"A Girl" gathered Asia Girl, see their subversive crazy, read their atypical success of the road. Strange hundred strange girls in the world, out of tune, so a lattice.

She is "like you" and tease and spirit of the Gu Sheng male, happy feeling not artificial, female man into a lattice; she is "July and the Peace" in the fierce and stubborn, only strong to overcome the fragile uneasiness she was born, she is "love of Hawthorn Tree" in the quiet Autumn, the girl to life is always slow half beat, sad and deep, also do not understand the world. ' That's why I found her, ' Zhang said. Big city No such people, thousands of miles to Shijiazhuang, Hebei, the original Chou-dong rain here ah. (Recommended reading: If you want to love, Love like July and the same )

That year, she was only 18 years old.

Zhang ailing said that fame to be early, weeks of winter rain 24, took the Golden Horse Best Actress, her happiness is happy, more is Thanksgiving.

This year is only 24, I did not expect happiness to come so fast, in fact, I do not worry.

Chou-dong Rain

From the spring to the neuropathy daughter: An actor The happiest is a breakthrough

That year, "The Hawthorn Tree Love," The Pure loves too high-profile, insects modern people do not know the simple love, the winter rain village girl's face lively. At the interview, all the staff said she was too inconspicuous, Zhang Yimou said, you did not see the spring?

But the delicate and panting image also limited her for a long time. Until 2014 of the "ecstatic Road", people full of eyes, the girl seems to be able to play very open. She can be wild, have love and hate. "July and the Dead" finally gave the weeks and winter rain a new departure, many people do not know how she came all the way here, she has been grinding in the middle of nearly 20 dramas, playing a publicity like fire Li Ansheng, people have certified she is not a natural performance, although she plays are so calm.

She from the spring completed Bath Fire Phoenix, broke out with Ma Sing in the bathroom to play and scold a scene. Chou-Winter rain is particularly easy to meet the people, she finished in the "July and the rest of life," after a milestone, Kange flat chest, appearance is always the audience cannon she, now also played the child's mother, but also let people say like. She thought: "Can play adult very happy, I grow small, face ah skeleton, is the child's appearance." "(same field Gayon: Golden Horse actress Chen Lichi dialogue record: The life of the export, with pain to exchange )

In the future, she would like to challenge the daughter of neuropathy, and became an orphan. Because the Chou-winter Rain said: "For the actors, happiness is a breakthrough." 」

"Like You" flying acting: Only luck is not enough

She walks in a way that her appearance is not popular, she will not be next Zhang Ziyi, will not be next Zhou Xun. Many characters to see her too prominent temperament thought of the quiet autumn, naturally do not find her play. Weeks of rain also hesitated for a long time, to many of the play to copy their own, and sometimes she imitated, sometimes she was a bad comment, said she dragged Zhang Yimou's reputation of a minority. Nearly two movies "July and The Quiet", "like You" Weeks and winter rain to their own crazy, should laugh, to cry and cry, to make a fuss, no longer care about the meaningless vision, to live into a role. (Recommended reading:"Grapefruit sweet column" Sister's "Like You": Met you, just know I'm greedy )

"Like You" director of the Chou-winter rain and love and hate, her play too lavish, even kaneshiro are difficult to take her out of the lines of a stroke. But it is such a nerve, so that a romantic love of the play a bit of two funny. In the past, the audience did not like the rain "a little more than" the performance, in short, is to see out in the play, now she no longer a sense of propriety, the heart ended Ann, the play is natural, she said such a method is "flying ego."

Even after the "Ultimate Kill order", the rare uncle with Lori theme was her play live, that one was dubbed the delicate leek girl, finally became a carrying the BA.

Many people say that the winter rain is especially fortunate for children: "You see her every play is a cooperative heavyweight male God." "When people say a word, it means that the mind is thinking about the rainy weeks. She just said, "Maybe I'm a special girl." 」

I do not deny that I am lucky, but only lucky enough to break the cocoon into butterflies

Chou-dong Rain

Such a very magical actor, relying on her not to play cards, relying on her a "probably my personality forever with puberty bar." "Adolescence, is the fearless wind and waves, there are ideals." In the face of people how to say her, Chou-winter Rain said: "I more clouds light wind, in the cloud career is more and more roots." 」

"Girlfriend quotes" Week and winter Rain

My goal is to be a good actor, but I don't want to be anyone.

Chou-dong Rain

I am not a beauty in the public sense, but my character is very sexy.

Chou-dong Rain

Don't know what you will look like next minute, so you can be hopeful about the future.

Chou-dong Rain