Mother and daughter of the reading list: let us together in reading to understand each other feelings, feel our similar life.

"Hands and daughter book list"

I told my daughter this: the letter to the girls, the energy of courage, awareness, self-confidence and the future of happiness

Mother, you are my sister on the road of life. Mother has also been a daughter, this book contains dozens of mothers all the way to inherit the same as the experience of the daughter, to girls each step to walk more courage and self-confidence!

Edit Introduction:

As the girls come to the world, the journey of growth, self-discovery, and inspiration is unfolding.

As a daughter, have you ever wondered why a girl could do that or not? Women are often asked to be sexy, submissive and gentle, where do these values come from?

There are many wrong messages in life that suppress the development of women, need to inspire self-awareness to change, experience transmission is one of the important, especially the pluralistic gender values. The mother has an extra responsibility for her daughter, which is to develop her daughter to be a powerful and confident individual. Even with the perception of gender equality, real life is still full of rugged and difficult, girls need more courage and awareness of energy. (same field: Shirley Gayon: I'm a model, president, Doctor of Psychology, and a sexually abused survivor )

"Cooperative Mother's book list"

"Basket Revolution"

From a group of mothers began the consumer revolution, see how a group of housewives from the joint purchase campaign, through a pack of rice, a basket of food consumption action, to open a gentle and determined life revolution.

The Housewife union recommends the passage:

Before the year, a group of housewives, through a package of rice, a basket of vegetables, the joint purchase action, can be said to be Taiwan's many social issues forerunner , including the so-called green consumption, Community cooperative agriculture, non-basic movement , Fair trade, social enterprises, The concept of labor independent enterprise not only detonated Taiwan's life consumption revolution , but also opened the epoch-making cooperative economic model.

Daily housewife always do a lot, say not much, back to the housewife affirmation, by women to tell, combined with the participation of members to write together, let us jointly continue the food basket warm and resolute life revolution, for the health, for the environment together!

The 14 lessons of the Mothers ' Union for the Real Food breeding

From the mother's point of view, to give the child the best health gift from the table of the food education start! Eating with your heart, in fact, only a slight change in your life. It is difficult to change habits, but for the sake of health or to take a step forward, if the parents can begin to pay attention to the feeding, It is to give the child the best, the most healthy gift of happiness.

The Housewife union recommends the passage:

A new book, jointly published by the Housewife Alliance Environmental Protection Foundation and the Housewife Union life Cooperatives, contains the story of the 14 mothers who eat in their lives and schools for the next generation to promote a diet education. Add 20 of homemade, safe and delicious recipes, through the sharing of these breeders, look forward to all the parents of Taiwan, together in life experience a beautiful, delicious food education,        In turn, we call on Taiwan to pay attention to the implementation of the Basic Law, which is our best and healthiest gift to our children.

Wow It turns out it's a co-op.

In the spring of 2016, the author, with sponsorship and blessings from 80 friends, visited 29 cooperatives and institutions in the local community from the origins of Great Britain, in the hope that through the stories of these cooperatives, let Taiwan's cooperation cause have more possibility and imagination.

A short recommendation of the Housewife Union Chen Yu (the third president of the Housewife Federation):

"Cooperatives are the stage where life is moved to life" is seen here; "cooperatives are the forgotten ways of community work" seen here; " cooperatives are a school that learns the spirit of democracy" is here to see; The essence of cooperatives is love, trust and mutual cooperation "seen here;" cooperatives are a group of ordinary people who want to accomplish an extraordinary thing. "The cooperative economy is the civilian economy, environmental protection economy, women's economy ..." the use of cooperatives is the people do not rely on the government, the consortium, for their own environment, livelihood, life is responsible for the tools.

If you want to know what "Co-op" is? What can be done? What is the core idea? This is an easy to read story book.

"Cooperatives for 2000 Years"

Cooperative economy is one of the essential reading, but also the foundation of the Cooperative movement belief, recommended to the deep understanding of the cooperative economy you!

The Housewife union recommends the passage:

This book is the first issue discussed at the 27th session of the International Cooperative Alliance in 1980 , and the report by Dr. Rayrot, based on the objective situation of the cooperative movement, analyzes the conditions and factors that affect the development of the cooperative movement, At the same time in the face of rapid changes in the external environment, cooperatives should be how the contingency and development. to this day, the report still provides the direction of the common development of the world Cooperation Movement, worthy of attention to the cooperative economy and the movement of you, immersed in study.