Exclusive interview Zheng Yi Nong x Yang Dazheng x Shandong, into their Yonghe home, home is to accept each other's state of the place, close to let us feel close, far let us grow ourselves.

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Before I put pen to writing, I was thinking, this interview may write very long, long is because reluctant to finish. Close your eyes, often think of the interview that day in the living room, three people laugh very transparent, through the people of Pluto, have more fear of pain in the flesh and more powerful spirit.

Two cat ran into the living room coffee table, change Zheng Yi Agriculture began to tell the story, tone like song.

Shandong let the big is soft, let Yi Nong at ease

Yi Nong and Shandong are Pisces, at first glance not like, temperament fit.

"Shandong Ah, the first time to see Shandong I feel bad close, we are smelly face." "The farmer immediately put a face that does not smile," until one time I went to Taichung Performance, that night I went to live in Shandong, we drink while chatting, I found that this person, quite unlimited, and then we occasionally talk about "politically incorrect" joke, very humorous. "Shandong stole a laugh."

"Shandong is very comfortable people, and I, you know what the work is very ㄍㄧㄥ, I also learn from him, review their own, to make some adjustments." 」

Shandong's comfortable How to come, she shrugs, "probably my life is really." Of Is. Empty. "Stress stressed," I try to keep myself in a happy state, I do not have any negative emotions, such a life makes me feel comfortable. 」

"I don't feel that people have to be sad to feel alive," he said. If you can be happy, why not? Very strange ah, you have a bad, people sympathize with you, you are very happy, people think, feed you why so happy? People do not learn to be happy, but feel happy is wrong ... "(Recommended reading:10 good habits make you happy person )

Shandong's right-hand, respectively stabbed the "mountain" and "East" of the corresponding tattoos, she is not easy to tangle Pisces, all things can have a simple solution, simple is the most difficult, is the reason to learn.

Talk about Shandong, Yi Nong said big is encountering Shandong, changed a lot. "Do you know?" Yang Dazheng This person's nature is very anxious, he used to even humor are angry complaints, do not know should not laugh, I am probably also, before we do not know how to deal with each other's anxiety. 」

Shandong let big is soft, "Shandong is not the same, Shandong is very light people, four to dial the heavy, dissolve Yang Dazheng deep hate." Now the big is, you see, is not motherly, can face their own failure and not shun, now the big is more comfortable people. "Yi Nong Dao," Ah, also contains weight. 」

Big is loosening the eyebrows, such as the cat exposed belly, "the end of marriage relationship, I will wait, in fact, not urgent." Luckily, it didn't take long to meet Shandong. We are in many places of the imagination is very close to the pay, the establishment of the trust and security, there is consensus. 」

"When Shandong is unhappy, just tell me, I will change." We have hardly quarreled, all of Shandong are angry. "Shandong threw back a supercilious eye.

It doesn't make sense to work together all the time.

"Shandong is very able to live, looking at her, I think, when we are apart, I am working, if back home, still thinking about work all the time, then we live together is meaningless." 」

Knock off the hard, Shandong let big is learning to live, loose the shoulders, clear oneself, emotional release, the mind will be clear. "I began to adjust the time to go home, but also adjust the mentality, do not always want to work." Also not necessarily do what, may look at the documentary, or go for a walk, slowly also caught better flow sense, grow out of life. "Big is saying.

"My personality is a bit of a dead object, it was worn by her." Shandong is very relaxed at any time, very rhythmic, which I admire. The three of us, the most profitable is actually Shandong, look at her job performance. We are so busy that we tie ourselves up and we really have to learn to adjust. 」

Big is with Yi Nong Nod, admit oneself is probably workaholic. Shandong arrived, found that these two people at any time to enter the working state, she wanted to be too exaggerated, on their own find to do, also want to how to let two people know, we go home, can put down.

