"Single Diary Alone" Love race eventually separated, but in solitude to pick up their own strong, love may be gone, the ego has never been falling, in love, you always keep yourself.

So far, just over 2 weeks. You calculate the time, did not expect a composure also walked so far.

Long distance running feelings will be rolled, but not never imagined, just think that the day to come, it must be because 2 people expect to go to different future, not from a side of betrayal.

When breaking up into a nuclear explosion of trust, your heart of ground zero scream, empty without echoes, looking down on themselves like ruins.

You have been trembling and give yourself a curse: Do not be afraid, to be strong, to be brave. Strange to say, and you believed it long after you read it. (Recommended reading: single diary: Loneliness Makes you a stronger person)

Do you remember? Break up the first day, you feel the world a black, immediate collapse, once thought to spend a lifetime of time together with the hand of the partner suddenly leave you very far, leaving you a person in situ stand.

Moving the 2nd day, looking at the objects from the place they have been for many years removed from the site, a contact to sit in the new living room, as if to ask you: "This is not a nightmare." "You say no, this is reality." So while crying and holding their own reality back to the house, every one to buy together, read the book, the heart cracked once.

However, the friends of the cover is also constantly coming, as if the heavens know you good to be brave, so that day to let you around the people, strangers, to you send goodwill. (Recommended reading:"single diary Alone" Everyone is waiting for a person, I am waiting for myself )

During this time, you really have a psychological solitude, not a physical nature. So you ask yourself, have you ever wanted two people to arrive in the distance, do you want to go? You panic and fear, but know that it is time to think about the answer.

You also write for yourself, write down their most courageous time, write down their vows and promises, in the most vulnerable time to drink tears. Day after day, you make yourself your strongest companion. Just understand, the breakup is to give himself back to himself. You feel your strength, you know who does not need, this life can be a person to walk through life.

You thought the love of two people is like the oldies of Westlife 〈us against the world〉, now you find that perhaps there is no good against, you have to melt in, to enjoy the world to bring you all.

Of course, you will occasionally still very sad, before the moment can be happy to finally enjoy their own small cage bag, and for their stupid satisfaction to giggle, the next second but suddenly think of the past, think of sharing time and choking tears. Madame boss silently see in the eye, the checkout time all to you specially careful, specially gentle.

But dry tears, you know this world no one who love you should be, must love you only own, and if you have the brightest best love, you should feel lucky, you can leave the best for yourself, do not depend on who to love watering. (Recommended reading:"single diary Alone" You do not have to deal with the loneliness, your single righteous )

People are always born alone, a person died, celibacy is everyone living in this world the most real state, never need who pulls you run together, you go your own way, like a person travel, master rhythm and scenery, so also very good, it is time to be proud of themselves.