"Relationship Diary" is the next step in the single diary , there is no ideal love, only belong to their intimate relationship. There is a kind of love in the black market flow, not together, but always together.

Black market sentiment, in the "Farewell book" mentioned a small paragraph. An infamous, hopeless, at most can only call each other in the wee hours.

Black market sentiment is a special high-end trading, buyers and sellers are difficult to meet, their love like the underground trade, buyers through the heterodoxy of second-hand things sold, things moved through a few hands, after the black market, the seller bought this thing, but the buyer will not know.

They love very hard, always can't reach each other. After the breakup of the lovers, through the classmate, classmate classmate, insinuated his message, know he was not very lonely, know that he had better than himself and unwilling. Come on, old friend. Subscribe to his community account number, a little neurotic days of an outlaw, crazy is required daily daily prepared.

Black market sentiment is a second-hand feeling that is no longer considered necessary.

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The lonely and splendid Taipei Girls talk about this kind of love, the first generation of Taipei girls is probably the Vicky of the "Millennium Mambo", Taipei is so free, why she felt so suffocating. How did they break up? We broke up again and good, broke up again and good, quarrel fan each other in the face, the phone cry cry, meet again talk is so mean, endure later again. And then what happened? Hauhau not smell her peculiar perfume on Vicky, but she had no other man's scent.

He can always find her, she always can't run.

Like a fever, like a plague. You are my sunny cloudy, I am your afternoon thunderstorm. Now he's fine, we're not good enough.

Love is to destroy, not Love is a collection, the original about leaving you, I have been not strong enough. Love is not to work the line, but not together with the love, do not work, it doesn't matter, you are still there on the line. This is not honorary, not happy is not clean, sticky lap love, this will not go to lifelong promise, this after a number of transactions between the two sides, pull and hug, and embrace and open the embrace.

After the breakup of the lovers, with the cloud-type friendship continue to confirm each other, maintain a little heart itching distance, carefully let the other side is always a good shot outside the bounds.

One day will love the feelings of black market, our relationship is no longer pure, simple, direct, we are not the first hand of each other's lover, so the ends of the earth to 罣 the other side, no matter what.

You are my second-hand, not, can not want, the best relics.