Netizens are using comics to extend the spirit of the Charlie Week, and write the truth with an honest pen. The freedom of speech will be the last winner!

least 12 people were killed and 20 others wounded in the worst terrorist attack in France in 20 years, according to a French satirical weekly, Charlie Hebdo, from France, where three masked gunmen stormled into Paris headquarters.

Perhaps in Taiwan, we are not familiar with Charlie's weekly, but in fact was published in 1969, style satire, satirical comics, satirical news, and fierce anti-religious colors have been ridiculed by many threats and the editor-in-chief of the newspaper, Stephane Charbonnier.(Extended Read: Freedom of speech from Fangwen Mountain Filling Event: Critical, Part of Public Theory )

This terrorist attack has caused the countries to become more serious, as French President François Hollande said: "Such a terrorist attack is an extremely barbaric act in Paris, and attacking a newspaper is the same as attacking freedom of speech ."An honest pen and fearless expression of our view is that the freedom of speech that we are protected is fundamental human rights, but the perpetrators of terrorist attacks are trying to use a bloody weapon to force editors to close their mouths. This is an even more intolerable rage.

addition to condemning such violence, US Secretary of State John Kerry said: "We will work together with the French people to fight extremism and defend them the most fearful idea: Freedom."" will continue to our freedom of speech, we will continue to defend our freedom of speech, and we will use the pen of the pen to fight against the barrel of the gun bravely and write the truth with an honest . (Sibling: The name of the Taiwan people should not be forgotten: To you!Cheng Nan-jung, set himself on fire for free speech

The loss of the comic book artist is heartache, but freedom of speech will be the last winner!

Dear Comrades!Let's pick up our weapons!

Because < Charlie Week > Events, we stand up to stand up to defend our

People's strokes are the most powerful weapon!

Even if you lose your life, we still have to defend freedom of speech

The answer is that love can always triumph over hate

On December 15, 2014, the same terrorist hostage-taking incident took place in the Sydney Lindt, Australia. With a wave of fear and anger, they launched aggressive action with their Muslim counterparts with #IllRideWithYou instead of negative emotions.The activity began with a simple action by a man who saw a Muslim woman who was afraid of the attack at the station, and he approached her and said, " I'm coming with you!The woman cried in tears and gave him a deep hug.

This action not only reestablishes trust between people, but also tells people: "Islam is not exactly the same as a terrorist attack," the French Arab League said in a public statement after the . " a Muslim, I condemn the brutal attack on Charlie's weekly and offer condolences to the French people."The murderer's "Islam" is not my belief."

If we start alienating from a terrorist attack, hatred of Muslims will only tear people apart, and this will be the same as the terrorist attacks. We will not forget this event, but we will not lose hope for the world or people, and we will not reject Islam, but we will support each other in this dark moment together with Muslims.

Like #JeSuisCharlie hopes to bring us more than we amplify the hatred of terrorists, or to burn anger into all Muslims, but to let us remember and sacrifice of freedom. Keep in mind what they strive for. The terrorists will not use the dark to cover the light, because people will stand up again and share the blush with their strokes in their hands. The honest pen will always be our most powerful weapon!

Pray for France, Pray for eferone.