Women are obsessed with me I love my own time to launch the "Solo space exhibition" To break the room pattern, where women can be a grid. Take back your time, is to get their own action.

In the 2014, women were fascinated to invite all women fans online to share my life proposal with Janet, andin 2015, women were obsessed with three lectures, two performances, a forum, and four workshops, dedicated to everyone for their day. In the 2016, women fans challenged themselves to the extreme, inviting thousands of people to hold large gatherings in front of the city hall to love their own times.

In the sixth year of a woman's obsession, you may also wonder how a woman can love herself. To love oneself is to put your focus back on yourself, to love yourself is to focus on the needs of the times, love yourself is to embrace the ideal. Love oneself is heated discussion but difficult to practice in the moment, we do not want to love ourselves to become cliches, it is the definition of the day is often forgotten, it is a righteous but often despised. About the girl's love for herself, we are convinced that I love me, is I am willing to take time, treasure to deliver in their own hands.

So, we focus on defining the festival "I love My Day", which was created 5/25 per year.

Think of the time of life, only to live for themselves may be very little. After becoming an adult, we learn how to be a girlfriend, wife, mother, we strive to double in the masculine workplace to prove that the girls are already on the line; we spend a lot of time to be a woman in an ideal society--a woman obsessed with the birth of "I Love Me Alone".

We expect girls to be able to meditate in the solitude and tranquility that they do not disturb; we expect girls to dream bravely in times of need, and we long for girls to meet the right one at the right time.

I love my lonely season: Time is the best proof that I love me

"I would like to leave time to myself, I would like to spend time to concentrate on the emboldened, I would like to take time to create miracles." Time is the best proof of my love for me. 」

Set aside time for yourself as the first action: You can spare time to learn, you will not waste time to make the same mistake, you can spare time to think, you will not squander time to replicate the success of others. When you don't give up your time, you'll be blessed with time. (Recommend you: time don't use squeeze!) Develop a good efficiency "steal time" technique

"I love my own season" tightly buckle love their core, with a variety of time dimensions to measure the ego. A gathering of female fans of the core iron powder of the "fan day", they aspire to self-development, always longing for good, in the dust day, we will unite for solitude to send action. A "solo salon" invited Jiangmichi, who has always returned music to himself, as a salon speaker, talking about the evolution of relationships from girls to women.

Finally, we would like to give you a free time in the city alone. In the four-storey square of Taipei 101, this bustling city landmark, everyone deserves a piece of their time and space. Woman fan "solo space exhibition" Break the room alone pattern, any corner of the city, as long as you want, can be your life free growth hinterland.

Solo Space Show: Use your time, write your story

"Start zeroing with solitude and get yourself back when you're alone."

Overlooking the "Solo space exhibition" by the "5, 2, 5" three words composed of three exhibition area. Everyone can start a ritual with themselves in this gallery. From this journey alone, stepping on their own steps, to find the true echo of the heart.

I'd like to leave the time to myself

"Time is your best stage, write your own story in your own years." 」

The "5" area in the solo space show is a stage for the readers to design for the women. We are convinced that every one of you deserves to have such a stage to shine and be seen. Here alone stage, you are the best protagonist, is also the best audience. You feel the time to stand on the stage and clap for yourself when there is no other audience. When you stand on stage, you are righteous, you appreciate yourself, because you are worth having. (same field Gayon:"quality book" "The Value of Loneliness" time, is the best luxury for themselves )

I would like to spend time to concentrate on the emboldened

"If you are willing to take the time to develop the confidence, even if there is light in the dark, even if the frustration you are not afraid." 」

The second pavilion is a single time interactive area composed of the typeface "2", invite exhibitors to talk to themselves, "Jing Yun-li area" in the façade of the interactive wall cast their favorite solo action, together for the time to set the gas, so full of the ball to give more people to take back the courage of time. Use the number recruit to find more people together with time to exercise their own growth, accompanied by their thoughts.

I will, take time to make miracles

"Time is the most precious gift you can give yourself, don't poor your whole life." 」

The last section for the typeface "5" extended out of the space alone, "The gift area alone" invites readers to exchange the words of lovers, here you can write their own story, let the city's destined to the stranger away. You will also leave your story, and let this power be circulated to others in the palm of your hand. "Flop interactive area", in a unique quote in the flop area, find your famous quotes, photo and clocking out the declaration. These women quote to return to zero to do the cycle of time, and constantly make their own growth. (You will like: when not working, I concentrate on becoming myself )

Women obsessed with the solo space show you have a good time to listen to yourself, sometimes you stay with time to wait for yourself, sometimes you travel with time to move forward, sometimes you give thanks to the past time to achieve the moment you. You make a commitment to yourself: time let me become myself, time, is my best proof of Love me.

Are you ready to embark on this journey alone? We await dear you, this one little revolution, invites you to go forward together.

#独时空间展 Metime Show 5/18~5/31 @ 4F Metropolitan Square