The result of the Chi Jiawei of May 24 was not only the victory of the claimants, the victory of the LGBT community, but also the victory of all the people of Taiwan, because no matter what sex, they would have the right to marry and start a family.

At the 524 evening press conference, the thin Chi Jiawei stood at the front, wearing a rainbow striped flag, quietly looking at the reporters, and the busy side of the busy out of all the partner Alliance partners.

This scene is so ordinary, he waited for 42 years 8 months and 24 days, he and we, have been waiting for too long.

Strive for the same way of marriage, Chi Jiawei no service, he said he can wholeheartedly into the same, must thank the partner for 29 years of full support, "I am just a housewife, these 30 years are dependent on him." 」

He once told the United Press reporter He Dingzhao, "I and the" my cut "although in the same year in the fete, but in the future if the marriage through, will not really do marriage." 」

The reason is that they have become a family, there is no plan to have children, legal recognition for them is not important. So why is he still so on the cusp, he said, "I do not need, but I want to fight for others."

Since the beginning of human history and the protection of heterosexual marriage from the law, many comrades have been walking alone or holding a close companion in the Dark for a lifetime. In recent years, more and more partners on the road of affirmative action, today's release of the Constitution has finally proclaimed the constitutionality of civil law, this is an important moment in Taiwan's history, the value of equality and freedom of victory, Chi Jiawei is a war, and all the way for the affirmative advance of you I also.

Woman fan office as always busy doing straight hit, the network was once unstable, at last heard the results of the moment, our fingers on the keyboard to beat, cheering, some cheeks because of tears and red brush.

Marriage equality, national victory

The press conference has finally begun.

Chi Jiawei said, like the Constitutional Court, he made the introduction. "Today's results, we already know what is the situation, the past LGBT community has a lot of different groups, partners, hotlines, large platforms, small bees and so on, we have a lot of effort, which is because of the efforts of everyone to make today have such a good result."

"However, for the anti-marriage Meng Meng, I hope that they hold the forgiveness, forgive and forgive, communication, communication and communication, this grammar is the president's grammar." Also thanks to God to thank, thank you again, because God is on our side, thank you! (Extended reading:"Chi Jiawei-wen" My 40 years, not yet to give up the time )

Before the start, Xu Xiuwen, the partner's chief executive, asked the person next to him, "Do you want to shout slogans?" Everyone nodded, so they raised their hands and shouted "marriage equality, victory for all".

Photo: Corporate Taiwanese partner Rights Promotion Alliance

Indeed, this is a victory for all, as the justices said, same-sex marriage does not affect the social order in which heterosexual marriage has been constructed, nor does it affect the legal status, rights or obligations of heterosexual marriage.

Next, Chi Jiawei's lawyers shared the focus and significance of the Lord Chancellor's No. 748 release.

Xu Xiuwen: A closer look at the interpretation of Justice No. No. 748, in fact, only to amend the civil law is consistent with the intention

Partner Alliance CEO Xu Xiuwen said the partnership was established in 2009 and is the first unit in Taiwan to promote a pluralistic family.

"In September 2012, we launched the civil first step marriage affirmative Action Act, launched the" Multiple families I support "of the joint, President Tsai was also one of our 150,000 citizens of the joint, we took this campaign path, today we see its effectiveness.

"The first legislative push" means that we need to scroll through more social discussions, break down the silence of society, and move into the political agenda. "Increasing justice" means that when certain extremist views of society cannot stand on the basis of facts for rational discussion, we, by independent judicial, constitutional gatekeepers, that is, the Chancellor, To define the principles and instructions for the foundation of our rights.

Today we see the stages of victory, this victory is not just a victory for the Chi Jiawei of the claimants, a victory for the LGBT community, but also a victory for all of Taiwan, including those who oppose the freedom of marriage for the same sex, because they care about the happiness of the next generation, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity, no matter what sex, All have equal right to marry and start a family.

