Woman fan interview Zheng Yi Nong, talk about 2016 years of breakup, is another life of departure. Love is vast, why should we live small?

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Music mirror, reflecting the different corners of her soul, her love is boundless, so there is anger, there is sadness, there is cry, there is no stop laughter. Zheng Yi Nong is a very frank person, love to candid; Zheng Yinong is a very dark person, love to devote themselves to the black hole.

In Zheng Yinong to their own keywords, there is a "big", she said: "My heart is very big, I can install all kinds of things, but the opposite is also, nothing can fill, so love me people very hard, if he wants to fill my words." "The Yi Nong said to finish hahaha to laugh, her heart is very big, dear Welcome to visit!"

But love is not so upright, love is a crooked can be bright, the flowers in the cliff is particularly strong. Zheng Yi agriculture to talk about love, is to let go, is indulgent, is clear in the heart, is a question.

Love is broad, but it's going to collide.

On the change of relations, she had a flight plan, January 2016, Zheng Yi Nong and married nine years of Yang da is breaking up. Big is "always defending the right to do their own rights" oath, Yi Nong said "two people to make" absolutely will not abandon each other's commitment to separate.

At that time, the breakup of social uproar, some people praise the sound, someone to curiosity. When the media of the lively I remember, nearly 11 points, I came out from the theater to see the news, the Heart has a hot, because she's honest, because she's beautiful, because she defended the heroic. Write down a " there is a love called Zheng Yinong and Yang Dazheng: I love you, do not have to have you " to become my words in the annals of the history of the mark, which let me remember my heart to the world when.

Yi Nong says this may affect a lot of people, but originally did not hold such a goal, the first decision to publish everything, just to the fans honest. "My marriage with Yang Dazheng is actually full of high-profile, we are not the kind of silence, the 1th to fan account, if I write a love song today is not written to Yang Dazheng, but they think is, it is not very cheat." 2nd, I will also hope that, in such a situation, if we do not work in love, I certainly hope that each other can be happy, so I must be very open to let go. 」

Love is broad, and farmers look at the confusion of love, to deconstruction and reorganization: "I did not so face in the relationship that I can not do, this is the reason I am separated from the Yang da, I have I do not, he has he can not do, we have not looked at, put for a long time." When we meet that problem, smile and laugh and do something else, but you will feel that it is getting bigger. At that stage I began to know more people and more friends, and I realized that I had some feelings with some people, so why was it that I could not achieve it in my marriage? "In a year like this, she described it as" tragic, "with two of people bumping into each other and finding answers.

Our breakup: A bottle of whiskey, a hug.

Yi Nong Reduction of the night, the original all the years of quiet good have cracks, there is also light in the cracks in the front: "We were at the dinner table, two people drinking whiskey, at the beginning we started to cry, and then hugged, hugged, we both laughed, we started drinking, all kinds of chat." We are laughing at the end of all this, and then laugh to plan the next thing, the number of months to agree to a text, a few points announced together. Although it is sad, but it is a good thing, I do not want any speculation to let this good to destroy. 」

Love is evolving, breaking up can be given the best gift of the relationship: "This society is very strange, the first time must be to think Yang Zheng Yi Nong is not in the outside how how." I don't want this thing to happen. Just then Yang Dazheng's career is on the way, and I think I can do it for two of us. Of course it takes a lot of determination, but I want to do it. 」

The dining table used to be two people's daily lives, now is the new smooth road of life.

Things are as headlines, and many people come to see Zheng Yi Nong published or endorsement, she all slowly. "I do not want to become a spokesperson, an icon." So there is a little consumption of this topic, this topic is a lot of people's things, a lot of people's lives, each person's life has a different process, this is only part of me, does not mean I can help everyone to speak. If I put myself in that position for a moment, I'm sorry for the people who start thinking about their lives because of these things. I can't give them a guide and an answer too lightly, it's not what I do, they have to explore for themselves. 」

The scenery on the table: Mom and Dad, I have something to say.

Because of this, she became a mentor to many people, but she thought that everyone should have the ability to doubt and think, just like I crawled out of his own way, read out the Ark: "Sexual orientation is the identity of adulthood, but before I published this matter, I have to go back to my father and they sit down and talk about the results , he said: "Ah, you think we can not see oh, well, you can think of good." "My mother also said that when I was a child, I liked to see my long hair sister." I'll see the other person is very shy. 」

Zheng Yi Nong is the reason of Zheng Yi Nong, also with her prehistoric history. Her parents are not typical of mom and dad, Dad movies, mom to do art. "They are artistic personality, my mother usually do in the home is to write poetry, but also the poem to me, she is a fairy." Young they have their vulnerability, as a child I was not a will cry children, I will not self-willed, my mother is angry when do not need to hard to teach me. Because this kind of relationship makes my parents feel at ease with me, let me think clearly what I want to do. 」

She was an overly precocious child, and when the children played with the sand, the child thought, "I want my parents to be vulnerable, and I can take care of them". Zheng Yinong in a no TV no network only full bookcase of the family grew up, the state of the study class everyone will be late self-study, Dad ran to the classroom said "my family's children not late Self-Study" took her. Probably at that time began to become aliens, she did not play with her sister's childhood, are talking to themselves.

