Hu Lancheng and Eileen Chang, I take out the heart is not to love you, is to fulfill their love.

Every woman's life has a Hu Lancheng, the man may not meet the last Zhang ailing.

Zhang ailing inherited her mother's die-hard, and her mother left home at the age of four and opened her free tour of Europe. Around the world a circle back, she wants Zhang ailing to accept the new education, become a woman. Mother and left, she was tuogu in the girls ' school, miss all parasitic in the text. The fierce temperament fell into the word, that cold eyes contemplation heart actually enthusiasm.

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Zhang ailing is a lonely person, because of her circulation in the family, because the family was her prison is her hotbed. Zhang ailing's perverse Shing, that a little soft heart, only in the literature and love in front of developing. She originally did not want to stray, so fell in the palm of the Hu Lancheng, that year, Hu Lan into 38; that year, Zhang ailing 24.

"Ask softly: Oh, are you here too?" "So deep, like the sea generous deep, like the sea hidden raging." Hu Lancheng in the sea of the search for Zhang ailing, hard students put their phone into Zhang ailing door, an unruly woman, there is an outrageous man to love.

Hu Lancheng has talent, then love is very unrestrained, he loved lovers like the rolling bar, grievances. Why does Zhang ailing still love? They married without witness, no blessing, only a paper Ketubah: "Hu Lancheng Zhang ailing signed a lifelong, married couples, is willing to make years quiet, the secular stability." "Hu Lancheng very understand her, Zhang ailing such a metrical woman, originally did not need the law."

At the end of the war, they are in the flames of habitat, discrete. Only Hu Lan into a good love, if the world to their heads, Hu Lancheng said: "At that time you change your name, can call Zhang, or call Zhang Recruit, Thena have me in holding you recruit you." (Extended reading:"The Soul has the fragrance of the woman" Hu Lancheng love-trick, made Zhang ailing a crawling full of lice Chinese robe )

Hu Lancheng Such a man like a buyer, woman is goods, goods are new good, he married concubine, and then passed many wildflowers, Zhang ailing a steaming heart was put cool. "If You don't Love me alone, then don't." "So live to become a pious solitary flower, let love like can not refuse the wind and rain, suddenly destroy her." She put his love to the end, after the breakup when the gold ring, afraid of Hu Lancheng life injustice. When the beautiful encounter wit, that is born without love, and why the people encounter bosom find him, love no pity, she died in love, back to a letter:

"I don't like you anymore, you don't like me anymore," said the young. This time, I have been thinking about it for 1.5 long time. He did not want to increase your difficulties when he was a little Kat. You do not come to me, if you write, I will not read. 」

Zhang ailing gave Hu Lan into 300,000 yuan of the breakup fee, never again.

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Zhang ailing has extraordinary place, probably she used royalties to do the breakup fee: You fall in love with my talents, I send away you with the talent, waved a wave, very handsome handsome. You can afford to lose by loving.

Hu Lancheng Such a lot of butterflies, but Zhang ailing so a flower rare.

This core flower does not hate wind and rain, don't care about let her fade flower people. She had just talked about a love that touched her, and she was willing to disarm in front of those who knew her.

Love is like this, she perfected him, he failed her, she finished herself.