The judge's interpretation of the Constitution today concludes that the fact that we give a high degree of certainty and is a buffer period of up to two years and requires equal protection of gay marriage in legislation is also directly echoed by the Ministry of Justice and the opposition: marriage is only a system, and the freedom of same-sex marriage is not guaranteed by the 22nd article of the Constitution. The Ministry of Justice has even considered that discrimination in sexual orientation is not in the context of the 7th guarantee of equal rights in the Constitution, and I think the justices have told them very clearly that their legal opinions are wrong.

Second, the Chancellor bravely acted as guardian of the Constitution at a time of legislative stalemate and hesitation. In fact, there is a lot of uncertainty about the legislation, the partner union spent three years to launch the bill, 2012 year a year social initiatives and joint sponsorship, passed the first reading in October 2013, only to get a consultation in the Legislative Yuan, the opportunity to be frozen this time. At the end of 2016, although the Marriage Equality Act was considered by the Legislative Yuan, and though the Judicial Council was out, would we be afraid that it would be distorted into inferior law?

We are afraid, but now the Chancellor has given this unknown state of chaos, it is clear that same-sex couples should have equal freedom of marriage, if they cannot comply with this intent for two years, then two year later, same-sex couples will be able to register with the household authorities and obtain the same rights and obligations of the same spouse.

This is a very important moment, because the justices not only see the various aspects of legal ethics, but also see the existence of living gay citizens, including seeing the process of praying for the past 30 years from the Republic of China and the legislative petition in 75, and playing the administrative and civil litigation, the Chief Justice and the Constitutional Court. The justices also saw the civil society including the Partnership, the promotion of legislation, and the process by legislators to promote legislation, and the justices mentioned in their explanations that it was the duty of the Chancellor to make this interpretation at this time in order to avoid the delay in the enactment of the freedom of gay marriage. We believe that the bravery of the Chief justice is an important boost to our affirmative action, thank you. 」

Finally Xu Xiuwen added that she heard "the presidential palace or where it was mentioned," to repair the civil law, or to legislate, to respect the legislative formation of the Congress of Freedom ", this is a major mistake, please note that the Chief Justice clearly said that this legislation or law must be equal to protect the freedom of marriage, what is equal protection of marriage freedom? If we use some means to separate the same-sex couples law, it is not in line with the judge's interpretation.

So if you have a gay couples act in two years, I'm sorry, this is not an equal practice gay marriage freedom, comrade partner two years time, or can go to the registration of marriage, and all the unequal, second-class legislation, all supporting the rights of citizens, including pray eldest brother, we, we will continue to challenge, The Chancellor is going to sit again, and I hope we don't waste our youth. So that we can go home, to protect their own family!

Source: PNN News Issue Center/Jong San Xiong Photography

Press conference QA Time

Q: Excuse me, Chi Jiawei eldest brother, what is the first thing you want to do after you know the result?
A: My mood is, to become a bird on the spot, because this mood is a joy extremely. The first thing I want to do is not to get married because the instructions in the Gazette are to legislate or to fix the law for up to two years. My partner is asking me to go home early.

Q: What if it's not gay couples, but gay marriage?
A: Xu Xiuwen answer, even if the same-sex marriage law ignores the various situations of trans-gender, yin and yang, and if you really want to mention the special laws, ask them to take out the law for public inspection, and the justice does mention the freedom of legislation, but only if the freedom of marriage is to be achieved on an equal footing. For the partnership, the path is very limited, and only by amending the civil law is there a rule that openness makes it the most perfect practice to have a pluralist sex, and there really is no need for a separate legislation. When necessary, we will still do the constitutional struggle.

Q: If the way of amending civil law, is the civil law another special chapter?
A: Xu Xiuwen answer, the form of a special chapter, is a deliberate exclusion of segregation, such segregation is not necessary, since the same as gay use of marriage system, whether to maintain the deliberate isolation? I think the answer is obvious and not necessary.