"This thing has good and bad, I dropped out of college, I and parents at a dinner table said:" I think it seems almost, I can do things in this school, and then it is a waste of time, I want to take a break. "My father said:" Good Ashou ah, help me save tuition. 』」

The table is really a good place for farmers, a table she talks about a new cosmic order, she dropped out of the table, divorced, out of the closet, grow her own appearance.

The child who grew up in such values as the farmer, so he became the present, but if she can choose, she will not want to use their own values to influence anyone strongly: "I will invite the discussion with open attitude, even if the final conclusion is not the same, I will laugh and say, wow you really is a very what kind of person!" Because of this, even people with different values can become good friends with me. They don't have to worry about my bias. "Zheng Yi Nong has its own political aesthetics, but she also opens up her mind to talk to politics incorrectly." (You will like: sex two yuan dialogue with the plural: let everyone Enron become himself )

Many Zheng Yi Nong, can accompany you hand through the dark

This trait is related to her second keyword, and she says I'm like Woolf's "waves": I like Woolf's "waves" is difficult to make people completely understand, each role is Woolf with their own dialogue, I think this book is like me, a lot of personality, but all originated from the same matrix, dialogue messy, very beautiful, very chaotic, Very sharp. "Waves" is the ultimate Woolf of the stream of consciousness, six of people constantly monologue, talk about the ambition of death, talk about the loss of survival. But all the questioning of sentient beings comes to the same end, and eventually they go back to writing the author's own pen. (recommend you see:"Girlfriend" Woolf: a person can make oneself become oneself, more important than anything )

Yi Nong is a child full of curiosity, so she fission a lot of spare, make friends not to find the same, but to appreciate people, like she wants to seize the voice of every world. I think this kind of love is very humble. The closer we get to Pluto, the more Love Zheng Yi has for Taiwan, the more she thinks about politics, and the fact that everyone has to be concerned about politics because it's not your business at the moment. Politics is a kind of empathy, she has participated in the father "splendid time" of the music production, "Splendid Time" with the white Terror as the landscape, the vine gave birth to the ideal of joy and fragmentation. Wrote a "light", lit the inner core of the times of the pale mute:

"Light" There is a story, I was a child in a tourist resort stalactites Cave, inside very long and black, but I was very afraid of the dark when I was young, I remember with my mother to go that hole, mother from beginning to end holding my hand. In a very dark and long hole, if someone held your hand, you would not be so afraid. So write this song, in any situation in life, when you walk in the dark, if I have this opportunity to hold your hand, I will hold your hand, we go together. 」

Yi Nong said that no matter which circle of friends, straight men ah sister Ah, she is looking forward to tearing off the label, can lead by hand through the dark. This man has a kind of Magnolia spirit, the army is not afraid. In the final analysis, no matter how much change Cheng Yi Nong, her ultimate core is so simple-let the people around them happy.

Star Baby: I'm so cute, I want you to know

This is Zheng Yi Nong's last key word, she giggled and said, I want to speak a very middle two of OH. I replied: "Well, I'm ready." 」

She said, "I'm like Star baby."

"Star Treasure", the scientific name of Stitch.

"The lovely part is very similar. Stitch is always silently beside the heroine, very want to make her happy, and he is the brain silently running a lot of things in a monster. "Stitch, the No. 626 experiment, was originally designed to disrupt the galaxy, but from the encounter with Lori, Stitch began to love the universe."

He doesn't play cards, she's a ghost. He knows how to act cute and win over people, and she says she's cute when she gets up in the morning. "Get up in the morning will become children, if you have no way to fully awake, speech or babbling, the other side will feel, wow, this way." "Zheng Yi Nong is really shy, the whole person wants to twist into a group to get up early wrinkle quilt."

If love her, will see her heart is not long place, she sticks to hate, to like, to protect, to obsession.

She said that she was essentially M. and that she had been talking about love several times, and that she had the answer to "know how to make others happy." Steel can be tempered, love can be repeated learning. Listen to the new song "Cloud Dance" came to an end, I think she said this is a very close to her experience of the song:

"The world is so noisy, listen to no one can not be confused to make crazy, but deep black, is our most sincere graffiti." 」

Don't be pure, we can fill in more colors. Do not do normal people, normal people are very dangerous, I hope we and Zheng Yi Nong, in the heart of the preservation of a troublemaker star baby.