Ella Fitzgerald Gallery

Today, let's sing the first lady of the jazz music world through what she loved most of — —.

Elaa's chanting, free and cute, and humorous

What is a chanting?In 1969, Ella's jazz concert, which she made to the fullest, was to make her clap and laugh, and she would make her clap.Singing, you can be free and beautiful and full of sense of humor, all of which doesn't need to be language.

The golden partner to sing, "Jazz First Lady" Ella Fitzgera, and Louis Armstrong

Armstrong, also known as "The Father of Jazz", is also the representative of the chanting.Ella had cooperated with Louis on three albums, listening to the wisecracks of the past. Even when it was an anorexic moment, it would make people feel that it was so good to hear them singing.

< Dream a little dream of me > is one of the most playful choral choirs of the two, Louis Armstrong started to speak with Ella's song, and in this song, the song and musical score disappeared, and this was one of the most magical moments of jazz.

Look at the introverted Iila Fitzgerella, glamorous on the stage.

Ella said,

" I am very shy and always want to avoid people.But as long as it's a dance platform, it's a completely different feeling for me, as if it's got power from somewhere, maybe — I — doing what I love." I
very shy, and I'm away from people. But the moment I hit the stage, it's a different feeling I get nerve from somewhere; maybe it's because it's something I love to do. "

There is one person who is born to be standing on the dance bench to emit heat.Not only people who are passionate about it can harness the dance platform, shy, introverted as Ella, to sing the audience under the love of the conquest.When you focus on the things that you love, nature doesn't mind worrying about how others think, and your passion makes you shine in your light.