"A kind of learning is to keep your life comfortable." This Yang Dazheng did change, he probably still love to work, but in front of me probably dare not. "Big is pointing to Shandong," I am learning, learn to be as light as her. 」

Yi Nong also chatted about their recent state, busy Ah, a good risk of home. "My Life project is probably a lot, so like Shandong, Shandong's relaxed state will remind me to remember to meet." 」

Like the way to get along with the most relevant, farmers need a lot of dialogue, to clarify their own, "to find also like dialogue, but will not be my dialogue waves swallowed people." And in this space, I throw out the words, naturally someone will answer, very reassuring. "Recent hair film, the life imbalance is obvious, Yi Nong stretched," I came out from a very closed state, directly facing the media and the audience. It took a little time to be enlightened. (Recommended reading: Zheng Yi Nong's Wine and love: no matter what kind of bastard you are, I will love you )

She was lying on the tea table, like saying to herself, "I know, not sincere is actually easier, if convinced oneself role play, more relaxed, I of course also know what is the most pleasing, but I have a temper, do not want, I want to find the role and the stage under the balance between me, tired feeling appeared ..." Confusion is also good, There is a temptation to have a sincere direction, this is the farmers and their own struggle.

Busy Ah, tired Ah, there is a home, a good risk family in. The existence of the family, so that the wandering children and Dianpei mind, there are places to return, good and bad, all accepted.

Home, accommodating all kinds of moods, accepting any state of the place

"This space is magical, allow different personalities, inclusive of all kinds of mood, accept any state." "Big right side spit smoke side to say, hear a bit of magic." Looking at them, I really believe that people are growing up, only slowly forming, many people escape from the heart, missed the entrance to know their own.

Big is with Shandong Lai on the sofa to see the film day, Yi Nong is in the favorite table, nest in the black work chair, the keyboard is hammering, sometimes drilling into the recording room, shut in inside one day; three people occasionally cook together, big is with Shandong to buy vegetables, Yi Nong is responsible for free white drink; sometimes, farmers listen to the dialogue with Shandong, from the side through a smile, "disgusting you." 」

Grow a family in the name of a roommate. What is home? For the great, the family is spiritual. "Home should not be limited by space, back to the home of Taichung, Shandong, I feel home, back here, is also home." Home through the relationship between the establishment, while living, learning, the mood of ownership, identity lifestyle, home was established. 」

Shandong Mouth of the home, atmosphere-oriented, "Our family is very humorous since childhood, I have been accustomed to the home is very relaxed environment, full of laughter." This may have affected my opinion of the family, and I later learned that not all families are like this. 」

Yi Nong Talk about home, personal choice is very important, "the concept of home is very complex ah, so we enjoy the choice after the establishment of the ideal state." "People are very lonely creatures, the complexity of the mind can not be fully used in the context or language of clarity, your feelings, others may not be able to completely empathy." Therefore, the ideal space, but also to have independent space to clarify their own. (Recommended to you: Solitude Aesthetics: Learn to be alone, to enjoy plural life )

When space is needed, the farmer relies on the dining table, a table that stretches across the universe; The big one is in the kitchen, the owner of the Living Wine House, and the green sofa in Shandong, knowing that he has nothing to think about.

Such a beautiful picture, home is to allow different shiny place. Shandong laughs like a couch, has the ability to let anyone become very waste. The farmer calls oneself is the vacuum cleaner, absorbs the ground too to heal, also like own labor physique, to the detail fastidious, is the reorganization control, the home is not neat the mind to be the machine, like this coworker, the discipline, the General affairs chief, the Trinity.

The interview two hours soon, the night quietly flying, two cat desktop biting hair circle, yi Nong Hand cat hair, look like a pet, Shandong asked the farmer evening modelling, Yi Nong gestures, said I wait for you to see a look; Big is twisting smoke, into the kitchen, his clothes left and right on both sides of the tiger, but like the big cat, I think, the smell will follow me all the way home.

I bow and thank you, Yi Nong to listen to the end of the interview, quickly back to the room for a small pair of shorts, appear very youthful; Shandong patted the last side of the photo to say that they were afraid of the cat, and now can play together, big is enthusiastic, insist to send us to the door, and then solemnly thank you, said at least three times.

I stepped down, go out Zheng Yi Nong, Yang Dazheng, Shandong home, mood throb also calm, go home, I always think of Yi Nong sang that song, "In the dark, I will not let you open, carefully walk, and soon, will be able to see the light." 」

Originally, did not see before understand, that is a song for home.