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China is the meeting resolution, Taiwan's adultery in the face of the crime of the revised method

The President of the presidency of the judicial reform of the Conference on May 18 to abolish the Penal Code 239 "Adultery", if it can not be abolished immediately, also should be revised law can not alone to withdraw the spouse.

Article 17th of the Penal Code, "Offences against marriage and the family", stipulates that:

A person who has a spouse who commits adultery shall be sentenced to a term of imprisonment of less than one year. The same as the rape.

The No. 239 article of the Code of Criminal Procedure is the doctrine of telling, as long as the accomplice is told or withdrawn to tell the effect to other accomplices. But there is a book in the crime of adultery, which, when withdrawn by the spouse, is less effective than the schemer, that is, when the spouse is withdrawn from the marriage, and the rapist is still the defendant, the book causes many women to be punished more than men.

Taiwan is one of the few countries in the world still guilty of adultery. The change of the Department is the conference through adultery in addition to the crime, the proposed abolition of the Penal Code No. 239, in addition to let the law article with social consciousness, the concept of sexual leveling gradually open up with the times, but also in order to avoid the crime of adultery led to sexual assault victim's rights and interests of the situation spate, so the resolution of the law to make adultery in addition to crime, improve the law of sexual loopholes. (Recommended reading: don't let the sexual assault victims around you remain silent: accompany him through six sessions of Pain )

Computer war human Brain, Alphago defeated Chinese chess player Coger

March 15, 2016 Alphago defeated the high Dan South Korean chess player Li Shishi, from now on the artificial intelligence science and Technology leap has the new cognition and the shock, when the artificial intelligence can defeat the human brain's nimble thinking through the big data data collection and the precision computation procedure, this technology application also is the world attention, Technology can lead humanity to more uncharted territory.

May 23 Again Alphago defeated the 19-Year-old Chinese chess player Coger, Coger currently ranked the world's first Weiqi player, the first inning to 1/4 sons of the inferior lost. This week, he and Alphago will also play two games, to be held in 25, 27th,

Chess between chess player and computer is the world's concern, in addition to the broad and profound nature of Weiqi itself, the computer's triumph over humans symbolizes the fact that computers can perform highly complex tasks in a way that is superior to human performance and thinking patterns, which also represents a further breakthrough in future artificial intelligence in mimicking the workings of the human brain, For artificial intelligence applications to bring a broader, deeper level.

Manchester Stadium fears attack, Prime Minister me launches "焠 Fire action"

May 22 singer Ariana Grande a concert at Manchester Stadium, at the end of a big bang, killing at least 22 dead 59 injured, including many young children killed.

Within 24 hours of the incident, British police confirmed that the suspected suicide bomber was the 22-Year-old local male Abede (Salman Abedi), who detonated the bomb and died on the spot. The bombing case, the motives are still unknown, a number of counter-terrorism experts tend to believe that the bombing was not lone wolf action. (Recommended reading: they die for freedom of speech, "Charlie weekly" terrorist attacks in France )

The British Military Police and the intelligence Unit, in order to prevent this case for systematic conspiracy to commit crimes, at midnight on 24th, the British government to the threat level to the highest alert "critical", Prime Minister Me (Theresa May) also launched the "焠 Fire Action" (Operation Temperer), Ordered the military to send 5,000 soldiers stationed on the streets to help the murderer.

Britain's biggest terrorist attack in 10 years, despite the deep sadness and perseverance, Manchester's football legend, Ryan Giggs, told Manchester people on the evening of 24th: "There are so many great qualities in Manchester-and this will allow us to overcome our immediate difficulties." This word symbolizes the city's even heart, indomitable spirit.

The results of the same marriage release of the Constitution published! Civil law unconstitutional, same sex can get married

Photo: Corporate Taiwanese partner Rights Promotion Alliance

The origin of the legal case for same-sex marriage since March 2013, Chi Jiawei and male companions to the Taipei City Wanhua households, the registration of marriage was dismissed, after the administrative proceedings, the failure of the 谳. Chi Jiawei that the second chapter of the civil law of relatives of the marriage provisions "so that the same sex of the second human relationship can not be established in the legal marriage" is a violation of the Constitution, and the representatives of the Taipei municipal Government jointly put forward a constitutional petition.

March 24 this year, the Chancellor of the Constitutional Court convened in accordance with the civil law, the marriage provisions of the interpretation of the results are scheduled to be announced on May 24, the global spotlight.

May 24, four o'clock in the afternoon, in response to Mr Chi Jiawei's claim for the same marriage release, the chief Justice finally concluded that the civil law was unconstitutional and that the legislature would carry out the law or legislative protection within the next 2 years, and that if the legislature did not act in the 2-year period, the civil law would be applied directly to the same sex. (Recommended reading:"We want to get married, but also to better education" the interpretation of the Constitution is not the last mile of gender equality )

Tsai President Yu Xianxian results announced after the announcement, the results of the Constitution is not win or lose, regardless of the position, should be respectful of the mentality of mutual tolerance. The presidential palace also elaborated three points on the outcome:

First, the law must guarantee the right to freedom of marriage and equality for all people. According to the constitutional system, the explanatory text made by the Chancellor has the effect of binding the National people and organs at all levels.
Secondly, the administration will, in accordance with the results of today's release of the Constitution and the views of various sectors, expeditiously propose specific legal proposals for consideration by the Legislative Council;
Thirdly, we call upon the whole community to face people who disagree with themselves in an understanding, tolerant and respectful manner. We believe that Taiwan has a mature democratic mechanism to resolve its differences.

Taiwan became the first Asian country to pass through same-sex marriage, attracting international media attention, many Taiwanese have expressed pride in being Taiwanese, and Japan's Al Jazeera journalists are also hard to conceal: "Taiwan is the country that has been one of the countries that recognized same-sex marriage, and this is the time of the Times"!

Chinese netizens complain about "free air" in Yang Shuping speech to the U.S.

Yang Shuping, a Chinese student at the University of Maryland in the United States, said on behalf of the graduates on May 23, "Free Air" as the topic, explaining to the United States after she experienced what is freedom of speech, breathing fresh air, thanks to the United States education has affected her life course and thought.

Yang Shuping's speech said that in the past she grew up in a country that clamped down on freedom of speech, and that "freedom" had not been read, until she received foreign education, and she began to feel the freedom to speak for herself, and that human rights and equality could be changed through practical action.

This speech, caused by China's huge netizens lambasting, that she has no understanding of forgetting, and even fierce comments on her appearance, thought, but also some Chinese netizens think his remarks have insulted China's doubts.

In response to the phenomenon of internet abuse, Wenzhao, a Chinese expert, thought that the Netizen's speech verbally abused Yang Shuping, was to deprive her of the independence of the individual, as well as the independent value of personality; The University of Maryland also responded by expressing support for Yang Shuping: "We believe that for a globalized citizen, listening to different perspectives, It is very important to embrace diversity and to tolerate opinions that are not agreeable to you. 」